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Vale Ian Saunter   Malkin | 2/23/2023discuss  comment  log in to like post  3

Ian Saunter, who worked for Millennium Entertainment, CL and Gameware, has died at the age of 66.

His obituary can be read at: Ian Saunter – a lifetime career in games
Happy Creatchi-versary   Rascii | 2/9/2023discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  9

Creatchi: An Online Creatures Experience
This coming April 16 will be the tenth anniversary of Creatchi. :D

In honor of the anniversary, everyone who is active on the site should adopt a Creatchi and we can see how many total were raised between now and the Creatchi-versary.

If you have any thoughts on how else to celebrate, please reply in the comments.

Ever wanted to take care of a norn, grendel or ettin while browsing Creatures Caves? Well, now you can! Allow me to introduce an all-new website feature here at Creatures Caves: Creatchi, the online Creatures game. You may select a Creatchi egg to hatch a new, random Creatchi, or you may adopt an offspring of some community users' Creatchis (available in the future after some Creatchis have already bred). Please read the Official Creatchi Care Guide for more information.

Special thanks to Ghosthande for creating all of the incredible sprites.

Thank You   Rascii | 2/2/2023discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

I would just like to extend a heartfelt 'thank you' to all of those who have generously donated to Creatures Caves over the past few years.

It's thanks to folks like you that we have always been advertisement free. :) I'm still in awe that after more than two decades, people are still checking the site regularly and actively engaging. The Creatures community is a very special place. :)

For those of you who are as nostalgic for days past as I am, take a walk down memory lane to see how our website looked back in 2002. :D So many fond memories over so many years.

If you enjoy the site and would like to help keep it ad-free, feel free to donate by clicking the link below. Every penny/pence makes a difference. :)

Creatures Caves Under Attack   RisenAngel | 1/25/2023discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

A troll has been flooding the forums with multiple spam topics, starting with simple pettiness but now graduating to active malice such as shock images.

The staff is doing what they can to alleviate the issue, but for your safety please be extremely cautious about what topics you open, and don't open any messages from members you do not recognize.
Angler Grendels 1.0 Released!   Malkin | 12/30/2022discuss  3 comments  3  log in to like post  3

Angler Grendels Released!

Cyborg has released the Angler Grendels for download! Check them out!
Creatures 15% off in Steam Winter Sale!   Malkin | 12/22/2022discuss  comment  log in to like post

Creatures 15% off in Steam Winter Sale!Creatures 3, Creatures: The Albian Years, and Creatures Village are now 15% off their regular retail price for the Steam Winter Sale! Docking Station, the Science Kit, and the Breed Packs are free on Steam as per usual.

Get them here!
New Warp!   Malkin | 9/27/2022discuss  comment  log in to like post  9

New Warp!Hello Everyone!

The team at Eemfoo.org is excited to announce that a new warp, created by 20kdc, has started its open beta! This new warp does not require any significant install, and will work with all versions (even Steam and Linux!) of DS. Chat, friends lists, sending and receiving norns works just like it did with the official warp so many years ago.

In order to best keep track of those testing in this beta phase, and to keep communication clear, you will need to join Eemfoo's Discord to participate at this time. You can join at: https://discord.gg/UjpKqCjStS.
CCSF 2022 | Space, Sky and Stars!   Malkin | 8/19/2022discuss  3 comments  3  log in to like post  3

CCSF 2022 | Space, Sky and Stars!The Creatures Community Spirit Festival finally has a date! A little earlier than last year, going from November 20th to November 26th! This year's festival includes:

A wolfling run in a brand new room, streamed on Twitch with VODs available! https://www.twitch.tv/eemfoo/

Every entrant wins a prize!

--->(submit .ds.creature files on the discord https://discord.gg/zWXkgJtUWC)<---

An "Easter Egg Hunt" - with a list of clues, test your Creatures knowledge to find eggs hidden in EemFoo's Archive! Prizes to be won!

Daily posts on eemfoo.org with community submissions, news, and updates on the wolfing run!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks as we get closer!
CCSF 2022 | Wolfling Run Entrants Needed   Malkin | 8/13/2022discuss  comment  log in to like post  2

CCSF 2022 | Wolfling Run Entrants NeededEemFoo has been busy setting up for the CCSF 2022 wolfling run. Entrants are still needed! There will be a new scoring system this year.

Submissions should be sent to EemFoo on discord (DMs are fine, they're always open) Please include what name you want to be listed as, the name of your creature, and breed sprites required. EemFoo will do their best to minimize conflicts, but there are only so many slots.
Treasure Found!   Malkin | 7/29/2022discuss  2 comments  2  log in to like post  6

Treasure Found!All documentation from Creatures 3D, the un-released (just planned) 3D creatures game, that was developed alongside Docking Station! Contains lore and concept art! Almost 200 pages!

C2toDS Refresh Update: World Wrap!   Malkin | 7/8/2022discuss  comment  log in to like post  5

Creatures can now fully interact with and understand the world wrap in C2toDS Refresh!

NeoDement wrote:
-Creatures can now see objects over the wrap. This works by creating an invisible object with the same Category as the original, offset to the other side of the world. It even works for the pointer and creatures!

-Interactions with these Mirror objects will redirect to the same interactions on the original object. This is to account for objects that are near the wrap but can still be reached without the creature walking through.

-If a creature gets too close to a Mirror creature, the Mirror copy will move away from them slowly so that the creature keeps approaching until they cross the wrap and can interact with each other for real. (this had to be done because creature to creature scripts are complex and can't be faked with a simp object)

-Creature voices can now be heard over the wrap (previously norns could hear them but the player couldn't hear the creature bibble).

-The pointer/objects are no longer prevented from going over the wrap if a creature has their attention on them, the copies fill the same role.

-The Selected Creature/Attention Indicators are no longer made visible everywhere in the C2toDS room. Instead, copies of them are created and offset to the opposite side of the world so the camera can always see them.

-Optimization. Having the world wrap installed in a world with 16 creatures with fast ticks enabled appears to be on average ~43 fps slower than not having it installed.

The game variable "C2toDS_WrapTickRate" can be tweaked to control how frequently the wrap tries to move objects through it and create mirror objects. The lower the number, the more accurate, but it comes with a performance cost.

Check it out! Don't forget that we can help out by submitting issues and filling out the agent help descriptions for the catalogue files.
Spritist!   Malkin | 6/24/2022discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

Spritist!SG has released Spritist, a sprite utility for C0, C1, C2, and C3DS, with file support for SPR, S16, C16, GIF, PNG, and more.
Roomie!   Malkin | 6/11/2022discuss  comment  log in to like post  5

SG has released Roomie, a metaroom editor for C3DS. Roomie includes PNG-to-BLK conversion, CA emitters, and favorite place icons.
CCSF 2022 | Wolfling Run Submissions Now   Malkin | 6/10/2022discuss  comment  log in to like post

EemFoo is opening the floodgates for norns for this years wolfling run. there are 19 slots total this year. These teams are broken into four teams of five and will be played out on a new metaroom!

Expect antics much like the infamous reality TV Survivor show! Each team will have a 'flavour' of sprite breeds. The genetics can vary as that's up to you! The list will be posted on the CCSF discord and announced everywhere else once determined. Slots are first come first serve. ALL participants will get a little surprise at the end of the festival!

Submissions should be sent to EemFoo on discord (DMs are fine, they're always open) Please include what name you want to be listed as, the name of your creature, and breed sprites required. EemFoo will do their best to minimize conflicts, but there are only so many slots.

Team Purple will be official C3/DS breeds
Team Blue will be unofficial C3/DS breeds (keep in mind the C12DS breeds will be installed.)
Team Red will be C2/C1 style C3/DS breeds (please let me know which slots for sprites and which breed)
Yellow will be the wild cards! Anything goes for this spunky team!

Submissions should be sent to EemFoo on discord before August 15th. (DMs are fine, they're always open) Please include what name you want to be listed as, the name of your creature, and breed sprites required. A picture would be great too!
Terra Reborn Updated!   Malkin | 5/29/2022discuss  comment  log in to like post  5

Terra Reborn Updated!
Allekha has updated Moe's edition of Terra Reborn, patching bugs, renaming files which caused clashes, and updating several aspects of the metaroom to be in line with the Creatures Development Standards.

Check it out!

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