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Creatures Inc: Missing In Action   Rascii | 1/7/2003  comment  log in to like post

I'm sure people are wondering where everyone and their brother's favorite website, Creatures Incorporated, has gone off to! Sharon, the owner of Creatures Inc, has decided to give it a nice new look and fix up all the good PHP scripts! So check back here at Creatures Caves because we'll keep you posted on the progress and projected reopening date! And don't forget... You can still visit the Creatures Inc Forum but clicking here.
Expand Egg Central   Rascii | 1/7/2003  comment  log in to like post

Would you like to be a part of one of the best community sites? Well then, head on over to Egg Central now! They're looking for Creatures players, big and small, new and old, who would like to have a job working on EC. So if you're interested, just drop Dan an email and let him know.
The Butterflies Are Back!   Rascii | 1/7/2003  comment  log in to like post

Those good ol' Creatures 2 Butterfly Norns are now available again from AmberCreatures! So if you're still into C2, make sure you get this great breed to brighten up all of Albia and expan your gene pool!
Private Messages Update!   Rascii | 1/2/2003  comment  log in to like post

I recently noticed that website commands don't work in My Caves private messages, so this has been fixed! Also, signatures are now attached to private messages. If anyone finds another place where website commands don't work, then please let me know in a private message or email. Thanks!
The Bugs... Temple & Lair!   Lanky | 1/2/2003  comment  log in to like post

At last! A new amazing site has opened! The Bugs Lair comes with a new meta room (The Bugs Temple) and a great new breed with decent sprites and an original genome. You can also download new Norn sounds there, but beware, they will overwrite your current Norn sounds.

Like the sound of it? Then head over to The Bugs Lair now to take a look!

** Please note that the old archived site may include broken images and links. The Draconian Norns and associated agents may be downloaded at TreeSprite's Creatures Grove, Bugs Temple may be downloaded at TreeSprite's Creatures Grove, and the Seaweed Tavern may be downloaded at TreeSprite's Forum. **
Markham's Wolfmate   Rascii | 12/31/2002  comment  log in to like post

Ever get concerned that there are too few norns in your world or that all of the norns of one gender have died and the population will end? Well, you won't have to anymore with the new Wolfmate agent over at Markham's Norn Land!
Logging Into JRChat...   Rascii | 12/31/2002  comment  log in to like post

No typing required! We now have an auto-login option where, when logged into your My Caves account, you can just click on the JRChat link and you're automattically logged in under your My Caves username! Hope everyone finds this both helpful and useful.
Ever Wonder... Who's Online?   Rascii | 12/30/2002  comment  log in to like post

Well, you won't have to wonder anymore! There's a new "Online Users" section at the bottom of the menu on the left. The members who are online are listed there, and if you're interested in seeing which page they're viewing you can click on the view details link! Hope everyone finds this new feature to be helpful, and if anyone has any suggestions that would make this site better, please email me!
Creatures Caves Email   Rascii | 12/30/2002  comment  log in to like post

Anyone who has a Creatures Caves email account needs to send me a private message with the password they use to check their email. There was a problem earlier and all of the email account passwords were reset so I have to redefine them. You will not be able to check your email until I fix your account, so please send me a private message as soon as you get the chance. Sorry about this!
Nornpad... On The Move!   Rascii | 12/30/2002  comment  log in to like post

Juli's Norn Pad, currently, will be moving to! The move should be complete by January 1st, so be sure update your bookmarks and website links!
Holiday Agents... Everywhere!   Rascii | 12/26/2002  comment  log in to like post

Getting bored with your Creatures games? Well Egg Central and Albia 2000 can help! Over at EC you can find Huggles The Christmas Robin which is a toy agent for your Creatures 3 and Docking Station games! In similar spirit, A2k has a Snow Globe with a C1 image in it for both C3 and DS. So head on over to those sites and make your games interesting once again!
Creatures Christmas Game!   Rascii | 12/25/2002  comment  log in to like post

We have a new game here at Creatures Caves as a Christmas present to everyone! It's a game of ping pong between a Fallow norn (you) and a Banshee grendel (your opponent). So click here to play it today!
Merry Christmas!   Rascii | 12/25/2002  comment  log in to like post

Just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates it a Merry Christmas! Also, as a present from Creatures Caves, there's a new online game opening later on today! So check back soon and enjoy the holidays.
New Website Section   Rascii | 12/23/2002  comment  log in to like post

Another new section has opened! It's called the website information section and it's a very useful place, so check it out. You can read the rules, see how to use smiley images and commands, leard how to use the Creatures Caves site features, and read about hosting!
Community Contacts   Rascii | 12/23/2002  comment  log in to like post

It's only the day after we've reopened and there's already a new section! It's called the community contacts and it's a place where you can find othere people's ICQ, AIM, and MSN names and add them to your buddy lists! The data is collected from Creatures Caves members' profiles, so if you'd like your information to be on the pages all you have to do is join My Caves today.

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