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Fishies (Click to enlarge)
Fishies   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/17/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  3

I kinda went overboard with the variations. There are sixteen of them, for crying out loud!

These are some fishies to mess around with. They're good in aquatic metarooms, and they stick together in groups of one color. There are a lot of variations! These eat the water mites, so don't make the maximum shcool size too large or there WILL be mass plant extinction, as there will be nothing to pollinate the aquatic flowers.

Unlike almost every other critter in existence, these will not wait around to be eaten alive, and will actively avoid creatures, beasts, and the Hand. The sprite at the bottom with no egg, and only one tail position, is the result of allowing a creature to hit one, as the fishies, like all my other critters, are Sabertooth-compatible. Aquatic Sabertooth Norns will be possible with these things.
Dead Snakes (Click to enlarge)
Dead Snakes   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/17/2015  comment  log in to like post

I realized that I never made death sprites for the snakes, so here they are, complete with Sabertooth-compatible versions!
Water Mites (Click to enlarge)
Water Mites   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/17/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post

These are probably the most simple thing I've posted, having only three images. They pollinate aquatic flowers, and they're bugs. Creatures can eat them, and they live in groups of up to eight bugs that reproduce asexually to replace members of the group that got relocated, were eaten, or died of starvation. They eat by pollinating stuff.

These are like improved aquamites. They get eaten by fish, and they pollinate. The fish species that prey on these aren't terribly large, so the bugs themselves are at their original pixel size, which gives you a glimpse of what my things would look like at their original sizes.
Seaweed (Click to enlarge)
Seaweed   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/17/2015  comment  log in to like post

My first aquatic plant! This is a plant that produces aquatic fruit, and it's most likely the first aquatic plant ever to have a true flower. How in the heck that thing gets pollinated is another story for another time. The seaweed sprites are all the growth stages, and the last three are the death stages. The half-eaten plant that is still green isn't really a death stage, but when a creature tries to eat the plant, it will become half-eaten, but if it isn't mature, it will be eaten in one bite.

When a plant becomes a tasty snack for a creature or aquatic critter, it will either survive or die. Each time the plant successfully survives being munched on, the chances of it dying the next time will increase. Of course, if the plant is eaten a second time before it either dies or recovers, it will vanish without going through any of the true death stages.

The half-eaten dying plant is the stage the plants enter after being nommed on one too many times, or if a toxic aquatic creature eats a normal dying plant. If the dying version is eaten once again, it will vanish, just like the living plant.

The fruit actually has some real protein content, unlike the other one, because the fruit-to-seed ratio has been switched around. If the fruit is eaten, it will release one to three spores. If it rots, it will release three to six spores. The plants release so many spores because nature is a very delicate thing, and spores have a 40% chance of not sprouting at all, even in the right conditions. Even if the spores do sprout before they get eaten, they will probably just end up being eaten alive by Norns or the critters living in the oceans.

If a spore detects no other spores, fruits or plants around it, it will have a 100% chance of sprouting when placed in the right soil. It will also become invisible to creatures, and plants do the same thing if they're all alone.
Creature Catcher (Click to enlarge)
Creature Catcher   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/17/2015  3 comments  3  log in to like post  2

This cage can be used to capture any creature, but it has to be baited with something the particular species you're trying to catch or stop likes, because the cage itself is invisible to creatures. If a creature tries to interact with any objects in the cage, if it isn't already in the cage, it will be trapped inside it. The Hand can click the cage to drop the creatures in it. When a creature is inside the cage, all the things in it will be invisible to creatures outside the cage. This can come in handy when you're doing lots of things.

Doing something that involves randomly selecting creatures in a population? Bait a couple of these with some food, toys, or other things your creatures enjoy interacting with, and drop them off somewhere in your creatures' home range. Eventually, something will get trapped inside them.

Got your gadgets stockpiled and don't want Ettins stealing them? Bait some of these with a few useless gadgets or the Sparkly Gems, and the Ettins will most likely try to take the bait objects instead of your precious trinkets and machine parts.

Don't want the evil Grendels attacking your Norns, but don't want to kill them? Bait a few of these with some random Norn eggs, from the egg layer, and watch as the Grendels get captured when they try to steal the eggs.
Sparkly Gems (Click to enlarge)
Sparkly Gems   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/16/2015  comment  log in to like post

These gems are classed as gadgets, and they're great for baiting Ettin traps because of that. These were created to be Ettin bait, in case you couldn't tell by the classification.
Snakes (Click to enlarge)
Snakes   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/16/2015  3 comments  3  log in to like post  2

These are some snakes that eat the squirrels. I'm starting to run out of ideas, but I can't stop making stuff.
Squirrels (Click to enlarge)
Squirrels   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/15/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

These squirrels eat the acorns from any type of Elemental Oak Tree. There's not really that much to say about them other than that, but the gold parts are remnants of when they were originally going to be elemental, and I thought that looked cool with the brown so it's there. When they die normally, they use the normally colored dead squirrel sprite and are classed as detritus.

However, while these do have an "eaten alive" script for normal carnivorous creatures, they are also Sabertooth-compatible. What this means is if they are hit, they will use the pink and red dead squirrel sprite and become "food."

These will only breed if there is at least one elemental tree, of any type for every two squirrels, as an anti-overpopulation measure to hopefully keep both species alive.
Marimo Moss Growth 02 (Click to enlarge)
Marimo Moss Growth 02   Sprites   Jesseth | 1/14/2015  3 comments  3  log in to like post  5

Also an updated version with death frames! Perhaps later I will work on roll sprites too, provided it's not too annoying a thing for people to potentially code~ c:
Water Weed Death Stage (Click to enlarge)
Water Weed Death Stage   Sprites   Jesseth | 1/14/2015  comment  log in to like post  3

A little animation of the water weed's death phase! c:
Elemental Oak Trees (Click to enlarge)
Elemental Oak Trees   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/14/2015  comment  log in to like post  3

Just some elemental trees. The grey one is the one any other tree turns into when it dies, and then that disappears after a while. The flowers turn into the acorns of that type when they've been pollinated twice. The acorns are edible.

Seed eaten stim

Water (duh)
Seed eaten stim
Decreases hotness

Decreases tiredness and sleepiness (elemental characters of the lightning element typically have endless energy)
Seed eaten stim

Seed eaten stim x 2 (seed gives twice as much starch as normal)

I finished these in a hurry to get them up before bedtime (worst time of the day on days where the next involves school), so their placement on the image may be a bit sloppy.
Marimo Moss Growth 01 (Click to enlarge)
Marimo Moss Growth 01   Sprites   Jesseth | 1/9/2015  2 comments  2  log in to like post  6

Some growth stages for a freshwater Marimo Moss ball! It would be a moveable plant that you can pick up and has some ability to bounce/roll a teeny-tiny bit. The first sprite would actually be the seed sprite since they reproduce by breaking into more marimo pieces in real life. c:

If this gets made, it would also need a dry/dead stage and possibly some 'rolling' sprites!
Water Weed Growth 01 (Click to enlarge)
Water Weed Growth 01   Sprites   Jesseth | 1/9/2015  7 comments  7  log in to like post  6

Another first prototype of some plant sprites - this time it's a freshwater aquatic plant. c:

The idea with this one is it's a totally standard plant/weed in every way, except three of it's life stages have short frame animations, to make them bubble and sway for an underwater effect. There would also be a not-included death sprite in the finished thing most likely.
'Agressive Moss' Life cycle 01 (Click to enlarge)
'Agressive Moss' Life cycle 01   Sprites   Jesseth | 1/9/2015  2 comments  2  log in to like post  1

Just a rough for a series of life stages from seed to adult/seeding-stage of a kind of moss. The idea for it was that it's meant to be frustratingly invasive and literally grow everywhere in a low carpet of plant-life.

The upside would be that it would supply plenty of seeds for Norns to eat, but the downside would be that the seeds are very low in nutrition or have very slight strange effects. (Possibly weird things like slight increases or decreases in up/down-atrophin just to disorient Norns who eat a lot of the stuff?) c:
Pokeball (Click to enlarge)
Pokeball   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 1/4/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  1

This is classed as toy, but when a creature pushes it, it will be exported.

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