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Water Lilies (Click to enlarge)
Water Lilies   Sprites   Jessica | 11/1/2013  9 comments  9  log in to like post  14

A beautiful selection of sprites depicting water lilies!

Mea says: "For use with the Garden Box to provide background plants to grow patch plants on, or any other project that may find them useful. The flowers have been separated so they may be used for other projects as well."

Created by Mea for the CCSF 2013.
Bombay  (Click to enlarge)
Bombay   Sprites   HavenHerbaven | 10/24/2013  1 comment  1  log in to like post

This is a sweet chocolaty cake! It has cherry filling, and whipped cream on the top, along with chocolate curls. It'll satisfy any chocolate-craving Norn, Grendel or Ettin, along with the fruity taste of cherries and the softness of whipped cream. Any creatures' dream.
Mint Chocolate Ice Cream (Click to enlarge)
Mint Chocolate Ice Cream   Sprites   HavenHerbaven | 10/21/2013  1 comment  1  log in to like post

This is a six-bite ice cream for C3/DS that never melts until the creature finishes it. It gives them coldness (obviously) and comfort, great for any Norn who's sad. If you would like to turn this into a COB, feel free to PM me! :)
Honey Lavender Pudding (Click to enlarge)
Honey Lavender Pudding   Sprites   HavenHerbaven | 10/21/2013  comment  log in to like post

This is a bright, honey lavender pudding. Warm or cold, it'll fill a hungry Norn's belly! Sprites finished, if anyone wants to make it into a COB you can message me. :)
Cinnamon Roll (Click to enlarge)
Cinnamon Roll   Sprites   Trell | 10/21/2013  2 comments  2  log in to like post  2

Who doesn't love a nice, warm cinnamon roll straight from Grandma's oven? Here's a nice cinnamon roll sprite ready for coding. It's intended to be a one bite food in Creatures 1, that's both nutritious and delicious for creatures.

If anyone wants to code this, I'd love it if you dropped me a PM. Enjoy!
Chocolate Cupcake (Click to enlarge)
Chocolate Cupcake   Sprites   HavenHerbaven | 10/21/2013  comment  log in to like post

These are the chocolate cupcakes! :D Any Norn would love them!!
Strawberry Pudding  (Click to enlarge)
Strawberry Pudding   Sprites   HavenHerbaven | 10/21/2013  comment  log in to like post

So I was just doodling around but I really liked it, so maybe it could be a COB one day! :D Hope you like it.
Flower Cookie (Click to enlarge)
Flower Cookie   Sprites   Malkin | 10/20/2013  comment  log in to like post  1

A single flower-shaped cookie with a red centre, should be approximately the same size as a Quirky Cookie. Cropped and resized from this public domain image.
Pumpkin Sprites 2 (Click to enlarge)
Pumpkin Sprites 2   Sprites   Tarilithina | 10/18/2013  comment  log in to like post  1

I tweaked the pumpkin sprites a bit. In this picture, the pumpkin is in the top left, and the jack-o-lantern is below it.

The sides of both have been cleaned up, because they looked jagged (I meant to fix that before posting the first time, but I forgot. Sorry). The stems are a bit shorter, while the stem base is bigger, the heart shape is a little more pronounced, and the jack-o-lantern is a bit darker.

Next to the pumpkin and the jack-o-lantern, there is a vendor sprite. The vendor is one half pumpkin, one half jack-o-lantern. The stem is longer, and splits into two parts. To the right are two rows of sprites. The top row is animation sprites for the pumpkin side of the vendor, and the bottom row is animation sprites for the jack-o-lantern side.
Pumpkin Sprites (Click to enlarge)
Pumpkin Sprites   Sprites   Tarilithina | 10/16/2013  comment  log in to like post

A sprite for a pumpkin, and a jack-o-lantern. They look more cute than scary, especially with their heart shape, so I was thinking that they could be mild aphrodisiacs. Maybe the pumpkin increases sex drive and the jack-o-lantern reduces it?

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