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Preview: Rose Blooms (Click to enlarge)
Preview: Rose Blooms   Sprites   Trell | 2/19/2014  3 comments  3  log in to like post  6

These were some of the colour concepts for Laura's roses. May end up as full sprites in the future. I may not like spriting flowers, but I'll drown you in roses.
Chocolate Coconut Roses (Click to enlarge)
Chocolate Coconut Roses   Sprites   Trell | 2/19/2014  comment  log in to like post  2

These were the original sprites for the chocolate roses. They were decidedly coconut until a dabble of yellow made them vanilla creme instead. My personal favourite.
Caramel Chocolate Roses (Click to enlarge)
Caramel Chocolate Roses   Sprites   Trell | 2/19/2014  1 comment  1  log in to like post  3

Yet another variant on the chocolate roses, these ones are filled with gooey caramel. Green leafed versions are available on request!
Strawberry Chocolate Roses (Click to enlarge)
Strawberry Chocolate Roses   Sprites   Trell | 2/19/2014  comment  log in to like post  2

I figured I may as well post up some of the different varieties as well. So here are some strawberry chocolate roses!
Mint Chocolate Roses (Click to enlarge)
Mint Chocolate Roses   Sprites   Trell | 2/19/2014  4 comments  4  log in to like post  4

Chocolate roses, now with a delicious minty centre! Not supposed to be an aphrodisiac like regular chocolate roses, but they slightly cool the creatures that eat them.
Lollipop, Lollipop (Click to enlarge)
Lollipop, Lollipop   Sprites   Trell | 2/17/2014  6 comments  6  log in to like post  5

A dozen lollipops, four licks to a stick. Flavours from top left are orange, cotton candy, lemon, grape, bubblegum, watermelon, blueberry, raspberry, green apple, peach, chocolate, and cherry.

Vendor sprites coming soon.
Dulcian Cookies (Click to enlarge)
Dulcian Cookies   Sprites   Trell | 2/17/2014  comment  log in to like post  3

The famous Dulcian tree-cookies, filled with vanilla creme and Stain Berry jelly; they grow from the little jam dot like flowers. Like the chocolate cookies, they have no added medicines so they're safe for regular and toxic creatures alike. The stale cookies might have toxins though, so beware!
Chocolate Cookies (Click to enlarge)
Chocolate Cookies   Sprites   Trell | 2/17/2014  comment  log in to like post  2

Delicious chocolate cookies, full of cream and Sugar Berry jelly! And did I mention they grow on trees? These cookies are very good for creatures to eat, and won't make them sick to their stomachs, but have no added medicines. The stale cookies might be full of toxins though... A nice treat for toxic creatures!
Jilloos (Click to enlarge)
Jilloos   Sprites   Trell | 2/17/2014  comment  log in to like post  2

Squishy, jiggly, sour and sweet, Dulcian Jilloos are super bouncy and covered in sour sugar. Jilloos are considered "food" and give slight amounts of prostaglandin. Melty rotten Jilloos are slightly painful to eat, since they seem to get more sour as they decay.

Now with sugary growth versions if you like. My pathetic attempts at a stretch/squash animation are available on request. Enjoy!
Stain Berries (Click to enlarge)
Stain Berries   Sprites   Trell | 2/16/2014  comment  log in to like post  3

Similar to Sugar Berries, the slightly smaller Stain Berries originate from Dulcia's thorny undergrowth. Unlike their purple counterparts, these hard fruits are incredibly sour. Packed full of vitamin C, Stain Berries have a slightly painful bite to them. Beware the rotting berries, for they contain powerful poisons like Belladonna and fear toxin.
Sugar Berries (Click to enlarge)
Sugar Berries   Sprites   Trell | 2/16/2014  comment  log in to like post  3

Straight from the bushes of Dulcia, these violet berries are large, bouncy, and oh so sweet. The berries themselves have slight medicinal properties, but their rotten remains are very alcoholic.
Chocolate Roses (Click to enlarge)
Chocolate Roses   Sprites   Trell | 2/16/2014  6 comments  6  log in to like post  4

Roses are yummy, violets are sweet, who's in the mood for a chocolate treat?

One of several candy patch plant ideas. Intended to both reduce tiredness and serve as an aphrodisiac. For those who can't decide what to get their valentine... ;) Now with leafy variants.

Free for use, if anyone likes!
Black Cherries (Click to enlarge)
Black Cherries   Sprites   Trell | 2/16/2014  1 comment  1  log in to like post  4

Originally intended to be a GB Patch Plant, these cherries have been rotting in my sprite folder for far too long. Probably could use a cherry blossom, but otherwise they're good to go.

Feel free to use them!
Water Lillies: Part 1 (Click to enlarge)
Water Lillies: Part 1   Sprites   mea | 11/14/2013  1 comment  1  log in to like post  5

Since the water lilies were posted on the first day & were so well received, I thought it would be fitting to post a few extra sprites for that set on the last day of the festival. These are the growth sprites that would be needed to turn the water lilies into an actual plant, I'll post the dying & decaying sprites as another set later when I finish them.
Red Corals (Click to enlarge)
Red Corals   Sprites   Jessica | 11/14/2013  4 comments  4  log in to like post  6

Mea says: "A collection of beautiful corals brought up from the reef to brighten your Creatures' homes."

Created by Mea for the CCSF 2013

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