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CCSF 2020 | Day 9   Freylaverse | 12/4/2020discuss  1 comment  1  log in to like post  3

Sorry about the delay, guys, real life got in the way. Here's day 9! And umm... Yeah I only just realized CCaves was accidentally making these look like CCSF 2014 posts, whoops! I'll go back and fix that if I can.

For today's releases, go to!
CCSF 2014 Day 15: Merry Sheemas!   KittyTikara | 12/12/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

Merry Sheemas!Merry Sheemas everyone, it's the last day of the CCSF! Before I dive into the contest winners, I want to thank everyone who send in a submission or entered the contests (releases and contests are the heart of a CCSF, after all)! A special thanks goes to Mea for sending in so many creature packs, and past coordinators for all of their advice for planning out the CCSF! Speaking of planning though, look out for a CCSF 2014 survey around or after Christmas. It's purpose is to collect everyone's honest opinion on how they felt about it, and to also help next year's coordinator learn from this past CCSF.

The contest winners were, C1anddsaddict, Kezune and Mea. Congratulations to the winners! Who won what contest is located above today's release links, and I'll also be talking about a few of the contests here. The contests with only one entry (the Best Agent Idea, Creatchi Fur Pattern, and the Grendel Beauty Pagent), were easily decided since they only had one entry. The Metaroom Decoration Contest winner, as voted on by the community, was C1anddsaddict and it certainly fit the Sheemas spirit! The last contest, the Creature Breed Evolution one, was won due to Mea's slightly more interesting backstory, and also for being easier to make in C3/DS. Though both were interesting enough that I think I'll try make Allekha's Ettins after I'm done with Mea's. Two contests are still open, Grendel Man's genetic breed contest and Ron's trivia contest. Ron's trivia answers are due tomorrow, so that everyone has a fair shot at answering today's question.

Here's the last of CCSF 2014's releases! First up is the last of Mea's Plum Feral packs! Second is another pack of time-traveling Norns from me. Then there's a pack of Grendels that were created by Grendel Man for today's big release! Next to last, there's a very unique toy patch plant called Jingle Balls from Laura and Ghosthande! It's a festive little patch plant that's sure to delight your creatures. Last, and perhaps most exciting, is a metaroom called Artemia Sea from Grendel Man and Mea! It's a gorgeous metaroom that has to been seen to be believed!

Ron has the last part to the Sheemas song:

"On the twelth day of Sheemas Master Shee sent to me
Twelve Merry Mermaids
Eleven Hopping Hoppities
Ten Grendels-a-Grinning
Nine Eaten Elevators
Eight Mucos-a-Mubbling
Seven Norns-a-Napping
Six Eggs-a-Hatching
Five Goooold Gaaadgets!
Four Singing Portals
Three Musicolas
Two Clapping Hands
and Some Ettins from Old Albia!"

Ron has been helping some Shee decorate their ships today. While on board, he heard all sorts of tales of mystery and woe from the Shees, but one stood out for him. There was a legend of a seamonster who would help Norn fishers by herding in the Zander fish for them. In return they shared a part of their catch with him. He was so wrapped up in their tale that he stubbed his toe! So his last question for CCSF 2014 is: Was there ever a sea monster in Creatures? (Answers for all of the questions should be submitted by tomorrow. If you get them all right, then you get to take Ron home! He's a lovely C1 Norn baby).

Contest Winners:
Best Agent Idea: Mea
Creatchi Fur Pattern: Kezune
Creatures Breed Evolution: Mea
Grendel Beauty Pageant: Kezune
Metaroom Decoration: C1anddsaddict

The last of Mea's Plum run!
Another pack of time-traveling Norns from 2011 from KittyTikara!
A pack of special Grendels from Grendel Man!
A very fun patch plant called Jingle Balls from Laura and Ghosthande!
Finally Artemia Sea, a gorgeous underwater metaroom from Grendel Man and Mea!
CCSF 2014 Day 7: Plums and Norns Galore!   KittyTikara | 12/4/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  3

Plums and Norns Galore!Today's news post might be a bit short, but there certainly isn't a shortage of releases! As you probably already know, day 7 usually marks the half-way point for a normal CCSF. Not for CCSF 2014 though! Thanks to the downtime, and the "12 Days of Sheemas" song, there's a whole extra day! Today's releases can help us celebrate this not-halfway day celebration. Between the new Bouncing Plums from Mea and Laura, and the Creatchitrue Norns from Ylukyun, it's sure to be a popular party! Not to mention Mea also has two packs of Creatures. Just be sure to watch your pet grazers, they might be carnivorous! Last, but certainly not least, there's an adorable Siamese drawing by Magpie-angel!

Ron has the next verse to the Sheemas song "12 Days of Sheemas":

"On the fourth day of Sheemas Master Shee sent to me
Four Singing Portals
Three Musicolas
Two Clapping Hands
and Some Ettins from Old Albia!"

Magpie-angel's picture got Ron thinking again, and he realized that he doesn't know where the Siamese Norn come from! So his question of the day is: How, and or where, did the Lone Shee find the Siamese Norns? (Also a hint for yesterday's trivia question, try searching for music on the wiki.)

The start of Mea's six run for the CCSF!
An extra pack from Mea's sixth run!
A cute picture of a Siamese Norn by Magpie-Angel!
A pack of colorful Bouncing Plums from Mea and Laura!
The Creatchitrue Norns by Ylukyun!
CCSF 2014 Day 2: Planet Feral Run!   KittyTikara | 11/2/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  4

CCSF 2014 Day 2!It's day two and it's a quieter day then yesterday as far as releases go. There's still plenty of wolfling or feral runs going on in the forums though, including a new one. A new C3 wolfling run, The Relaxed Wolfling Run has been created, and it will start on November 4th! The C1 Mystery Feral Run is full and the Norn's have been revealed! The Random Event Run has also been streamed, check out the highlights if you haven't see them yet!

As for the releases, there is two packs of Creatures from Mea and one short story from Allekha called the "Handish Wonderings Triptych!" One of the Creature packs is a random mix of different genetics and breeds that is sure to spice up your gene pool. The other pack is a group of immortals who were the only survivors of their world. The "Handish" short story is actually three different stories that are loosely related to each other. The first one is called "Plane—" and is about a Hand wondering about the Moon. This naturally got Ron, the mascot interested in the different planets and stars in the Creatures series. So today's question is:

We all know that Creatures 1 takes place on Albia, but what is the name of another Creatures planet, the 3D world from Shee legends?

Community events:
A new wolfling run has started, The Relaxed Wolfling Run, and it starts on November 4th!
The last day to submit entries for the C2 Feral Run is today!

A pack of Creatures from Mea, who have Grendelish personalities!
A pack of survivors from Mea, who survived a doomed feral run!
Part 1 of the "Handish Wonderings" by Allekha!
CCSF 2014 Day 1: A Nornish Halloween!   KittyTikara | 11/1/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  10

CCSF 2014 Day 1!Welcome to this year's CCSF! This year's theme is evolution and natural selection and we've certianly followed it this year, between the sifferent releases and CCSF activities. Much like last year we have some wonderful coloring pages, which were created by Mea for the CCSF! Four forum feral/wolfling runs have also been created just in the for the CCSF. Three can still be entered, the Colortrue Ettins wolfling run and Creatures 2 Feral run. There's also two empty spots in the C1 Mystery Feral Run! If you can't get enough of Creatures events, and I know I can't, then there's also this year's contests!

Which brings me to this year's mascot, who's also a part of a contest. This year's mascot is Ron, a decendant of the first Norns! Each day of the CCSF he's going to have a question for you. If you answer all 14 correctly, then you get to take him home with you at the end! Remember to not share the answers though! Today's question is an easy one, Who was the first Norn?

Community events:
* CCSF contests are open and accepting entries!
* CCSF Random Event Run starts soon today!
* C2 Feral Run will start later tonight!

* A Halloween-themed Tulu showcase by razander!
* A pack of spooky Zombies from Mea!
* A redone Spam Norn breed by Grendel Man!
* A lovely coloring book from Mea!
* And finally some new eggs sprites by me!
CCSF 2014 Random Event Wolfling Run   kezune | 10/19/2014discuss  4 comments  4  log in to like post  4

CCSF 2014 Random Event Wolfling RunSign up for the Random Event Wolfling Run livestream event starting on the first day of the CCSF!

In this Wolfling Run you get to dream up your perfect creature appearance and watch it compete against others in a C2toDS, Random Event style run.

The winner gets their creature further customized so go sign up! What've you got to lose?

Note: Anyone late to the live videos will still get to watch the recordings, so you won't have to worry about missing out on the fun!
Submissions for CCSF 2014 Now Open!   KittyTikara | 10/1/2014discuss  comment  log in to like post  6

That's right, submissions for CCSF 2014 are now open. Anything Creatures-related is acceptable, anything from drawings to a brand new agent or COB! Check out the submissions thread for more details. Stuck in one place with your project? Try the submissions help thread, or open your own thread in the development forum. The deadline for submissions is October 28th, but late submissions will still be accepted.

Please send any submissions to:!
CCSF Theme and Contest/Activities Poll!   KittyTikara | 9/13/2014discuss  13 comments  13  log in to like post  3

The new poll is here! The time and location of the CCSF 2014 has been decided (two weeks in November, hosted here at Creatures Caves) but there's still a few more things to decide. This poll is more focused on deciding some details like deciding what contest and activities to focus on, what the theme will be, and answering some questions.

Poll ends on September 25th.
CCSF 2014 Planning Poll!   KittyTikara | 8/30/2014discuss  2 comments  2  log in to like post  1

It's getting close to the yearly CCSF festival, and this year's CCSF still needs some work! It's missing a time and a theme, as well as some volunteers to help coordinate it. You can help by posting in the forum thread here, or by voting in a new poll here. After this this first poll, another poll will be put up to decide on a theme and to see what the most popular contests or activities are.

Poll ends on September 12th.
CCSF 2014 Planning   Jessica | 4/10/2014discuss  3 comments  3  log in to like post  5

It's just about that time of year to start thinking about the CCSF 2014! We've had a great deal of success in gathering survey responses from members of the community to help plan the fundamental aspects of each festival. Please take a moment to share your thoughts and opinions in the following survey. This is only the first of several so we can get an idea of general preferences! The CCSF is a community-run event created for the entire community to enjoy. Don't miss out on this opportunity to help shape this year's event! Thanks for taking the time to help!

Take the CCSF 2014 Basic Survey

Survey Closes April 30, 2014


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