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Angler Grendel v1.0   C3DS   cyborg | 12/30/2022  comment  log in to like post  9

typeGenetics + Sprites
This breed is inspired by anglerfish.
The smaller male Angler grendel is reliant on female grendels for nutrients. This is based by some anglerfish species' sexual parasitism.
The female Angler grendel feeds on critters and bugs, make sure they have plenty of edible prey.
Angler Grendels can synthesize their own Vitamin C.
They look best in the Deep Abyss metaroom.
Life span ~ 3 - 4 hrs 30min with babysitting.

I think the breed is good enough to be released in this state. Tell me if you have any issues. Happy New Year everyone.

FYI the glitchy egg gender glyphs are on purpose for lore reasons.
Sweetheart Norns   C3DS   Grox | 12/12/2022  comment  log in to like post  4

typeGenetics Only
A relatively simple genetic breed I created just to mess around with things.

Sweetheart Norns are a short-lived, Fast-breeding breed of norn that are highly social and prefer to stick together in groups. Due to how quickly they breed, Their colors mutate incredibly quickly. Sweetheart norns are very docile and typically won't hit or get mad at other norns.

They require Butterfly norn and Chichi norn sprites to display properly!
BorgNorn   C3DS   Annex | 12/3/2022  10 comments  10  log in to like post  9

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorAlex P. Twigg
For 20 years I have returned again and again to the BorgNorn.

At first volunteering for Uncovered Development to test things for the BorgNorn in C2, then helping with the coding and some sprite work for the original DS release, and later to release a code based 'Lite' version of the breed, I have finally got to the point where I feel I have met my goals.

I wanted to release the BorgNorn in a state of equal quality to the original graphics and code in C3 and DS. I have developed from an amateur hobbyist, to a professional in the VFX industry, largely thanks to the thirst the BorgNorn gave me for improving as an artist and a coder.

And here it is! A true labour of love.

The BorgNorn will appear in your egg layers as a standard breed, and you can treat them as such if that is what you wish. However, to unlock their true potential, inject the BorgNorn agents from the injector.

You will be given a control panel to turn features on and off. Most are self explanatory, but of note is the 'Evolving Genome'.

Every time a BorgNorn assimilates a creature, the genes of the assimilator are merged into an ever evolving genome that will develop with your Hive. Turning this off will fall back on the core genetics of the breed.
Moonsphinx Norns   C3DS   Grox | 10/2/2022  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics Only
My first breed! It's nothing much, But I hope everyone will enjoy it nonetheless.

Based on a particularly prolific family of norns I had in a save game.

They are the typical sphinx color at birth, But will become a lovely shade of purple as adults!

Requires Moonlight norn and Sphinx norn sprites to show up correctly, If you have anything else in those slots they may not look at pictured.
Churro Norns! (self cooking!)   C3DS   CultOfCult:> | 5/15/2022  3 comments  3  log in to like post

typeGenetics Only
Okay so i got this idea for a bread of norns based on my favorite norn churro, so I took his lightly mutated genome, whipped it up a little, added a couple instincts to do things like he did, and made them start pale but get darker as they age, I think I have everything needed in the Zip but If I don't/it doesn't work contact me and I'll try and fix is ASAP
otherwise please enjoy. :D :D :D (btw the image is them compared to the Siamese norn which is their genetic base)
2022 Egg Agents   C3DS   Liil | 2/18/2022  8 comments  8  log in to like post  9

typeGenetics Only
Some people requested egg agents for the 2022 breeds, so here they are!

Egg agents for the 2022 Horse, Pixie, Banana and Grendel. Normal, CFF, CFE, TWB/TCB are available.
Age specific color genes changed to embryo. If the norns or gendels color genes mutate, they will keep this color their whole life.

Sprites and Atts for the 2022 breeds are not included.
Pink Blush Glacier Ettins   C3DS   CosmiSynth | 2/14/2022  1 comment  1  log in to like post  5

typeGenetics Only
authorJesseth, CosmiSynth

Pink Blush Glacier Ettins:
A genetic breed by Cosmisynth/Cosmicsynthetics and Jesseth as a combination celebration for Valentines day and our 6th anniversary together!

Pink Blush Glaciers are the happier cousin of Glacier ettins: They do not have the heat=boredom genes that make glacier ettins miserable in warm weather, and they do not respond as extremely to crowding.

They are a manually made breed, done by combining and screening the best of two different breeding projects to create pink ettins with entirely glacier sprites. Cosmisynth used a combination of glaciers and a 'weekly freak' Norn mix created as a genetic experiment by Alien, called Leelou, who was bright pink and had a reduced response to crowding. Jesseth used a combination of glaciers and genetically warm hued ettin breeds by slaterbait, including Nice ettins, Leucine ettins, Childlike ettins, Red Glare ettins and Magenta Glare ettins. Many of these breeds also had tweaks to prevent ettin boredom, hoarding, crowding and other behavioral issues common to keeping large groups of ettins.

Once each population was consistently pink and consistently glacier sprites, the best ettins from each were bred into each group, then the best of those brought together and used as genetic parents in the egg agent file.
Pink Blush glacier ettins should remain warm hued throughout their lives and breed true for at least a couple of generations. No genetic issues such as proneness to limps or stillbirths have been detected during testing, but bear in mind they are the combination of MANY breeds and creatures, so their genetics are likely a little unusual under the hood compared to a base c3ds ettin!
Micro Grendels v2   C1   MuppetBoy | 2/10/2022  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorMuppetboy and Trix
Conversion of miniature C2 grendels I originally put in slot 3, but i moved them to leave space for the amazing Frost Grendels.

They now use Rainbow Feliz genome.
Rainbow Fey   C1   MuppetBoy | 2/10/2022  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorMuppetboy, Markham Caroll, Spirit
Converted from Dwarf, Fairy and Munchkin norns, and given Rainbow Feliz genomes with sex-linked appearance.

Comes as a cob that creates three random shee, three cross breeds and three thorough breeds

They fill Shee slots 7, 8 and 9
FEY1 is grey, FEY2 is black, FEY3 is white
2022 Classic Grendels   C3DS   Liil | 2/8/2022  3 comments  3  log in to like post  8

typeGenetics + Sprites
A conversion of the original C1 Classic Grendel to a modern C3/DS style.

Similar to the Classic Grendel in Creatures 1 they are smaller then the average C3 grendel, stocky build and grow only once if they reach adolescence.

They don't contain an egg agent, you have to breed them or use the replacer genomes.
Normal genome, CFF, CFE and TCB are available as pairs.
The normal genome version is based on the Zwergbunt Grendels by Tokarion and Kathira which makes them much less aggressive.

Egg Agent Construction Kit   C3DS   CosmiSynth | 1/29/2022  comment  log in to like post  5

typeGenetics Only
This is a full egg agent template for anyone to use, perfect for use in making quick egg agents with in-built explanations as to how things work, along with all the required tools! It's got:

-Placeholder C16 files
-PNG files meant to be edited for use in those C16s so there's no guesswork about image sizes or file types
-Placeholder .gen files
-Monk for Agent compiling and Edos for Sprite compiling
-A fully annotated .txt file for use with Monk
-An instruction document with some troubleshooting tips and instructions on how to use both Monk and Edos

Please feel free to use it for any of your breed making projects. I know that wonderful things like PRAYEgger ( exist, but that's an online browser-based resource, and I want to make sure there's always an easy way to use and preserve your beloved breeds even if the internet burns down.

Feel free to share this kit around, host it on your own website, and please pick everything apart as you'd like and enjoy it! - CS
Truly Random Egg Agent   C3DS   CosmiSynth | 1/29/2022  comment  log in to like post  4

typeGenetics Only
A quick something I threw together that spits out a random creature egg! It randomly selects a .gen file in your Genetics folder and creates an egg - no splicing or mutations involved. A good tool if you need a surprise - whether it be norn, ettin, grendel, or geat.

The zip contains both the egg agent itself and all of the files used to construct it to make it easy to study for anyone who's curious or needs some help getting started with simple egg agents.
2022 White Haired Pixie Norns   C3DS   Liil | 1/28/2022  4 comments  4  log in to like post  7

typeGenetics + Sprites
A conversion of the original C1 White Haired Pixie Norns to a modern C3/DS style.

They dont contain an egg agent, you have to breed them.
Like in the old days of Creatures 1 where only a few eggs where available in the nest and a norn life had a bigger meaning.

Normal genome, CFF, CFE and TWB are available.

Glacier Ettins (Remastered)   C3DS   CosmiSynth | 1/26/2022  3 comments  3  log in to like post  11

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorJesseth, CosmiSynth, Avocado
A loving revamp of Avocado's Glacier Ettins! They now have full breed art for all life stages and sexes and the same goes for Body Data.

The downloadable ZIP file comes with a breed agent, a couple different genome choices including the default original genome by Avocado, and an information document.

(Note: The original Glacier Ettin genome has some unique care requirements and quirks. They become bored if too warm and thrive in the cold, which makes them friendlier. Though prolific breeders that age to maturity more quickly than normal ettins, they're very prone to becoming crowded and overwhelmed. To help with this, it's best to only keep a couple at once or keep a small band of them in a large, cool room like Chione. Interestingly, they are drawn to norn home instead of ettin home when seeking comfort, so keep this in mind when setting up a habitat for them.

Jesseth and I recommend the Ice Crystal agent for them, as it cools Glaciers down and also provides them with plenty of entertainment. It's great if you want to make a room more comfortable for them.

Information on the alternative genomes can be found in the information document.)

Breed Art: Jesseth
Sprite Compiling, Body Data, Spot-checker, and Bug Tester: CosmiSynth
Original Version & Genome: Avocado

Ice Crystal Agent (Trollop and TwilightCat):
Curiosas (Compatible)   C3DS   CosmiSynth | 1/26/2022  4 comments  4  log in to like post  7

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorJesseth, CosmiSynth, Gulvet
A loving revamp and reslot of Gulvet's Curiosa Norns! They now have full breed art for all life stages and sexes, non-glitchy body data, and occupy Grendel N, which doesn't conflict with the C12DS breeds like the old Curiosas did.

The downloadable ZIP file comes with a breed agent, several different genome choices including the default original genome by Gulvet, an information document, and a fun development log with information on the process of breed making by Jesseth!

(Note: The original Curiosa genome and the plaincolor Curiosa genome don't have any special care requirements, but they do have some observable quirks. From studying the genome and their behavior in-game, they are fond of eating detritus (they get vitamin C from it), enjoy playing with buttons/lifts as a form of entertainment, and are generally very good breeders. More information on the alternative genomes can be found in the information document.)

Breed Art: Jesseth
Sprite Compiling, Body Data, Spot-checker, and Bug Tester: CosmiSynth
Original Version & Genome: Gulvet

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