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BorgNorn   C3DS   Annex | 12/3/2022  log in to like post  10

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorAlex P. Twigg
For 20 years I have returned again and again to the BorgNorn.

At first volunteering for Uncovered Development to test things for the BorgNorn in C2, then helping with the coding and some sprite work for the original DS release, and later to release a code based 'Lite' version of the breed, I have finally got to the point where I feel I have met my goals.

I wanted to release the BorgNorn in a state of equal quality to the original graphics and code in C3 and DS. I have developed from an amateur hobbyist, to a professional in the VFX industry, largely thanks to the thirst the BorgNorn gave me for improving as an artist and a coder.

And here it is! A true labour of love.

The BorgNorn will appear in your egg layers as a standard breed, and you can treat them as such if that is what you wish. However, to unlock their true potential, inject the BorgNorn agents from the injector.

You will be given a control panel to turn features on and off. Most are self explanatory, but of note is the 'Evolving Genome'.

Every time a BorgNorn assimilates a creature, the genes of the assimilator are merged into an ever evolving genome that will develop with your Hive. Turning this off will fall back on the core genetics of the breed.
Freezair | 6/5/2023  log in to like post

Regarding the "infinite loop" error:

I've played around, and it seems to happen when a female BorgNorn attempts to regenerate, but the regeneration alcove is deactive. I activated the regen alcove and stopped having issues, but when it was present but closed, female Borg kept erroring on me.
bedalton | 3/2/2023  log in to like post

Is there are reason the sprites are Geat S, but the ATTs are Geat X?
Issy | 3/1/2023  log in to like post

These guys are pretty fun. [ngrin] I'm also bad at the whole body data thing so for now they've got floating tails but they still look great!

I noticed though that Creature Nametags do not seem to work properly with them, not sure if its just something on my end or what.

Overall though, super neat! :D I played a lot with the BNV2 Lite and its super cool to finally have a much more polished version. I like the concept of the portable recharging stations too. Though admittedly I'm hoping to see a metaroom at some point. x)
The graphics and animations are simply too good not to want this.

Wonderful work, thank you for the persistence and hard work over the last 20 years. You have no idea how often I checked over the years to see if there were any borg norn updates. [ndoh]

Mtorolite | 1/6/2023  log in to like post

Pretty fun so far. Managed to screw up their genetics so hard most of them ended up pacing back and forth or becoming sliders by throwing SERU hatchlings at them. Interesting to see a torture cob getting more accepted these days. And that is what this is, especially while borgs still slap their fully-assimilated brethren mercilessly.
I've also noticed that, if teleportation energy is mutated out of any individuals, it sometimes gets naturally selected for over teleportation. Because the silly things keep tp'ing underwater and dying.
Mad_Doodles | 12/4/2022  log in to like post  3

The Borg Norn I've always wanted to see! :O DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

This looks fantastic, I'm very excited to try them out.
Annex | 12/4/2022  log in to like post

I have started a general forum thread here.

@FlyingEttiNorn Noted on the body data. I forgot to rename before assembling. If you get the infinite loop error again, could you post a screenshot? It isn't one I have seen before.
FlyingEttiNorn | 12/4/2022  log in to like post


Edit: The borg regeneration script triggers an infinite loop error for me. Dunno why if it's not happening for other people... Also: Body data is for the velvet norns and not the actual borg norns! I just renamed them and it worked though
CosmiSynth | 12/3/2022  log in to like post

@Annex Actually, before I can forget to ask, do you think you'll ever release a nice little care guide on how these guys work in conjunction with their agents? How their assimilation process works? How the base genome is updated over time? You know, that kind of thing!

I'm actually experiencing something like hive collapse due to them assimilating things that didn't end up being super compatible in the long run, and I noticed several of the hive members are missing particular borg chemicals, so it'd be cool to know what each one does so I can selectively "prune" individuals to keep the condition of the hive better.
Annex | 12/3/2022  log in to like post  1

Every now and then with autokill off you might get an invalid map position error. I have a few checks in place to combat these, but designed it so when it gets thrown and autokilled, the error will just kill one of the teleporter sprites and then the script has another go.
CosmiSynth | 12/3/2022  log in to like post

@Annex My first Borg world has already turned into a fascinating experiment (also I have autokill off to make sure everything is working well - so far no bugs!). I actually released them into a docked C3/DS world that only spawns grendels and ettins from their respective mothers. It actually resulted in the borgs getting into trouble because of picking up the instincts to hit norns from their assimilated grendel hivemates! I also have an ettin I've immortalized because she SPECIFICALLY has killed several of these for one reason or another. She just hasn't been assimilated yet even though everything else has been.

TL;DR I'll keep you posted on bugs, and I want you to know this has already been incredibly fun and interesting to observe.

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