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Generic Vendor (Click to enlarge)
Generic Vendor   Sprites   I_am_THEdragon | 3/7/2021  1 comment  1  log in to like post  7

Though I recall there already being plenty of vending machine agents for C3/DS, I wanted to make my own for a metaroom I'm attempting to create. Made in Blender using a photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels as the main texture. The image was published under Pexels' free-to-use/edit license so I'd assume I'm not violating any copyrights by using it in this way.
Butterfly (Click to enlarge)
Butterfly   Sprites   cyborg | 10/6/2019  comment  log in to like post

A flying butterfly.
Simple Flower (Click to enlarge)
Simple Flower   Sprites   Neon_Sky | 12/19/2018  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

A simple flower I made to practice growth stages and transitions. It doesn't have a 'wilting' animation yet, but if someone (or me) decides to make an agent out of it, I'll probably whip some up.

This is the first thing I've made of this type, so let me know if there's anything I can improve or should change.
Elemental Oak Before and After (Click to enlarge)
Elemental Oak Before and After   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 3/27/2018  1 comment  1  log in to like post  4

I've really grown as an artist, haven't I?
Import agent (Click to enlarge)
Import agent   Sprites   Aliena | 11/8/2017  5 comments  5  log in to like post

A first try of creating an image for an agent.
Midnight Trout (Click to enlarge)
Midnight Trout   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 6/3/2017  2 comments  2  log in to like post  1

Alright, I felt like spriting something, so now we have this ungodly mess with what is probably an incoherent mess of a description.

This freshwater fish takes small bites from plants without killing them and is born from an egg sac typically containing around a dozen offspring. However, the egg sac is far too big for the fish and also keeps vital organs in place, so it almost always dies after releasing it. They tend to form small schools of two to five fish for safety, and flee from their natural predators, but fail to group creatures under the 'natural predator' category, making them an easy meal. If an adult fish is eaten or starves to death, it prematurely releases a shriveled, deformed egg sac that doesn't contain as many young.

As for their nutritional properties, the newborns are very tasty, and can create carnivorous tendencies in creatures who wouldn't otherwise be interested in meat or reduce cases of maladaptive learning in natural carnivores, but it would take many of them for something resembling a decent meal due to their small size. The juveniles are little more than a generic snack, being nutritious, but not having any special properties. The adults, on the other hand, are a filling meal, and take a few bites to polish off. The bones are soft enough to eat, but still provide a satisfying crunch. The egg sacs don't taste good, and creatures may be discouraged from eating eggs in general by the awful taste.

The 'sleepy predator' phenomenon in areas where Midnight Trout are present is caused by the prominent presence of sleep toxin in the flesh of the adult, although no major harm should come from eating it. The rotten fish is said to taste like lime-flavored Jello, but attempting to prove it is not advised unless one plans on dealing with severe belladonna poisoning. Egg sac waste isn't as toxic, and can be safely eaten by scavengers.

Very rarely, a dead adult fish that hasn't been partially eaten can reanimate, becoming a zombified beast. It secretes belladonna into the water, causing the living fish around it to sicken, die, and, in the case of adults, turn into more zombie fish. The resulting egg sacs won't hatch until the horde leaves, which they will unless it's a small pond they're in, in which case they'll linger until they go back to being normal, non-zombie dead fish.
Seed Launcher Teaser (Click to enlarge)
Seed Launcher Teaser   Sprites   Doringo | 2/26/2017  comment  log in to like post  4

A little sneak-peek at what I've been working on recently. I plan to re-use this model for future projects in its final version. This is not the final version of the sprite.

Model and Render made in Blender and Textures made in GIMP.
Concept - Red Licorice Quill (Click to enlarge)
Concept - Red Licorice Quill   Sprites   CosmiSynth | 2/10/2016  2 comments  2  log in to like post  7

Though I haven't had much luck making an actual functioning agent yet today, I still managed to crank out a sprite set for a nice little plant that I plan on bringing to life in the near future. I'm a big fan of small plants that are good for carpeting the ground and giving it texture, so I thought I'd start with something like that.
Huge Critter Thing (Click to enlarge)
Huge Critter Thing   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 8/21/2015  2 comments  2  log in to like post

This is a sprite sheet for a thing that moves by jumping with its pogo stick foot. Not much else to say about it. It doesn't look the best, because I made it to satisfy my urge to sprite. Also, that thing in the corner isn't a sprite, it's the abomination that my overactive imagination somehow managed to drag the actual critter out of.
Carrot Buttons (Click to enlarge)
Carrot Buttons   Sprites   SpaceShipRat | 7/30/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  5

Potential vote arrows for the Creatures subreddit,
Toxic Mushrooms? (Click to enlarge)
Toxic Mushrooms?   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 7/7/2015  2 comments  2  log in to like post  1

Judging by their color and the fact that they grow like weeds, I wouldn't trust these.
Sword (Click to enlarge)
Sword   Sprites   the1whoscreams | 7/7/2015  comment  log in to like post

A beautiful sword made from gemstones. Now, who would leave it in a place like this? Miraculously, the sword never becomes bloody, no matter how many creatures are felled with it, and it kills creatures by phasing through them. It's probably imbued with an enchantment of some sort, placed by a particularly squeamish previous wielder.
First Draft: Creatures Cards (Click to enlarge)
First Draft: Creatures Cards   Sprites   Slohse | 6/19/2015  5 comments  5  log in to like post  4

First time making sprites for anything, totally imperfect, however it should be good enough.
Blue Betta Fish (Click to enlarge)
Blue Betta Fish   Sprites   Jesseth | 5/7/2015  6 comments  6  log in to like post  3

I actually made this as a small part of a totally different project - a small pixellated fish tank to use on my DeviantArt account and personal pages, but I figured that this gif on it's own looks like a possible basis for if anyone wanted to make a Betta in C3/DS!

If anyone wanted to, they're totally welcome to and I'd even throw in some more sprites for it as appropriate (life stages, maybe a female Betta)? My only request would be that they be aggressive to and hit other critters and creatures that aren't also Betta, like real life Betta fish!<3

- The Mossy Shee. c:
Baby Goldfish Type 1 (Click to enlarge)
Baby Goldfish Type 1   Sprites   Jesseth | 4/7/2015  3 comments  3  log in to like post  5

One little gif from a set of goldfish sprites I'm working on with Laura! I won't spam you all with every single one of them, but I just thought this tiny baby swimming was really cute. ovo <3

The babies are going to have swimming left and right sprites, and a death sprite/animation. Nothing complex since they're so tiny! I suppose they could also have an eat sprite too? Depending on whether they were made that complex. There will be three randomly generated colours of goldfish. <3

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