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CCSF 2014 Day 15: Merry Sheemas!   KittyTikara | 12/12/2014discuss  log in to like post  6

Merry Sheemas!Merry Sheemas everyone, it's the last day of the CCSF! Before I dive into the contest winners, I want to thank everyone who send in a submission or entered the contests (releases and contests are the heart of a CCSF, after all)! A special thanks goes to Mea for sending in so many creature packs, and past coordinators for all of their advice for planning out the CCSF! Speaking of planning though, look out for a CCSF 2014 survey around or after Christmas. It's purpose is to collect everyone's honest opinion on how they felt about it, and to also help next year's coordinator learn from this past CCSF.

The contest winners were, C1anddsaddict, Kezune and Mea. Congratulations to the winners! Who won what contest is located above today's release links, and I'll also be talking about a few of the contests here. The contests with only one entry (the Best Agent Idea, Creatchi Fur Pattern, and the Grendel Beauty Pagent), were easily decided since they only had one entry. The Metaroom Decoration Contest winner, as voted on by the community, was C1anddsaddict and it certainly fit the Sheemas spirit! The last contest, the Creature Breed Evolution one, was won due to Mea's slightly more interesting backstory, and also for being easier to make in C3/DS. Though both were interesting enough that I think I'll try make Allekha's Ettins after I'm done with Mea's. Two contests are still open, Grendel Man's genetic breed contest and Ron's trivia contest. Ron's trivia answers are due tomorrow, so that everyone has a fair shot at answering today's question.

Here's the last of CCSF 2014's releases! First up is the last of Mea's Plum Feral packs! Second is another pack of time-traveling Norns from me. Then there's a pack of Grendels that were created by Grendel Man for today's big release! Next to last, there's a very unique toy patch plant called Jingle Balls from Laura and Ghosthande! It's a festive little patch plant that's sure to delight your creatures. Last, and perhaps most exciting, is a metaroom called Artemia Sea from Grendel Man and Mea! It's a gorgeous metaroom that has to been seen to be believed!

Ron has the last part to the Sheemas song:

"On the twelth day of Sheemas Master Shee sent to me
Twelve Merry Mermaids
Eleven Hopping Hoppities
Ten Grendels-a-Grinning
Nine Eaten Elevators
Eight Mucos-a-Mubbling
Seven Norns-a-Napping
Six Eggs-a-Hatching
Five Goooold Gaaadgets!
Four Singing Portals
Three Musicolas
Two Clapping Hands
and Some Ettins from Old Albia!"

Ron has been helping some Shee decorate their ships today. While on board, he heard all sorts of tales of mystery and woe from the Shees, but one stood out for him. There was a legend of a seamonster who would help Norn fishers by herding in the Zander fish for them. In return they shared a part of their catch with him. He was so wrapped up in their tale that he stubbed his toe! So his last question for CCSF 2014 is: Was there ever a sea monster in Creatures? (Answers for all of the questions should be submitted by tomorrow. If you get them all right, then you get to take Ron home! He's a lovely C1 Norn baby).

Contest Winners:
Best Agent Idea: Mea
Creatchi Fur Pattern: Kezune
Creatures Breed Evolution: Mea
Grendel Beauty Pageant: Kezune
Metaroom Decoration: C1anddsaddict

The last of Mea's Plum run!
Another pack of time-traveling Norns from 2011 from KittyTikara!
A pack of special Grendels from Grendel Man!
A very fun patch plant called Jingle Balls from Laura and Ghosthande!
Finally Artemia Sea, a gorgeous underwater metaroom from Grendel Man and Mea!

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