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successfully raised Naga Manonoa   Grendelchi   female   RisenAngel | born 5/6/2014  log in to like post  6

motherGuivre Manonoa
siblingSmaug Manonoa
offspringGlaurung Manonoa
Bumblebee Manonoa
Naga could count herself as a member of the Manonoa dynasty, descended from the dragon Dracona. Her brother was Smaug, who was far from the nicest of Creatchis and desired the world for himself, simply because it was there. With relatives like these, Naga had the potential to be just as nasty as they were.

Fortunately, Naga didn't see it fit to follow in their footsteps. As opposed to Smaug's view that the world was his for the taking, she was outright scared of it and never did truly leave her hatching area. She was actually fairly cowardly in general; while she wasn't the sort to freak out over every single sound, it also didn't take much to get her racing up the nearest tree.

Outside of this, she was fairly friendly, if not one with a strong head for adventure.

Surprisingly enough, there was someone out there who could get through to her despite her cowardice; an inventive yellow grendelchi with the long name of Heimerdinger. It didn't take long for them to fall in love and have two children, both of whom she lived to see hatched. She loved her family dearly, even if most of the time she didn't join them in their wanderings.

Despite herself, when it came time for her to pass on to the great beyond, she faced it with a surprising amount of courage and satisfied with her accomplishments in life. Alongside her ancestors, she will watch over her descendants from the Great Beyond.
VioletGrendel | 5/30/2014  log in to like post

Glaurung runs up to his mother, wearing his eggshell as a hat. "Hello!" He yells, flinging himself towards her.
Jodie | 5/27/2014  log in to like post

Bumblebee playfully hugged his mother's leg, his little tail wagging "Mama!" he squeaked.
Slohse | 5/27/2014  log in to like post

I think I'm barking up the wrong family tree...
Melody | 5/14/2014  log in to like post

I would be happy to pair Heimerdinger up with Naga.
RisenAngel | 5/13/2014  log in to like post

Naga, as per usual for her, isn't that far away as Azores makes his second visit. However, she is far enough away not to notice him, and even if she was close she still wouldn't be likely to notice him as she's up a tree, focused almost entirely on trying to knock down a pumperspikel fruit.

After quite some time, she succeeds in her venture and heads back to her nest with an armful of the delicious seeds. When she arrives, she notices the flower lying there. She dumps the seeds in her nest and picks it up curiously, wondering how it got here. She doesn't remember seeing any flowers like this around this area.

Her attention then turns to the message scrawled onto the nearby tree. After she reads it, she quickly puts two and two together and realizes that grendelchi she met some time ago had come back around again. She still thought he should have apologized when he first came here, but the fact that he had the decency to come back to apologize at all showed that he wasn't quite as mean as he initially looked.

That being said, she isn't going to try and find him. It just isn't worth giving herself a panic attack over. However, she shows that she accepts the apology by taking the flower and sticking it in her hair. With that done, she settles down in her nest to dine on her seeds.
KittyTikara | 5/13/2014  log in to like post

It's been a few days, and Azores has finally learned how to fish! Because of this, he's in a better mood. He decides to pay Naga a visit, to make up for his first one. He notices that she isn't in, so he just places the flower near her bed. He scratches a quick "Sorry" in the bark of her tree, and leaves. He doesn't plan on ever meeting her again, but he also wants to leave on good terms. Well, as good of terms has he can considering his... attitude.

Instead of heading towards his home, he jumps in the river and floats down the river towards the ocean. He is content for once.
RisenAngel | 5/11/2014  log in to like post

Naga watches the other grendelchi leave without so much as a word. As soon as he's gone, she shakes her head and snorts before dropping back down from the tree. He barges in here, disturbs her nap, and practically scares the life out of her. Then he has the nerve to leave without so much as a short apology. What rudeness!

The good news is that he's gone now, and Naga will be happy enough if the two never cross paths again. She sits back down in her nest and curls up again, resuming her nap where she left off.
KittyTikara | 5/11/2014  log in to like post

Azores realizes, a bit to late, that waking up a sleeping Grendelchi is probably rude, but he also doesn't care that much. Azores twitches his tail annoyedly and thinks for a moment. He decides that asking for help was probably a stupid idea on his part. He humphs at Naga and wanders off towards the river. Maybe the fish are slower today.
RisenAngel | 5/9/2014  log in to like post

Naga is still mostly asleep at this point and only barely registers the sound of someone talking to her. She still feels rather sleepy, and ultimately is more or less ready to simply brush it off as a dream or something and continue resting.

She shifts from a curled-up position to lying flat on her back, unintentionally turning to face the newcomer. Her eyes open partway...and that is when she notices finally him. In a split second, she's on her feet, staring at this other grendelchi with the most shocked expression.

In another second, she's racing up the nearest tree to the best of her ability. It's only as soon as she is as far up as she can get does she finally look back down at the newcomer. She didn't even hear what he just asked her, so shocked is she to see someone else come back this way. She does feel she might have overreacted a bit, but then again she would think he'd know better than to surprise a sleeping grendelchi like that.
KittyTikara | 5/9/2014  log in to like post

Azores is hungry, and that's the only thought that is in his tiny little brain. He is a pitiful hunter, and all of the berries around him just look and smell strange to him. Still he smells a fellow Grendelchi, and if he was thinking straight, he wouldn't have given it a second thought. Now though, he was thinking how nice they must taste... This thought disturbed him and brings him out of his haze somewhat. He wonders instead if he can just steal some of their food...

He tracks down the sent to a nest underneath a tree and almost doesn't see the Grendelchi underneath the tree. He notices Naga's red stripes though and growls as he tries to go into a hunting crouch. This growl quickly turns into a whimper when his stomach growls though. He just sits down and looks pitifully at Naga. "Do you know what's safe to eat around here? All of the berries look the same to me and I can't really hunt that well..."

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