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Creatures Needs YOU!!!   raimian | 4/20/2017discuss  log in to like post  10

Since summer of last year I have been discussing with Gameware the possibility of a update to C3/DS.

I have great news: Gameware have agreed to let a few lucky community members update C3/DS on a voluntary basis, with NDAs of course.

I will need Windows, Mac, and Linux programmers to update the engine and tools to current OSs. If you are a Creatures fan who knows C++, please contact me to discuss. I am on CC chat most days from 12pm GMT onwards.
Kazooo | 2/17/2019  log in to like post

Hopefully they add more breedslots!
Issy | 7/7/2017  log in to like post

If the warp/online content is restored as a result of these updates, I really think that some life will come back to the CC. One of the main things I really liked about C3/DS was the ability to freely chat with others about the creatures sent and received, what agents/breeds are good, or just whatever.

The warp and other online abilities brought an interesting sense of connectivity/community to otherwise fairly lonesome gameplay. I know its in space and is supposed to bring a sense of vast emptiness, but it was always great to "show off" things and have discussions with others so easily, while you were playing the game.

Unfortunately I do not know a lot of C++, but I hope someone is up to the task of updating the game a bit!
Yeah_Right_Sure | 7/3/2017  log in to like post

Just came back to Creatures after like... a decade of hiatus! THIS IS EXCELLENT NEWS!

I'm extremely excited about this.
raimian | 5/28/2017  log in to like post

yes, when done the updated version will be released for everyone as exodus through gog (paid for) and stand alone Dockingstation (for free).
Zaf | 5/28/2017  log in to like post

Bit confused here. What does this actually mean? That a few programmer gets permission to update the engine, adding in new features etc that will then later on get released to everyone or what?
3kul | 5/15/2017  log in to like post  1

Definitely an interesting announcement. That said, while I've got a lot of love for the Creatures series I'm not too keen on a for-profit organisation signing up volunteers to complete work for no pay, let alone with a NDA hanging over their heads. Surely Gameware could offer some kind of compensation for those willing to put in the time and effort?
Norn_master | 5/10/2017  log in to like post

Excellent! Looking forward to it!
Lurhstaap | 5/6/2017  log in to like post

Oh my God. This is the best news I could have imagined hearing in coming back to the community after my absence. I sincerely wish I had the skills to contribute. As I do not, I must limit myself to wishing everyone who does the very best of luck!
Missmysterics | 5/5/2017  log in to like post

What does this actually mean/change? Since a NDA is involved I'm assuming some sort of license is involved?

I believe somebody's already trying to create a DS server, I forget their name:B
Layla | 5/1/2017  log in to like post

How about something like Hamachi for people who want to trade privately?

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