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*She stops in front of a small cave emebeded into the valley wall* A blue-green head pops out and looks at Saphire*

ps. I haven't played Monster Raannnrrrnnchhdoggy



(( May I join in? ))

When you cry I cry, when you laugh I laugh, when you jump off a cliff... I'm gonna miss you!




((You dont have to ask....Im not playing anymore....Im gonna be a NPC so if anyone wants to be me thay can...))

( Mods you can shorten this is you think it's too long )



((kk thanks))

*goes to city*

Name: whisper

Race: Drow Assasin

When you cry I cry, when you laugh I laugh, when you jump off a cliff... I'm gonna miss you!



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Safire: *looks at little dragon with joy* "Jade? You're alive? Oh, thank goodness!"

Name: Jade

Age: Young child

Race: Lightning/healing dragon

Jade: "I'm alright, Mama. I got away from the dark guys. This nice dragon found me."

Suddenly, they hear a large commotion outside. A yellow dragon pokes his head in and yells "dark dragons! dark dragons! escape while you can!" He flies away. Safire and Jade look out of the cave to see the dragon flying away, then he is hit by a blast of fire and falls to the ground dead.

Safire: *Gesters toward cave exit* "come on, we've got to get out of here! I wonder if Medek..." *sees a charred human body "... I guess he didn't. We've got to go!"
*flies away with Jade*Grabs whisper* "Hurry up, you Drow Assasin!"

Do not upset the ugly worm, lest it be a dragon in disguise. (>oo)>




"Grrrrrrrrr.....the DID THIS?????"*She sends a deafening roars into the sky and draws her huge scimitar, then dives down from the ledge in front of the cave to look for the murderer*

ps. I haven't played Monster Raannnrrrnnchhdoggy


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Safire: *sees Viara flying down* "Viara, NO! You don't know what your getting into! Dark dragons are leathal!" *looks at Jade* "Jade, please follow everything I say."

Jade: *looks at Safire* "Yes, Mama?"

Safire: "I need you to go to that cave over there." *points to cave from which they arrived to the planet thru* "There will be a teleportation ring there. Use it to get back to earth. Then go to the forest of Heal and wait for... at least me, there. If I don't come there before sunset, I want you to find Galdmar, and tell him what happened. Also, take care..."
*thrusts whisper on the ground* "... of this. He might be able to help us. Ask him question. Do not eat him without my say so."
Jade: "Okay, Mama." *He flys to the cave*

Safire: *leaps after Viara*

A large dark dragon suddenly comes in her way.

Dark Dragon: "Well, well well. Look what we have here." *licks his chops* "A nice little lighting dragon for supper. How nice of the planet to send me such a delecasy"

Safire: "Good day, Racious."

Racious: "Haven't changed a bit, have you Safire? Well, your coolness won't save you this time." *Blows a stream of fire*

Safire: *Swoops eisally away from the danger* "You are always forgeting, Racious, that coolness is not my only defence." *blows a stream of lightning bolts that hit their destined target*

Racious: "ARRGH!"

Safire: *Quickly dives further down to where Viara was headed*

Do not upset the ugly worm, lest it be a dragon in disguise. (>oo)>




Viara:"STOP!"*stops, glares at Saphire and spits into the valley* "Dark dragons are leathal, eh? WELL I AM ONE! Racious, were you the one who barbecured that human???"

Name: Racious
Race: Tiger-striped Diamar Dragon
Age/gender: Teenage Male

Racious: *hangs head* I'll go back to my cave.....

Viara: "OH NO YOU DON'T! You get back here and bury this body!"

Racious:"Yes, mum."

Viara:*turns around* "The rest of you, go polish my throne! Eccalis and Draylon, go help Racious bury that poor human."

Group of dragons:"Yes, your hieness."

ps. I haven't played Monster Raannnrrrnnchhdoggy


 visit KC11's website: DragonClawWritings (Tumblr)

Safire: *looks at Viara with a stunned expresion on her face*stunned expression turnes to angry* "You... You.. I should have known. The way you blew that black fire... your black coloring... I have to get out of here!" *Turns tail*Turns head back* "I hate your kind. I will get my revenge for my husband!" *flies away.

(Meanwhile, Jade has managed to get back to earth, and is waiting at the forest of Heal as his mother said)

Jade: "I do hope she hurries" *looks at sky*

Do not upset the ugly worm, lest it be a dragon in disguise. (>oo)>




*blinks*sigh* "She doesn't know what I've been through. She doesn't know what happened to me....." *falls to her knees and begins to cry*

Name: Botrukle
Race: Lion
Age/Gender: Male adult

Botrukle: "Mrow?"
Viara: *sigh* "Yes, Botruckle, I will get that witch someday, get back at her for what she did to me....what she did to Zack....I WILL AVENGE OUR DEATHS!!!!"

((Leaves RPG))

ps. I haven't played Monster Raannnrrrnnchhdoggy


 visit KC11's website: DragonClawWritings (Tumblr)

Safire: *crying as she flies* "I can't belive, i can't belive..." *finds teleportation ring*activates it* "just trust in the Sun Dragon. Trust in the Sun Dragon..." *Lands on earth*


Jade: "Mama!"

Safire: "We have to find Gladmar, and now!"

Jade: "What about the other dragon?"

Safire: "We don't want to talk about her. Take the Drow with you."

They fly off to the west.

They arrive at what looks like a minature castle. They land and walk up to it.

Safire: *knocks on door* "Hello, Gladmar?"

Name: Gladmar
Type: Wizard
Age, Gender: Very old male.

Gladmar: *opens door* "Safire! Jade! This is certainly a suprise."

Safire: "Gladmar, I need your help."

Gladmar "Well, come on in, come on in."

The door expands to accomidate Safire, and so does the whole castle.

Safire: *Sits in magicly expanded armchair* "Gladmar, you know how your great great grandfather, Falnorn, got rid of the dark dragons and dark wizards?"

Gladmar: "Why yes, I know."

Safire: "Well, last month, my son was kidnapped by a group of dark wizards. I myself was held captive by different dark wizards recently. Also, I have recently been to a planet, and it was attacked by a group of dark dragons. The queen of them was in fact with them."

Gladmar: "Oh, dear." *Stands and thinks* "I don't know if I can help you."

Safire: "What do you mean?"

Jade: *Suddenly perks up* "Have you ever seen this human?" *Shows the picture that Medek had*

Safire: "Jade, where did you get that?"

Jade: "I took it from the human when I left to go back to Earth."

Gladmar: *looks at picture*looks up* "I know who can help you with this."

Safire/Jade: "Who?"

Gladmar: "Squrilm."

After a little while, Safire and Jade set off south to find Squirlm. Safire has taken over carrying whisper.

A little while later, they landed at the foot of a hill. They can here music playing.

Name: Squirlm
Type: Quirrl
Age, Gender: Adult Male

Squirlm: (Singing) "Oooh, I eat grain wheat by the light of day

I hate mince pie, oh me oo may

I play on me banjo in the evenin light

And sometimes I give the humans a fright

Oooh, farm life, farm life
Banjo and farm life
Farm life farm life
Just give me music and farm life"

*continues singing like this as Safire and Jade come over the hill.*

Safire: *clears throat*

Squirlm: "Oh, hello, draconinans!"

Safire: "Hello. You must be Squirlm. We were sent by Gladmar."

Do not upset the ugly worm, lest it be a dragon in disguise. (>oo)>

Tea Queen



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Since we have (New!) Literal RP now, I don't think there's any need for this one.
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