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Other Virtual Pet Games   

United Kingdom  

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I know we all enjoy Creatures here, but what about other virtual pets? Did you play with Tamagotchis and other LCD 'cyber pets' during the late '90s craze? How about other PC-based pet games? Maybe you enjoy some of the newer stuff released for modern systems as well.

My introduction to the 'virtual pet' idea was the Tamagotchi, which I first read about in a Nintendo magazine. I recall that, during the heyday of such things, I had about two or three going at once. Last year, I got a cheaply-made cyber pet for my birthday as a nostalgia gag-gift. And I do mean it when I say it was cheaply-made; it couldn't keep time properly, so the little critter ended up living in its own timezone! I also have the Tamagotchi game on Game Boy, which adds its own little extras.

During most of the 2000s, I often played Neopets. At the time, I had three of them going, but I've since reduced this to just one pet as I drifted away from the site. I do sometimes still visit every once in a while either for a dose of nostalgia or to play a game or two.

Finally, I have the Nintendo DS game Nintendogs. It's a chill game, and the puppies are very cute. I quite enjoy it, even if it's not as 'urgent' as typical pet games. However, I was never tempted to buy the Nintendogs + Cats sequel.

So, does anyone else have any memories of non-Creatures pet games they'd like to share?

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Peppery One


  2/24/2020  2

As children, my brother and I got tamagotchi knock-offs. They were quite depressing. One was stuck as an egg forever; the other one couldn't be fed no matter what, so you were forced to watch it starve every time you tried :|

Other than that, does Black & White 1 count? I mean, it's mostly a god game, converting villages n stuff, but I always loved the divine animal aspect.

Lets play plants! Photosynthesis... Photosynthesis... Photosynthesis...


  2/24/2020  1

Hm I love virtual pet games and tamagotchis and stuff like that. I used to care for fifteen tamagotchis at the same time back in the days.
I still have the Game Boy version of tamagotchi and I still play with it from time to time. I also have both Dogz and Catz for the GBA.

When Nintendogs got released, I got it on day one. I put so many hours into that game it's not even funny. I still have my old save file with my very first dog, a little chihuahua named cookie. It was thanks to this game that I fell in love with chihuahuas. Without Nintendogs, I wouldn't have met my little one, Pepper, almost 14 years ago and now my new chi, Feivel.

When I got a computer, I started playing Neopets a lot. I still have my account, but I rarely check on my neopets anymore.

Then there was Subeta, which is basically the same as Neopets. I liked the creatures in this game a bit more than the neopets but didn't spend as much time on it.

I also played Howrse a lot between 2006 and 2008. I got some really good horses at the time and had tons of money. But then they started to introduce all these weird special horses and gods and what not and after a while I got really bored and fed up with all these "special" horses everywhere so I stopped playing and eventually deleted my account.

Oh and Babydow. I loved that game. It was from the same people who made Howrse, but instead of breeding horses you had to raise babies. It was really cute and I was quite sad when it closed.

Then there were Equilino, Dogzer, and Horzer, wich were practically the same as Howrse and Babydow. I didn't play any of these games for very long because they looked quite ugly to be honest. And in the case of Dogzer, there were almost no players anymore, so it got quite boring very quickly.

I also still have Dogz5 for PC wich I still play from time to time.

And in Black & White 1 and 2, I spent more time on raising and teaching my creature than on anything else. So even though they aren't really virtual pet games, I at least played them like one. [nlaugh]

Hm, and if I'm honest, I always considered Digimon World 1 for the Playstation 1 and its sequel, Digimon World: Next Order for PS4 as virtual pet games. I mean, they are just like tamagotchis. All you do besides fighting other digimon is training, feeding, praising and scolding your own digimon and letting them sleep. All this while making sure they don't poop on the floor too often. And if you take into account, that Digimon started off as a spin-off for Tamagotchi... yeah.


United Kingdom  

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Wow, Furball. That's quite the list. It's clear that you really enjoy virtual pet games.

I completely forgot about Black & White, mainly because I consider it more god game with pet-rearing on the side, but yeah, that's a pretty cool one, as well. Been a long time since I played it, but I still have the disc somewhere.

CeeGee Toons | Club Nintendo Archives


  2/24/2020  1

I used to play a web based game called "Adopt Me" religiously as a kid, and I had to deep dive to find that game again. It still works surprisingly, but I lost my password, haha! I still play Neopets once in a while, and I did enjoy Black and White, although I never got past a certain goal. I think I concluded I glitched the game and gave up, lol.

United States  

  2/24/2020  3

virtual pets are a fullblown special interest of mine so if a vpet exists then i've probably heard of it, LOL

way before Creatures i had a habit of joining a tom of virtual pet games at once, playing them all for about a week, and then never logging into any of them again. poor vpets

etn eat dispenser

United Kingdom  

 visit FieryBirdyThing's website: CeeGee Toons

FlyingEttiNorn wrote:
virtual pets are a fullblown special interest of mine so if a vpet exists then i've probably heard of it, LOL

That's pretty neat. I imagine there are plenty of pet games out there, especially given the various styles of games released over the years (Tamagotchi-esque LCD games, touchscreen Nintendogs-style games, online pet games such as Neopets, etc.).

CeeGee Toons | Club Nintendo Archives

United States  

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  2/25/2020  1

I played a lot of virtual pet sims, since I liked Creatures so much. None of them quite compared, but were neat in their own aspects.

I did have stuff like Nintendogs and Neopets, but I also joined and stayed somewhat active on several other things. I think Wajas and Mweor were the first two. I dropped Wajas a long time ago, but I stuck with Mweor for a while. I do believe it is still receiving regular updates, if that interests anyone.

Through Mweor I received an invite to Gryffs, which is the site I remain mostly active on. It used to be invite-only, but it has since gone fully open to anyone. A good amount of people remain active and the community is very close-knit. If you make an account, let them know #675 referred ya. [nsmile]

A lot of the people on Gryffs also play Leayph (also owned and maintained by the Gryffs owners) and Khimeros, though I have not seen Khimeros mentioned very often the past couple years. I played a little of both here and there but I preferred Gryffs.

Many people on Gryffs also play Flight Rising, but I never got into that one.

I can only think of a couple others, Furry Paws (similar to Mweor but with dogs, owned by Mweor creator), Leviathan-Myth (dragon based petsite-- looks like it is being re-done as it has disappeared from the internet), Tygras (now defunct), and FelisFire (alien cats). I was also in the alpha testing period for a site called Arillio, but I think it has since been abandoned. Maybe they will revive it someday.

Why am I thinking of the name FooPets? Ah, that's another one. It was neat but they were a bit too focused on the whole "premium account" thing, so my interest in them faded fast.

If you like collectible-based petsites, there is always ChickenSmoothie or Aywas. I played CS for a while, but I never really got into Aywas. A lot of people did seem to like it though.

That is really all I can think of, there are probably more out there but these are definitely the ones that stick out to me most! I played a little of everything pet-site related over the years. My most played were Gryffs and Mweor (& Wajas to an extent). The breeding system on Mweor was pretty neat and fairly straight-forward (Punnett squares). The art was cute and the community was not too bad. Gryffs has a different breeding system, but it was similar and still pretty straight-forward. I really like their accessorizing system and options for the gryphons, maybe more than the breeding system. You can get very creative, and they add new stuff all the time!

Examples of my gryffs:
Purple Majesty
(links directly to their site image)

I think they are the easiest to get in to for newer people too. So yeah, I've just about tried it all, pet-site related. I guess if you have any questions about most of these, I can help ya out. [ngrin]

~Issy [ngeek]

United Kingdom  

 visit FieryBirdyThing's website: CeeGee Toons

I'll be honest, I've never heard of most of these sites until now. Gryffs in particular sounds like a site I would've visited a lot back in the day if I'd known about it. XD

This is turning into a fascinating thread.

CeeGee Toons | Club Nintendo Archives

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