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  8/17/2013  2

The Message In A Bottle opinion column is run by our very own DarbyDoo! She will be giving her thoughts and opinions on the game so check it out frequently.

Karias will be taking over for DarbyDoo from this point forward.

- Rascii
Wee Scrivener


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  8/19/2013  6

Hello there! This is the first of what I imagine will be many galactic Messages in a Bottle!

I'm Sammy, or Sunny, whichever you please. I'm not a participant of Survivor, but I'm in charge of writing the opinion column. I imagine I'm just a simple girl, some say I was a genetic experiment gone quirky, but I like to think of myself as perfectly normal. Up till now, I've led a lovely life on Albia. Imagine my surprise I was picked to go into space and write this Survivor column! Sounds simple, right?

Wrong. Space is kind of scary! I'm dropped off in this enormous space ship and told to "watch for contestants." So my job is to follow these other creatures around, taking note as they run around their misadventures in space. Oh, and the contestants have weapons. Weapons! I certainly wasn't alerted to this! I'll be keeping out of sight, thank you very much.

Anywho, the participants all seem to be in there own little rooms. I catch the sound of some distant message over a speaker, but I can't quite make it out. It's not long before a lovely Bruin, Malkin I believe, leaves her room. Not wanting to be spotted, I head for the ventilation system. I should be safe to scribble away here. She has the fortune of befriending HavenHoney Josey, the Hardman. Josey seems a lot younger than I expected, and a little timid for a Hardman, but I see she's playing it safe, bringing plants along with her. Not long after they meet, they're both in pods going down to the planet. I sure hope they're safe down there!

NimhsLab, the Banshee Grendel (eep!), is a little out of sorts here. She seems rather fancy, and has a very lovely hat. She has also made it down to the planet below. She did a fair bit of exploring on the ship, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before she ventured elsewhere. I imagine I myself will have to visit that planet, but I'm staying here where I know it's safe while I can.

Nudgie Blitz seems to be in good spirits for someone who's just been jettisoned in space! Looks like he'll be off exploring soon. He'll certainly be at an advantage with that re-growing carrot of his. I wonder if I could sneak a bite of that for myself!

c1anddsaddict isn't looking too happy to be here. She seems lost, poor dear, but I really can't blame her. This place is a right maze, I tell you. Glad I'm in the vents. They're a little sticky in spots, but they're probably much safer than out there! She seems rather exploratory, seeing as she's visited that odd planet not once, but twice already! I hope she finds whatever it is she's looking for.

Feddlefew Iraila has stayed close to their room. Probably a good thing, since the poor luv looks a little woozy after tasting that orange sticky stuff! Hopefully they'll recover soon and be back on their feet. Golly! Everyone's ever muttering about how it's leaking from the vents, but I haven't encountered much of it at all. Maybe there's more on the outside of them...

ettinmaniac Ziggy the Ettin hasn't done much exploring, either. He seems determined, although a little disoriented. I'm sure he'll find his way about the place in no time.

Poor Kappsune, she looks a little frightened! She especially doesn't seem pleased at being in space. I would have thought the name "Survivor: Space" would have given that away. No matter, pretty much everyone is a little disoriented from that weird "warp portal." She's been making the most of it though, that is until she was accidentally sent down to the planet! I guess I'll have to go there sooner than I expected!

rubberducky Jeremiah J. Irons is quite the talker, I must say. He sure does like this "hand" person... Quite the juicer, too. Seems to have tasted the orange sticky himself, so he might get woozy like Iraila did. Maybe he mistook it for juice. Either way, he doesn't seem pleased with it.

Coolpikaaa, the other Ettin, seems very suspicious of "hand". I don't think he trusts it much. He seems like the tech-savvy sort, but it looks like he's having some issues with the technology here, and the doors. Maybe "hand" doesn't like him, either.

LoverIan, the big fluffy Yettin, has been sleeping all this time! Once he woke up, however, he immediately proceeded to go exploring. Oh dear, oh dear! He's met up with some growl-y beast! Ohh, I sure hope there aren't any beasts in the air vents!

Seems we're missing someone though. I was informed that there was to be a dragon-like Grendel roaming about, but I've yet to catch sight of Grendel_Man aboard the ship!

Anywho, this has been your friendly neighbourhood columnist, Sammy.
Till next time luvs!

"Holy crap in a casket!"

Wee Scrivener


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  8/25/2013  1

Hello again luvs, Sammy here! So now I've evacuated the air vents. The orange goop has increased, and I've heard much talk of beasts. Not only that, but that juicer Norn, Mr. Irons, has entered the vents. I can hear you man, and I can hear you banging around in here, and golly you are loud! Guess it's time for me to find somewhere else to hide.

Before I took my leave of the ventilation system, I had a peak on some of the other contestants. Ziggy the Ettin hasn't moved much, but that might be all part of his plan. Stay holed up in your room, and you can't get hurt, eh?

Coolpikaaa's in the medical bay, doing who knows what with all that stuff. He sure won't have to worry about getting sick there! It looks to me like he's stocking up on lemons. From what I gather, he's gonna need them if he goes down to that planet!

I hear something being transmitted over the intercom about that mysterious dragon-Grendel has been voted off the station. Goodness! Hope he's safe wherever he's going! Goodness knows who's going to be voted off next. I sure hope they're being sent back to their homes.

Looks like most of the creatures are down on that planet. Now that the vents are being occupied by a rather noisy contestant and possibly a monster, I guess that's where I'm going next!

Okay. I'm in the pod. There are a lot of really loud beeping noises, more babble from the "hand", and no helmets! I strap myself in as best I can. Guess I've got to push the big green button-

<The writing cuts off with a long pencil streak>

Great Grumbling Grendels! That was not a pleasant ride. I get on the planet, and it's HOT. Like, really uncomfortably so. Lucky for me there's a lot of plant life, good cover and plenty of trees. Hopefully there's food down here. I didn't bring any food with me, and I don't fancy eating my pencil.

Iraila seems to be exploring alright. Playing it rather safe I see. Ian the Yettin is making out well despite the heat. How does he do it?! I'd be dying if I had fur like that in this weather. Yeesh...

Nimhslab seems a little perturbed. I don't think she fancies this planet too much. She's wearing a mask on her face. I do hope she's not sick! Hopefully things will brighten for her. On a happier note, Blitz appears to be in a wonderful mood. He's doing quite well, I'd say. Keeping a bright outlook on things can make all the difference in situations like these!

Oh. Oh dear. Kappsune and c1anddsaddict have gotten off on the wrong foot! Kappsune bit the poor Siamese Norn's ear, and c1anddsaddict gave her quite the whack with her stick! Sweet mother of marzipan, who knew Survivor could be so violent?!

c1anddsaddict heads back up to the station, I think, and Kappsune has found Josey and Malkin. Now a group of three, they seem to be sticking together like glue. Along with a few critters from the planet, of course. I'm just getting a better look at these animals when the party decides to head back up to the station! I guess I'll have to get a closer look later...

Ah well. At least Josey left behind a few edibles from that pocket plant of hers. They're a wee bit stale, but jolly well better than my pencil!

<the next few pages are slightly damp and rain-spotted>

Ahh! Glorious thunder storms now fill the sky! It's still quite warm, but the cool rain is greatly welcome in my books. The noise is tremendous! I think I'll stay down here until the rain stops. I've found myself a nice little stick carry about. All the contestants have weapons, surely a little stick is allowed for me?

This has been your friendly neighbourhood columnist, Sammy!
Till next time luvs! Enjoy the storms!

"Holy crap in a casket!"

Sixty Third


  9/8/2013  1

Hello! So, from this point forward, as the announcements tell us, I am now your Columnist!

You can call me Sarrie, but to be honest I think I would say I'm just simply "A little shaken from the violent trip over!" Only just a few days ago, I was enjoying a simple life on Albia like any creature might, (with of course the nightly listening of the updates on that new Survivor match. It's a brutal one this time!) When, suddenly, an announcement from the violent and crazy activities up on the Survivor ship told us all of a chance to take over for the glorious duty of informing the public how the game is going. Well first, before even running out to read the last message that had come through from the previous columnist, I wondered and worried what happened to her? And moments later, with my sad knowledge that it would be a quick decision and much more entertaining than push elevator, I jumped to my feet and shouted "Me!"

Since that fateful day, I have been shot out through an odd blue light to the ship that the last remaining contestants now inhabit. My body was thrown to a soft sea of hot sand, and my mind was pulling back behind me with regret, as if trying to fly away from my body. This place is hot, humid, and horrible! For the first few seconds, I really do miss riding the elevator through the cool breeze of coastal Albia. But soon after, I felt I had a duty. I forced myself to stand, painfully brushed myself off, and seeked shelter where I noticed heavy foot traffic had already led to. I wasn't sure if this is where the columnists get sent, and I wasn't sure if there was any guarantee I could even live through this. During those first moments, I wondered to myself how the previous columnist could be so cheery after being in room like this. Where's my calm cool summer evenings? Life without weapons? Yes, though in the first moment I had seen no such thing, I knew they were here on the ship. Why again had I volunteered to be right in the thick of it? So, from there on I decided under this big tall tree I will hide, and report with this pencil and paper.

Through these past few days of being here, I've been hiding away from all the drama and am wondering if I've yet been spotted. That aside! I have found some interesting observations -

1) There is a lot of blood here and there when I do make my sneaky nightly wanderings around the place, and am too afraid to know what caused it but I do hear rumors in the distance of beasts and grendels. I hope to never encounter a grendel myself. I hear stories of them but thankfully have lived out a life on the wrong island to see grendels.

2) There's a very interesting looking ettin, Ian, with a body just full of luscious hair, who seems to be quite the gadget expert! Well, I couldn't fully say expert, but always busy and always improving. I wouldn't mind having some tea from him, as I always hear that's where one can get some good tea from, but, I am afraid much of the blood I have seen is from him! I recently saw c1anddsaddict go to see the furry ettin, so, I feel that I should not step in to intervene there, worse even, ask him for some tea! It is hard to just know someone got beat up and not try and save them, though.

3) What in the world were those little mini-creatures I see wandering from time to time? They are no norn, grendel, or ettin! And it seems a few contestants have no problem with them, in fact, they almost treat them like parents.

Those thoughts aside, I have begun to learn more about the contestants beyond what I and my companion Albian friends knew from listening to the updates transmitted from up on the ship. One contestant, a simple Ettin by the name "Coolpikaaa," was once a high hope for me when I heard of the previous messages from the bottle. Armed, ready to win, - But now injured and somehow got his own sword in him? Yikes! This place isn't even safe for those ready to fight off whatever comes their way! Two other contestants since my time on Albia have also been through some rough times, but with great worry - One is not involving grendels and beasts! Instead, and few sightings have confirmed it, there is a mechanical hand not to be messed with. We all know of the hand back on Albia, but this is no hand you want to push, pull, or eat!

On the good news, through my hard work each night trying to figure out what is going on without being spotted, I have found that our dear cute little purple Kappsune is going to build up a resistance and fight off the H.A.N.D. ? Oh yes, and by the way, my observations also tell me this menacing thing has a name, strange that it may be!

I am still on the look out for who is responsible for these odd little miniature critters I have seen running around, but I am to assume that the larger of them is a pet of Josey's. I had heard something from Albia reports that she had a strange creature with her wherever she went. Possibly two. I must admit, my time was well spent with elevator and flower. But, there are many of these, and they are quite small!

So, this is so far my time spent here. Short thus far and quite sudden, but already with great suspense and mystery. I shal hopefully step out from under this tree more often when the artificial light is up, and report back more on how things are going for the contestants! There are a couple I have yet to see in my few days here, and thankfully I did not witness the departure of the last two that were voted off. I dread the day I become too attached to a contestant, seeing their goals in person, then watching them get lifted away and hopefully back to Albia. With what crazy plans the H.A.N.D. is up to, and the rebelllion that may be formed against it, I suspect terrible events to take place for many of the contestents. Hopefully never me! I am but a messenger, but I wonder daily why one should be right in the middle of such a chaotic event. Perhaps I will learn to toughen up?

Sincerely, Sarrie. (Your brand new columnist! A bit new and a bit shy, but working on it!)

-Karias; a bit fruity and gone bananas in the wrong climate! :D
Sixty Third



And suddenly there were four. . .

Hello, Sarrie here, giving you another update from under the tree. Or, my tree, that is. At least until someone like that forest norn finds it and perhaps claims it theirs?

So, since my last little message I curled up into a cigar shape, stuffed into a bottle, then sent it up through a neat little vacuum tube to be sent out to space and shipped back to Albia. . . Surprisingly not much drama has happened. Thankfully!

Well to start with updates - Not too long ago I heard announcement of a contest that may help us figure out how the insides of this ship work. To me that is helpful anyway, because I pretty much hide under this tree much of the time and don't dare get into the drama of wandering the ship and meeting its most inhospitable critters, H.A.N.D., or rooms. So hopefully this would help me let you understand how the ship works, too! However, both I and some of the contestants have noticed some odd flaws . . . Not all the maps are the same, and apparently according to my snooping upon others journals, ( But hey! I'm not the only one - I saw and read that c1anddsaddict was doing the same. Snoopy little Siamese. ) others are starting to question the actual anatomy of this ship. Are we all truly on the same ship? Is it various levels of various of similar terrariums? Or perhaps we've all just delirious from space spores or something. . .

Well that aside, and it is too much for my head to wrap around, times have been pretty quiet. What happened to the drama, the violence? Not that I was enjoying it though! But I was really starting to wonder if H.A.N.D. would do something more, or that some of the contestants really would carry out their rebellion on it. Instead, perhaps H.A.N.D. got its revenge first, and, to all of our great shock, booted a whole three contestants off this time!

So, it is now down to our final four! Sadly my personal favorite contestant left up in a glowing golden beam right before another's eyes no less, and has left the rest in a more peaceful state of simply figuring out this ship. No attack grendels, no creepy H.A.N.D. (much!) and no beasts or badbugs (or were there ever?)

Josey has been quite the busy-body, building shelters and helping others such as her close friend Kappsune with their shelter. Kappsune on the other hand, finally got some drama going on with weapons! Yes, that creepy 'ol brick in a pillowcase was used! Sadly just dropped on some poor bird though. . . I think Kappsune is realizing just like the rest of us, times are fairly quiet now with the contestants dwindling so fast. And so, even with creepy weapons. . They end up like last time - Used on mistake.

Nudgie I believe is as lost as me. Figuring the ship out, noting things down, I've noticed that little norn wander by my tree a few times. . .

c1andsaddict seems to be our resident genius Norn! Not only trying to figure out the mystery of the ship, but also thinking about an attempt to join the last contestants to do a little more group-effort in staying alive, on the ship, and alert. Because though it is quiet, I hear the quiet is before the storm. . .

Before I finish my last notes on this scribbly looking little message, I will end with saying I heard someone tried going into and exploring the pods that transport contestants on and off the ship (what did they find?! I must read more on that the next time I get to snoop into journals at night, or early morning. . Early morning is most quiet around here. It is also when I sneak cheese from the most homely terrarium. Good cheese that place has!) and I will also take a quiet moment to remember those three that left. Coolpikaaa, LoverIan, and FeddleFew. I never got to see FeddleFew during my short time here.

Sincerely, Sarrie. (It is going to get lonely here fast!)

-Karias; a bit fruity and gone bananas in the wrong climate! :D
Sixty Third


  9/23/2013  1

Our time on this ship is running out!

Hey Sarrie here again, giving you a nearly last update! And once again, thankfully or maybe not, hardly much has happened. This time I decided to switch to hiding under a different tree though. So hello from tree from across the way!

So, we're just down to four, err, three contestants now, but I'm going to keep you up on the fourth poor fella who ended up getting voted off recently, also!

Since last week, things have still been very slow and calm. I have not heard too much from Josey through my eavesdropping on the ship, and to be honest, had to run off and snoop into her journal. Well, I was out of luck and found that she's been up to the same as the rest of us other than finally letting go of all those little critters to be on their own. Maybe I should snatch one up to adopt in secret when this is all over? Her good friend Kappsune on the other hand, first, I must add, seems to think the only ones left on this ship to battle it out for grand Survivor champion are her and her best friend. Where's c1andsaddict in this? Maybe I misread. I was munching on some cheese while reading and accidentally smudged crumbs on the papers. I hope no one saw that!

So, anyway, back on c1anddsaddict - Well, that little Siamese norn surely is still getting oneself into a deeper confusion and mess of trying to figure things out with the ship. Which, I don't blame ya little norn! c1anddsaddict has decided to go to the maintanence room to see if there's answers there. In the mean time, it's a long elevator ride down that requires much deep thought about fears with robots. Don't worry, we all fear gadgets and the sort. Except ettins, which, are gone off the ship now. Oh, and I also hear c1anddsaddict is looking for an aquarium of which there is apparently none on that (ship? level? universe?) Well, c1anddsaddict, I believe I saw one just down the corridors from where I am hiding!

Kappsune that cute little forest norn, seems to be up to the most activity lately. Got herself scared with a frog, is also curiously looking into the idea that not everyone is on the same ship or floor, and also admittedly spends time observing the plain fact that most of us are pretty much in the clear now from danger, or sadly to say, most action. But that does leave plenty time to explore and think more! On the subject of thinking Kappsune was naturally involved in the releasing of those weird little critters and mentioned that they didn't seem to care about leaving their caretakers. Again, good news for my theoretical adoption plan! When the game is over, of course. Granted creature-control won't seize them up before the next Survivor round.

In a nutshell, the main thing on everyone's mind here is based around what is reality here, what they have gone through so far and survived, and what they will face once the final two square off. And, who will those final two be?

Before I forget to mention, our latest voted off contestant (thankfully only one this time!) Nudgie / or Blitz -

Last we heard I now apologize for not calling by the name Blitz, - Was pretty much exploring the ship and figuring it out. Seems everyone is doing that now, but, Blitz seemed to have been a major pioneer, who though got voted off, thankfully had some information relayed before leaving. Blitz had found a Splicing room, came across several interesting and also creepy tools and gadgets and even some goo, and from there found a new, well, I guess you could call it a friend? By the name of Dom. The poor thing is what I would call a Shee experiment gone wrong! Anyway, after getting to know Dom better, Blitz found some pretty scary, detailed, and fascinating information on the history of the ship's events prior to the Survivor contestants arriving. Even worse on top of the scary stories that took me a while to read through without covering my eyes, poor Dom still goes through regular pains due to the work done with it/him. Well, Blitz the kind and helpful norn he is, tried what he could to help Dom and got some pretty good success. After that, like many others, they began to explore the mysterious ship with interest on its true layout. Even got to experience the luxury of the agent injector (Everyone, relay the messages about that thing, it sounds amazing!) and a nice refreshing day at the beach. . . Terrarium. After that it was a quiet adios!

So, that is pretty much the news from the ship this week. This next week, remember, - There's only three remaining contestants so things might just get crazy, who knows?! Think carefully about your vote!

Sincerely, Sarrie. (Did anyone else notice that Kappsune used to have a jar of stingers as a primary weapon but is now mostly concerned over that brick-in-pillowcase?)

-Karias; a bit fruity and gone bananas in the wrong climate! :D
Sixty Third



So, Survivor is now officially over with a winner ( HavenHoney aka Josey!! ) Congrats! But I will still write down the last scribbles on this last note of what happened just before the winner. Not much has happened I do warn you!

The remaining three just before the big two-way tie and final winner, Kappsune, c1anddsaddict, and Josey aka HavenHoney had not much to deal with, thankfully, and also to that note I add - Thankfully no one got hurt. Towards the end of their time a large sandstorm had come by, but there wasn't much reported in detail on it. I was almost expecting to see someone get swallowed up in that cloud during the escape!

c1anddsaddict had ended up in one of the various? Or just one? Ocean/Beach Terrarium. He had found Dom, the poor little ettin-thing there. Dom had told c1anddsaddict also of the amazing pre-Survivor story, and they had wandered as that curious little Siamese normally has been doing lately, to figure out the layout of this mysterious ship. Soon after, he like the rest had heard the announcement of a need to visit the planet and collect data. Oh H.A.N.D. what tricks are you up to now? Last I heard - All the contestant's visits were quickly ended with the visit of a sandstorm! I am beginning to think the sandstorm is all a set-up, perhaps a way to pull contestants who have been voted off without scaring the possible two remaining lest there not be a tie in the polls? Because I think when that furry ettin beamed out of here, and some witnessed it, that scared us all a little.

Kappsune seems to be quite the kind one at heart, falling into a trap, and once rescued by the dear friend Josey, came back up with a quite creepy creature who had also found its way into that hole. And even after that, Kappsune is told to go down to the planet to collect specimens, and again, does not want to risk the fact that these specimens may simply be collected for testing or dissecting. So, with effort, - Simple things are collected. Bugs and the sort. Like with all others, the journey on the planet is short, and that sandstorm is quick to swallow all in its parth. I believe Kappsune sadly did not make it, and was merely beamed back home. Or so I hope.

Josey or, HavenHoney, was last heard of on a dashing mission down to the planet as well, collecting up samples of the flora and fauna. It was a mighty high-paced job, as the sandstorm had already built up to a dangerous size, and like with the rest of the contestants, sent her up running for her life. I believe she, though, is the winner who did not get swallowed up!

Well, after that sandstorm, the game had come to a final end which surprisingly ended pretty fast. Where had time gone, and how is it we keep getting multiple contestants off at once? Well, one thing I know is that I had successfully reported this all to you without injury (whew!) and cannot wait to see the next Survivor game launch. Who knows where it will be?

Sincerely, Sarrie.

-Karias; a bit fruity and gone bananas in the wrong climate! :D

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