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Hawk's Journal   
Caves Dweller

United States  

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Hey there! I'm Hawk, a simple Creature who enjoys food, fun, and adventure. I'm looking forward to living out in the cold - I've always been fond of ice and chilly things. I've never been to the island before, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to have the upper hand on the returning Creatures thanks to my thick fur coat. Though I might not last too long, because I've never quite left Sphericus... Either way, I'm looking forward to this frigid adventure!

- Rascii


  12/30/2012  2

Day 1

Yes! I've finally found it! I can't believe it was under that same pile of snow I passed twelve times...
My pen is back, and now I can write my journal entries!

When I got here it was nice and cold, but still warmer than I thought. The clouds above my head told me that it had snowed before the lot of us got here - maybe yesterday, or the day before. I'm not really sure, but I know this snow isn't quite as fresh as I expected. Though that doesn't really matter.

Ahem! Back to the pen story. Well, as soon as we were dropped off here, they gave each of us a journal and a pen and told us to survive. Makes sense, right? Well, what I did was pretty stupid. I stuffed the icy-cold pen into my fur so I didn't have to hold it. It was making my hand go numb, after all! So, once it was securely tucked away, I made a little trek over some snowy crests and past a nice looking dead bush. Well, once I came to this place - a nice little overhanging rock - I noticed that my pen was gone. I spent the last couple of hours searching for it. For a while I just accepted it was gone and hoped I'd be able to write with charcoal from the bush, if I were to burn it.

I took the time to explore the cave that was made by the overhang, which looks pretty homey to me! Maybe it's small - I've got to bend down to get in - but it's a shelter from the snow, and a nice place to hide when needed! I went over to that bush and broke some twigs off for no particular reason. I honestly just needed something to do. Then I got bored and went looking for the pen again.

All I've got to say is that they shouldn't have made these pens white.




Day 2

Woo! I'll tell you, it's been an eventful day!

I haven't been able to write in here until now. And no, it's not because I lost my pen again! (I actually did misplace it this morning, but I did find it quickly enough.) I've been out on a trek.

Trust me, I love the cave I found yesterday. However, in the middle of the night I discovered that I wasn't its only inhabitant. It had to be about three-ish when I was knocked off the nice rock I was sleeping on. My alarm call was a big fat roar. I was only able to grab my journal and pen before running off.

Did you know, polar bears can get up to 30km/h? Yeah, there's not much out running them. So I had to outsmart it. I managed to burrow under the snow and slowly make my way away from the cave. That was no cake walk, either. It was much colder IN the snow than on top of it - a cold not even I'm used to.

I stopped after about a few hours of tunneling and slept for the rest of the night. Erm, at least I think. I'm still down here in the dark, and it's not easy to tell what time it is.

Now I'm just getting bored. I guess it's safe for me to come out, because I haven't heard any sounds for a while. So, I guess I'm going to go and look for shelter. Or food. I'm so hungry I could eat a bear.




Day 2

Well, I slept longer than I expected. It's dark out again - I wasted a whole day under the snow and ice! On the bright side, I did find a very nice shelter.

It's a very large cavern, carved in the side of a huge chunk of ice. There are some really pointy icicles on the entrance, which make it hard to get in without hitting your head on them. It's very cozy, though!
Here, let me draw you a picture of it.

Maybe it wouldn't do well for a taller Norn. But I don't mind! It's good to be stout sometimes, I suppose.

I did find this cavern, but I did not find any food. At this point I'm considering eating some of the spare journal pages. With some nice snow sprinkled over them, it'd make a great meal...
Oops! Sorry. Drooled on the page a bit, there. Oh, how I wish I could go out and get myself some food. But it's just too dark, and I don't have any materials for a fire or torch around here. I guess I'm going to have to wait it out until morning.

... And yet, those journal pages are looking tastier and tastier.




Day... 13?!

Can it be? It's already day thirteen here? How in the name of the Great Shee did this happen?

As you know already, I found this nice cozy cave and was busy starving in it last time I wrote. Well, after I concluded my last entry, I curled up next to a nice rock and fell asleep.

I had been met with sweet, lovely dreams of eating a smorgasbord of snowy snacks. Snow and tea, snow-coated bon-bons, snow cakes, iced snow... Ahh, it was such a refreshing dream. In fact, as I slept, I felt my tummy filling up. I'm not sure how, but I just did.

Well, it seems that was the entirely opposite of what actually happened. I went to sleep that night and woke up... well, now! And my stomach - it's shrunken! No longer does it juggle when I move or laugh, and no longer does it block the view of my feet. Now I can see down past the thinly stretched skin to a bunch of freezing-cold, furry toes.

I've mulled it over a bit as I've been writing this, and I think I've come up with what's happened to me. There used to be tales of my great grandfather, who was a nice and chubby Norn. He loved to sleep, but apparently one cold day he just fell into a terribly deep sleep. He didn't wake up for month, and when he did he was utterly thin. My grandmother said they'd called the sleep "hyper-nation." I've never thought about it now, but I think my father has done this "hyper-nation" a few times, as he'd sleep for a week and wake up skinny, too. But I never thought I'd fall into such a condition! And why did I? Genetics?

Hmm, I suppose that must be it. My genes are filled with hyper-nation bits, like bacon scattered through the snow.
Mmm... Bacon. I could really go for some of that now. Or maybe even some fried critter ears...
Wait! That's it! My dream, it must have been telling me how to survive! All I've got to do is make myself a bunch of snow meals and I'll be fat and happy again!

Yes! That's just what I'll do! Who knew a hyper-nation dream would save me? Oh, praise the Shee!

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