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Opinion Column [Game 4]   
Caves Dweller

United States  

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  8/2/2012  1

The Message In A Bottle opinion column is run by our very own Ghosthande! She will be giving her thoughts and opinions on the game so check it out frequently.

- Rascii
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Hullo all, welcome to the first installment of Message in a Bottle!

Though I am not a contestant, you can be sure I am there on the island, invisibly, watching our players and seeing what they are up to.

...Erm, that wasn't meant to sound quite so stalkerish. Anyways, moving on. We've had some rough weather recently. It's all the same to me really, but those of you who still have corporeal bodies are probably drenched. Hehe. Needless to say our contestants didn't have the warmest Survivor welcome, but for the most part they're holding out admirably. Really, I'd clap if I had more than one hand.

And it looks like things may get warmer here in a bit. Those of you not accustomed to the tropics... enjoy it while it lasts. [nwink]

C-Rex seems like a bit of a small fry for an Astro Norn... that or the coconut crabs on the island are ginormous. And apparently they can talk? Are you sure you aren't part Aquanorn, little fella? I'd watch out for that. Keep eating and sleeping with the coconut crabs and going for swims every day and you may just start growing gills...

Deskman would get points for the most complaints... if we were handing out points for that. At least he's been semi-productive, and managed to build himself some shelter... it seems not everyone has accomplished that task yet, no doubt due to the unpleasant weather. Perhaps he'll be kind and share his living space with someone in need. If the other contestants don't mind the complaining, that is.

GrayDragonEmily seems to be staving off a bit of separation anxiety... being dumped on an island in a storm with a bunch of Norns, I can't say that I blame her. So far she seems pretty resourceful when it comes to food... who knows, perhaps she'll introduce Deskman to the joy that is sushi?

Layla may be one of the most popular contestants on the island, having shared her roasted marshmallows with the other players. Sounds like a great way to start making friends on the island. Too bad nobody brought any chocolate or graham crackers!

Lisha777 brought perhaps the most interesting thing to Survivor with her... a baby! She also seems to have run into the most trouble so far, including being chased by a bear. Yipes. Hopefully that's the only large animal on the island, though one has to wonder how it got there...

Mip, like Lisha777, seems to be suffering a bit of amnesia. She doesn't seem to have encountered the other contestants yet... well there's plenty of time for that, and certainly the storm hasn't encouraged anyone to roam (unless it is to find better shelter). Hopefully now that the weather seems to be letting up, mip and the other players will have more freedom to roam.

Rain (xrainxofxbloodx) seems like the best kind of ally: the kind that will kill bears if you chased up trees by them. A bit of blustery weather doesn't seem to have anything on her, and she's proven especially industrious so far. Are you sure you aren't part Ettin, Rain?

And even before Day 1 officially began, it seems that ylukyun was up to some unsavory shenanigans, and managed to smuggle some real bedding onto the island. Well, you know how Ettins are. I wonder what the other contestants will think if/when they find out?

So far there's still no sign of Jessica or Pirate-Rob... let's hope they didn't get lost at sea. :P

Prodigal Sock


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Welcome to the second installment of Message in a Bottle!

This also marks the first time someone has been voted off the island, and the unlucky player this week is Lisha777. Aww, that's too bad. It sounds like she had a pretty cozy home set up for herself and her baby, and I liked reading about her escapades with the monkeys! Better luck next time, Lisha! :)

C-Rex has also had an encounter with a bear, and was forced to give up his shelter in order to avoid it. (Whose bright idea was it to release a bunch of bears on the island, anyways?) Fortunately he survived unscathed, and his journal reveals that he now has a rather ambitious goal in mind: it seems there is treasure buried somewhere on the island. Hmm...

Deskman is still complaining. I guess I'd be complaining too if I had lost my fishing rod and my shelter collapsed (though at least it wasn't a bear that drove him out). I hear he was considering hunting bear at one point--although those plans seem to have changed rather quickly once he encountered one for reals. Gee. [ntongue] I'd be cautious if I were Deskman; just because a Norn can do it, may not mean a Grendel can do it better. Grendel vs. Bear is a fight I definitely wouldn't want to see.

GrayDragonEmily has just been fishing and chilling on her own, and reminiscing (still) about her Shee master. Methinks the island vacation may be good for her independence, although a little socialization might be good too. Why not hang out with Deskman a bit? I'm sure he could use the companionship of another Grendel. ;)

Although she was one of the latest arrivals, Jessica has the longest journal by far. However she also seems to have had quite a lot going on in her neck of the woods, from discovering a new species of levitating reptile to escaping a nest full of Norn-eating baby birds. I'm just glad that momma bird didn't show up while she was there. Let's hope she teaches her babies to eat something else before they start flying!

From what I understand Layla nearly incinerated herself in an accident involving some shaving cream. Erm... yeah. Fortunately she survived, though perhaps with a new phobia or two. Cheer up, Layla--I've never heard of a Norn who shaved, so it may be a very long time before you have to face your fears.

Mip seems to have flipped out for a while, but she's back to normal now. Or at least it seems like she is. I'd keep an eye on that one, frankly.

Pirate-Rob has been up to no good and has been playing pranks on the other contestants. Tsk tsk. I saw you push that poor Norn into the pond. You'd better hope Jessica doesn't read your journal, little Ettin. Or who knows, you may find yourself taking an unexpected dip...

Like some of the other contestants, Rain seems to have slackened off a bit during the recent sunny weather, though given her previous activity it's no surprise that she would need to take a breather. I also hear she's planning a part of some sort? Maybe that will help some of the shyer players come out and socialize a little, and take their minds off of this marshmallow addiction that seems to be affecting some of them.

Ylukyun perhaps has the most ambition of all, having built an actual resort! Business seems to be slow, however. Possibly this has something to do with the dearth of gadgets and marshmallows on the island, or the terrifying guard dog--erm, pig--patrolling outside. If Ylukyun isn't willing to leave his resort, perhaps a little advertising is in order?

Prodigal Sock


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Welcome to the third installment of Message in a Bottle!

Deskman and Pirate-Rob have been voted off the island, leaving us with seven contestants out of the original ten. The weather has been rather agreeable, except for recent small storms. Yes, that's still considered fairly agreeable weather in the tropics. ;) I've just been chillin' in my rainproof glove waiting for things to let up, but while I'm waiting I may as well give you folks a recap on how things have been.

C-Rex has been treasure hunting (no luck so far, it seems) and has made a friend out of one of the parrots that live on the island. From the sound of things he's on his way to becoming a proper pirate! Don't go dipping your toes in the water with those little toothy fish around, C-Rex, or you may find yourself in need of a peg leg.

Jessica has turned out to be quite the avid explorer, for better or worse--her latest exploits include getting lost at sea, and catching a rather nasty cold. Maybe there is such a thing as too much adventure?

GrayDragonEmily finally decided to seek out her fellow Grendel--only to have him voted off the island. Aww. She's been a bit quiet lately--perhaps sulking and pining for her Shee owner. Methinks said Shee should adopt another Grendel when she gets home, to give her a like playmate--maybe it can be a belated birthday present? In the meantime, maybe she'll console herself with a trip to the spa. [nwink]

Rain gets extra points in my book for attempting to throw a birthday party for GrayDragonEmily... even if no one showed up for it, including the birthday girl. Pffft. What party poopers! If it makes you feel any better Rain, I was there. You just didn't see me, because I was invisible. That happens sometimes. :|

Ylukyun has been sharing pineapple wine, and potentially spiders, with some of the other contestants. So forget the urban legends about spiders hanging out in imported bananas... apparently it's ylukyun's goods that you need to watch out for. Yeesh. Don't let them nest in your curls, ylukyun...

Mip has been suspiciously silent of late, and we haven't heard from Layla in a while either. Hopefully she hasn't been eaten by spiders...

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Welcome to the fourth installment of Message in a Bottle!

C-Rex and mip have been voted off the island, which means we're down to five contestants--only half the number that started. I believe C-Rex was planning on auctioning off that treasure map. Hopefully mip will think about investing in a psychologist, or someone who can hep her get to the bottom of these strange episodes she's been having. [nwink]

The rain has let up for the meantime, though it's still cloudy. Not bad to have a break from the heat and humidity, eh?

Layla has been battling spiders, discovering horrific new plant species--let's hope that isn't where Emily's bird friend ended up--and playing miniature golf on the course she built for herself. Ylukyun has expressed a desire to join her--perhaps he and Layla can go into business together? A resort complete with spa and mini-golf course would be a hard thing to pass up.

Jessica seems to have recovered from her cold and (not too surprisingly) gone right back to adventuring, as well as playing mini-golf with Layla. She seems to have had her own experiences with carnivorous flowers; from the sound of things they aren't picky eaters. I guess it's good that none of our contestants had aspirations of becoming florists, or somebody might be missing a few fingers by now... [ngrimace]

Rain has also encountered some nasty looking foliage, and may be on the track to solving the group's arachnid problem. If she's thinking about taking some of those plants home with them, she's a lot braver than I am!

GrayDragonEmily is still off on her lonesome, and seems plenty occupied pondering the macabre. Of course given the experiences the other contestants have been having with the local flora, I suppose they're all pretty much on the same page.

Prodigal Sock


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Welcome to the fifth installment of Message in a Bottle!

Due to another tie, only ylukyun has been voted off the island, leaving us with four players. Not a lot has been heard of from the remaining contestants, perhaps due to the windy weather we've been having--I've had to spend most of the day hanging onto a tree branch with all five fingers to keep from being blown away!

It seems to have let up a little for the moment, so without further ado, let's see what our players have been up to.

Layla has invented a way to dye differently-colored golf balls, and there has been much miniature golf playing and general merrymaking. But now that ylukyun's dreams of becoming a spa management tycoon have been cut short it is unclear if the other players will take advantage of the free facilities, or if his trained animal entourage will continue to patrol the fort, so to speak, after he is gone.

Jessica has kept busy enjoying the island life, maintaining a healthy diet, and cleaning house. And running into more bears. They seem quite common--perhaps if ylukyun had marketed his spa as bear-friendly he would have received more customers? [ntongue]

Prodigal Sock


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Welcome to the sixth installment of Message in a Bottle!

Rain and GrayDragonEmily have both been voted off, leaving us with just two contestants. That also means there's just one week left of Survivor! Oooo... :P

Speaking of our contestants, Jessica and Layla seem to have had a bit of a scuffle. It seems that luck finally caught up with Jessica, who picked some of the wrong berries and wound up poisoning herself by mistake. One of the symptoms was, apparently, uncontrollable rage. Layla managed to fend her off with a mini-golf club, and ended up giving her the antidote... also by accident. Go figure.

Layla has also been playing with shaving cream again. I've broken out my oven mitt just in case. [nlaugh]

Prodigal Sock


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Welcome to the sixth and final installment of Message in a Bottle!

After an exciting fishing trip in a home-made raft, Layla was eaten by a shar--erm, I mean, she was voted off the island!

Yes, unfortunately (and despite her respectable mini-golf prowess), Layla was voted off the island, leaving Jessica as the winner of Survivor 2012! Congrats Jessica! I hope you enjoy Coconut Dolly. I'm sure your creatures will. [nwink]

And for the rest of you who have followed our game thus far, you are welcome to download the beach radio for your creatures to play with.

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