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Mushroom Caverns Test Release (Click to enlarge)
Mushroom Caverns Test Release   DS   Doringo | 5/14/2017  log in to like post  10

zip file[download]
This is the early test release of the Mushroom Caverns terrarium, there are no lifts or agents included, and the current favourite place icon is a placeholder. However CAs, links and custom music are present.

So, for the time being, this metaroom could be used as a tabula rasa of sorts with the Garden Box and Elevines.

How to install:
1) Open the zip and extract the "Mushroom Caverns Test.agents" file to your "My Agents" folder, located in your Docking station installation.
2) Extract the "DoriMushCave.mng" file to your "Sounds" folder, located in the same place.
3) Inject the agent ingame and enjoy!

[ngeek] This metaroom uses custom music. [ngeek]

Doringo | 1/8/2019  log in to like post

I actually don't (anymore). It was kind of a flop and I'm not really that proud of its design and execution.
Lurhstaap | 1/8/2019  log in to like post

I hope so! I loved this concept.
Doringo | 5/15/2017  log in to like post

Oh no, no. Those installation instructions were not for Gardenbox, but are for this metaroom. I believe I misunderstood what you were trying to say.

To my knowledge, you just add garden box to your agents and any garden box agents are just copied into "My agents" and they'll appear in the garden box menu. However it has been a long time since I initially installed it so I may have forgotten some details.
Norngirl | 5/15/2017  log in to like post  1

Ah okay! thats great to know!

Oh? I gave you an idea?
Well thats nice :D
Now you make me curious what kind of idea I sparked within you!

Thats the install for gardenbox you mean?
I thought I try be rave and try it out XD I found a guide with image (Im sure it wasnt there before!..or I missed it somehow o.o' )

I put the GardenBox_1.0 agent into my agents folder,
but I did not see any mng file with that one?
Or you meant there is more to download for GardenBox?
-sorry for asking,I know gardenBox been existing for a long time now but as said,Im trying to test it out)
Doringo | 5/15/2017  log in to like post

Oh no I don't plan to make unique garden box flora to be packaged with the metaroom, the flora/fauna would be the standard fare for most metarooms. However you have given me an idea for something I might do post full release.

Installing is easy, just put the agent file in My Agents and the custom .mng file in Sounds. For some reason it doesn't seem to be possible to have .mng files as an inline file in agents.

Feel free to post screenies that are in the metaroom! I have no problem with it whatsoever.
Norngirl | 5/15/2017  log in to like post  1

Thats great news! but..costume? Does that mean...GardenBox ? (I feel like I am the only one who got intimidated by it's complex and somewhat confussing install/use at first glance)
I do not know if it have changed since last I gave it a look,but at that time I felt it was a bit overwhelming and feared I would not manage to make it work at all..
Perhaps I shall hae another look at it again.

Ah yeah nice choices of sound in the music! :3

Btwn: is okay if I post some screenies of my cute Norn wandering in this metaroom of your's here at Creatures Caves,or I have to wait til more people download and explores it?
Doringo | 5/15/2017  log in to like post

I do plan for custom flora/fauna once I get around to that, but I am working on multiple projects at the moment.
As for music, my choice of using some of the C2 choirs was heavily influenced by Liam and Moe's works I have to admit, however I also used the Ettin desert bass strings from C3. Some of the other instruments are from CV sounds, which are basically stock sound effects that have appeared in various games and media.
Norngirl | 5/14/2017  log in to like post  1

@Luurshtaap - I wanted too,but this was too gorgous to not try out right away!-and I do not regret it : D-
Doringo made it amazing ^^

@Doringo: Aww!! I love this! The glow mushrooms,the cave,yep I feel at home and so will my little Nornlings as well! (I have DS,while the cave play it's tune in the background as I type)
The Graphic of the Cave and mushroom is awesome!
I also like the music is of the soft choirs of Creatures 2 : D

I allways make a entire new world,just to test things. But I heard that some people said even if you do so,the files of the agents get installed (except your'e seem pretty much manual install) - so I guess once the full version is released,it will maybe be not of a clash too much.
But a split in parts might be be useful -nods-

Thank so much for making this neat metaroom!
is it a spoiler if I may ask if this room will contain it's own flora and fauna? (I suspect there will be more glow mushrooms for sure thats edible or something - but im interessted if it will have it's own critters,like any bats or such? ) *.* And if it's too much of a revealing/spoiling thing,than don't mind me,just a simple yes might be ok XD -would hope for more animals,specialy bats -
Lurhstaap | 5/14/2017  log in to like post  1

I'm gonna wait for the full verson, I think, but HOORAY MUSHROOM METAROOM :D :D :D We need more fungi in Creatures!
Doringo | 5/14/2017  log in to like post

The test release and the final release shouldn't directly clash but because metaroom removal is troublesome I'd advise loading it into a world that you don't plan on using the full version in later. However I might be able to split it into parts so you would just skip out on injecting the "World" part if you already have the test version in.

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