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Flying Wonderland (Click to enlarge)
Flying Wonderland   C2   DisasterMaster | 8/25/2013  comment  log in to like post  1

Flying Wonderland is a bright, warm world, divided into eighteen new rooms. It has no radioactivity and was made for flying creatures, with modified graphics from the original Creatures 2 Albia. The world consists mainly of a cloudless sky and in the middle there is a gigantic mountain on which a tree stands. In this tree you can hatch your flying Norns. A winged Ettin and a winged Grendel race were also made for this world; the Winged Worker Ettins and the Winged Bulbous Grendels.
Vulkanausbruch... (Click to enlarge)
Vulkanausbruch...   C2   DisasterMaster | 8/25/2013  4 comments  4  log in to like post  1

In Vulkanausbruch auf Albia (or 'Vulcanic Eruption in Albia') the Grendels have made the volcano erupt so that some places in Albia got radioactively contaminated. Moreover, temperatures have risen considerably and can amount up to 60 degrees Celsius. This world has been dyed a reddish hue, lava lumps lie around everywhere and even the sun in the sky seems to explode. The Vulcana Norns are suitable for this world, as they have a genome that makes them immune against radioactivity and heat. Otherwise caution is recommended; this world can be dangerous for your creatures! Created by NornenMeister.
Loch Albia (Click to enlarge)
Loch Albia   C2   ylukyun | 4/27/2013  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

authorDon and Mk112
Loch Albia is a one level underwater world made specially for Mernorns. They no longer need to live in the tiny pools, instead they have the whole world to roam. Loch Albia was created in such a way that Doozers can survive underwater and all Norns can swim, with the incubator room as the only area for air breathers. Minimal COBs are included in the world, so be sure to stock up!
Alba (Click to enlarge)
Alba   C2   ylukyun | 4/27/2013  comment  log in to like post  2

Alba is a version of C2 Albia that has several modifications, including new bridges and an incubator in the Grendel room. It also has many removed scripts, and new Grendel and Ettin genomes.
Cloud Nursery (Click to enlarge)
Cloud Nursery   C2   ylukyun | 4/27/2013  10 comments  10  log in to like post  2

authorHelen and Wafuru
A secluded haven in the clouds to safely bring up your baby Norns, Grendels and Ettins. This new room has all you need for baby Norns including an instant vocab button, lots of toys and a cheese vendor. Direct link.
Haven World (Click to enlarge)
Haven World   C1   Laura | 3/19/2013  comment  log in to like post  1

Using Slink's Starter Worlds, Haven World is split into three sections: Night, Day and Tunnel.
Asteroids (Click to enlarge)
Asteroids   DS   Laura | 3/19/2013  comment  log in to like post  1

authorAlex Watson
This Asteroids agent adds a classic arcade game to your Docking Station world, in the form of a new metaroom that is inaccessible to creatures. Making use of unused sprites from Creatures 3, the game is a fully functional recreation of the original game.
Ecodisk (Click to enlarge)
Ecodisk   C1   Laura | 3/19/2013  comment  log in to like post  1

A well-designed world with many well-crafted and imaginative COBs for your Norns to enjoy! Sadly some sprite files are missing in the download.
Arborium (Click to enlarge)
Arborium   C1   Malkin | 2/10/2013  5 comments  5  log in to like post  2

The Arborium is an alternative world for the game creatures, now known as creatures 1, which was released onto an unsuspecting public in 1997. The world is based on Slink's Starter World #1 which uses the Terra Nornia breeding and object classification rules. All the required scripts for creature breeding and growth have been installed.

Operating Instructions: The world is still rather short of food objects and has no toys installed yet, so it is not suitable for unsupervised Norn occupation without the addition of third-party food COBs. Remember that they must conform to the Terra Nornia classification rules to avoid confusing the Norns.
Grendel World (Click to enlarge)
Grendel World   C1   Malkin | 2/8/2013  comment  log in to like post  3

This copy of World.sfc has had the Grendel Mother removed and has been altered to allow the breeding of Grendels. If you want to alter a copy of your own custom world, use a hex editor and do a search and replace as follows:

Search for: doif gnus eq 2
Replace with: doif gnus eq 9

This will allow the Grendel to behave just like a Norn. You will still need grendels with reproductive organs if you want to breed them.
The Albian Museum of... (Click to enlarge)
The Albian Museum of...   C1   Malkin | 2/8/2013  1 comment  1  log in to like post  4

The Albian Museum of Natural History and Science is a house built by the Shee to store all the strange things they had brought back from their journeys through the galaxy. It seems that they were especially fascinated by a blue planet orbiting a rather insignificant star located far away from the galactic center where they found all kinds of odd animals never seen on any other world. This museum is now open to all creatures, but only during night time. Let them explore a strange and exciting world in The Albian Museum of Natural History and Science.
Darwinia (Click to enlarge)
Darwinia   C1   Malkin | 2/8/2013  1 comment  1  log in to like post  3

Darwinia is a beautiful new world for your Creatures 1 Norns, with a house, a garden, and a pyramid.
Ainarda (Click to enlarge)
Ainarda   DS   Rascii | 2/1/2013  36 comments  36  log in to like post  13

Ainarda (Elvish Quenya 'Holy Realm') is a new world created by Merboy originally for Creatures 2 but now developed for Docking Station. Originally conceived in 2007, production of this new world halted for four years but resumed in 2011 when the project was completely redesigned by its creator. As it fell back into dormancy little work was done to the project, however as of 2013 the project is being offered for download. While Ainarda is playable the world is not yet complete. As such it is offered as-is with somewhat inadequate food sources, toys, hatchery, and transportation options.
Chione V1.2 (Click to enlarge)
Chione V1.2   C3DS   Rascii | 11/15/2012  9 comments  9  log in to like post  12

authorMea, Grendel Man
A gigantic icy-themed metaroom that has been discussed at Creatures Caves for a long time, with the original idea coming from Sam999. Many have helped with this project, and this initial version should give those cold weather Creatures something to enjoy and claim as their brand new home, with plenty of space!

Version 1.2 by Grendel Man now includes teleporters and elevators, a weather system and some mapping fixes; no more stuck baby creatures! It has also been moved it so that it no longer conflicts with the Biodome, although it might still overlap some other metarooms.
Oasis (Click to enlarge)
Oasis   DS   Rascii | 11/8/2012  6 comments  6  log in to like post  9

authorLiam, Moe
For those Norns, Grendels, and Ettins who live underwater, a brand new area is just waiting to be explored! Oasis is a circular metaroom complete with a small beach and aquatic area teeming with life! Not only are there new sharks, fish, and coral to discover, but the metaroom also includes several new toys. It's a perfect place for Creatures of all ages to enjoy the water!

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