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Interview with Bifrost: Albian Regenesis   Games   Trell | 12/9/2013  log in to like post  3

An interview with Bifrost with an inside look at his upcoming metaroom project, Albian Regenesis.

Originally intended to be submitted by Bifrost and DarbyDoo for the CCSF 2013!

DarbyDoo: First off, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! I'm sure it'll spark some interest to the project. I know I'm excited for it!

DarbyDoo: How did you coin the name "Albian Regenesis", exactly?
Bifrost: The name Albian ReGenesis comes from the old Hebrew wor "Genesis" which means beginning. ReGenesis means new beginning, because I wanted to make the project and the world a kind of rebirth of Albia, both as it may once have been, and as something new.

DarbyDoo: What inspired you to start the project?
Bifrost: The inspiration to start the project originated in playing both C12DS and C2toDS. Albia has always been very dear to me, and while playing with the to worlds I started missing the lower areas from C2 that aren't there in the C1 world. More as a whim than anything else, I opened photoshop and pasted the C1 world on top on the C2 world to compare and see how the two worlds could be combined. And from there my brain started working in all kinds of directions, and I knew I wanted to try this out more seriously. And so I started working on actually merging the two worlds, rather than just having one glued on top of the other.

DarbyDoo: What can we expect from Albian Regenesis?
Bifrost: Albian ReGenesis will hopefully be a more dynamic world than its two "mothers". With tools such as the Garden Box available, I hope to make the world a place where you can customize your experience, and make changes to how the world appears, as well as to the ecosystem. I've removed a lot of "doodad graphics" from the background, so that objects you see in the world should be interactive in some way, and adjustable to fit your taste. Right now, I don't know how far this project will come, so I won't say you can expect anything in particular, but I'd sure like you to be able to expect a feeling of the best of the old world, together with the excitedness of discovering a few new things there.

DarbyDoo: If you don't mind me asking, how does it differ from other projects, such as C12DS?
Bifrost: The project has a lot of similarities with C12DS and C2toDS, but it's also more. First of all, even though building on a lot of old graphics and ecology, it's still something new; the world has never been merged like this before, and there have also been made changes - the great tree has grown, the'res a huge cave where it in C2 was a valley with a tree in it, as well as other, lesser changes. The main difference, though is that this isn't a remake of old games into DS (not that that's a bad thing, because the work done on those two worlds have been amazing, and they have also added a lot of new treats and adaptations that I've thoroughly enjoyed and still enjoy), but it's a new world, based on the old.

DarbyDoo: This looks like a rather large endeavour. How many other CC members have contributed?
Bifrost: Thus far, I've had help from Liam with graphic fixups. Grendel_Man has offered to do the mapping as soon as the background is finalized, as well as ecology coding. Moe has offered to wrap the world so that it'll be "disced" like C1 and C2. DarbyDoo and Magpie-angel have contributed with some feedback on how the graphics appear.

DarbyDoo: How much time have you devoted to it so far?
Bifrost: It's hard to say how much time has been spent on the project. It's been an on-and-off kind of thing. Things have been made and removed, tried and failed,but all in all, the work has taken quite a lot of time.

DarbyDoo: How does Regenesis differ from the original Albia(s)?
Bifrost: As mentioned earlier, ReGenesis is largely a merge between Albia from C1 and C2, but things have been changed, sometimes to make the fusion smoother and more natural, other times just to add something new.

DarbyDoo: Has it been difficult combining the two worlds?
Bifrost: Combining the two worlds was surprisingly easy at first. One of the main challenges was actually converting the valley into a cave, seeing as the open area above it in C2 was the garden in C1, which I did not want to remove. Other than that, it's more or less been minor graphics. Oh, and the transitions in the ground between the C1 bottom level and the caves in the C2 parts were made by Liam, and I'll say he did an excellent job at it!

DarbyDoo: Since the C1 and C2 breeds have already been converted to DS, are there any special breeds planned for it?
Bifrost: There haven't been planned any breeds for the world just yet, but I've got half a ton of ideas for a few ReGenesis norns. But before that, I'd love to release a ReGenesis grendel breed, as well as an ettin made especially for this world.

DarbyDoo: How are Grendels going to work? Is there the C1 Grendel Mother? The stash of eggs in the volcano? Or a completely new appearance all together?
Bifrost: I like the idea of the C1 grendel mother very much, but I'm not entirely sure how it'll be done yet. Where it will come is something I wouldn't reveal even if I knew it. That's one of the things that the players should experience first hand.

DarbyDoo: Do you plan on adding any surprises or easter eggs for us to find when it's released?
Bifrost: I've got a lot of surprises planned. If and when, and which of these ideas will be implemented remains to be seen. =P

DarbyDoo: Will Borland make an appearance? :D
Bifrost: I have not forgotten Borland, but I don't think he'll appear the way he does in C2.

DarbyDoo: Tell me; are you enjoying the project so far? Are you pleased with how things are shaping up?
Bifrost: The project is extremely fun to work with. As an old school Creatures player, who has enjoyed my norns for 17 years come January, bringing what I consider to be the best of the first two games together, in the great possibilities of the third one, is a way to enjoy the best parts of the old and the new all at once.

DarbyDoo: Well, that's all the questions I have! Thanks so much for allowing us this inside look on your project! As one who lives for nostalgia, I look forward to this new take on an old, well loved world. :) Cheers!

Malkin | 12/9/2013  log in to like post  2

Thanks for the update on Albian Regenesis! :D

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