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C3/DS Breed Making   Development   Malkin | 8/27/2012  log in to like post  6

A list of resources for how to make Creatures breeds - mostly for C3/DS.

Some breed-making resources, most are applicable to C3/DS.

CDN genetics tutorials (Direct download, PDF) - a series of 12 tutorials which walk through some interesting effects that can be achieved through gengineering.

I am Ron's Brain - by Steve Grand, an introduction to how brains work in Creatures.

RatBoy's Brain Tutorials - some information on the brain.

Handbuch der digitalen Genetik fur Creatures 3/Docking Station und altere Versionen (WARNING: Malware Link) - a comprehensive German resource covering digital DNA.

CFE tutorial - A guide to implementing Vampess's CFE genome.

Gencompare - Gizmo Norn and Chichi - a gendiff between a normal norn and one of Darcie's Gizmo Norns.

liveGMS - a fully-fledged, platform independent genetics editor.

easyGMS - a platform independent genetics editor, allows you to change some basic attributes of your creatures.

Stimuli Notes - listing all the known stimuli and a general list of effects on a Civet Norn.

Full Genome of a Civet Norn - a full assay of all the genes in a Creatures 3 Civet Norn.

Comparison of a Civet Norn and a Grendel - a comparison between the genes of a Civet Norn and a Grendel.

Sprites and Body Data
Poly Modelling A Norn Head - By Moe - A tutorial by Moe showing how to poly model a norn head (the most difficult part) in 3D Studio Max.

Images and Attachments - a CDN article detailing the formula used when creating image files (sprites) and attachments for brained-creatures.

Understanding and Editing ATTs - a tutorial by Ghosthande which covers how to understand and edit body data files.

The Universe of Ettins Tutorials - covers breed making with some information for C1, C2 and C3.

Flugel fur eine C3-Nornrasse (Wings for a C3 Norn Breed) - a German-only tutorial on how to sprite a winged creature for C3/DS realistically.

Using Spritesheets in Spritebuilder - how to use a function called the 'sprite sheet' in Spritebuilder to edit many different sprites easily.

What is Green Spew? - A tutorial by Ghosthande, explaining how to avoid a common problem in spriting breeds.

How to make clothes for C3/DS - A tutorial by Ghosthande on how to make clothes for your Creatures.

Creatures GeneForge tutorials by Freylaverse.

Egg Agents
Egg Agent Tutorial - this tutorial by RedDragon of Creature City teaches you how to make an egg agent from a genome.

Making Eggs for Docking Station and Docked worlds. - From the CDN, another egg agent tutorial.

PRAY Source to Agent Files by Don - explains how to convert PRAY files to agent files, using the example of an egg agent.

PRAYEgger by Ghosthande - This Javascript tool automatically generates PRAY code for an egg agent, so you can skip the tedium of writing long sprite lists. Just answer a few questions, like the name and sprite slot of your breed, and PRAYEgger will write the entire code for you.

Egg Agent Construction Kit by CosmiSynth - a full egg agent template for anyone to use, perfect for use in making quick egg agents with in-built explanations as to how things work, along with all the required tools!


Updated by Malkin on 1/29/2022 - Egg Agent Construction Kit.
Malkin | 1/2/2021  log in to like post  1

Thanks for pointing this out Shooshadragon, I've updated the resource file!
Shooshadragon13 | 1/2/2021  log in to like post  1

Welp, there goes "Images and Attachments..." It gives me a 404.
RisenAngel | 8/23/2019  log in to like post  1

...Well, crap. Trying to edit the article wound up getting the whole thing blanked.

Luckily I had the article open in another tab, so until this bug's fixed you can read it here.
RisenAngel | 8/23/2019  log in to like post

The archive works for the former.
tarnedangel | 8/23/2019  log in to like post

"CDN genetics tutorials" is 404 and "Handbuch der digitalen Genetik fur Creatures 3/Docking Station und altere Versionen" led me to a malware site
Malkin | 9/27/2015  log in to like post

Thanks for pointing this out! :)
Dragoler | 9/27/2015  log in to like post  1

The link to the PRAYEgger is giving me a 404 error.
Malkin | 5/12/2015  log in to like post

Thanks for pointing this out! I've changed the links to go to the original server for liveGMS and EasyGMS, they should work now. :)
KittyTikara | 5/12/2015  log in to like post  1

Does liveGMS/easyGMS load for anyone else? If it doesn't I'll remove it from the list.
Malkin | 12/15/2014  log in to like post

When the dash bug is fixed, this resource needs to be updated with a link to the new URL for PRAYEgger.

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