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Development for C2   Development   Malkin | 8/27/2012  log in to like post  4

A list of some development resources available for C2.

This is a list of some development resources available for C2.

List of the CAOS language for C2 (direct download, .DOC) - explains what every command does. A very useful reference for developing.

Helen's Bibble Directory - Cob Creation Tutorials - Covers C2 COBbling.

C2 Cob Script Reservations - Archive of C2 Cob Script Reservations originally by Bibble. Please see the current reservations list if you wish to reserve a range.

What is a COS? (direct download, .DOC) - Explains what a COS file is, and how to turn one into a COB.

How to make a Creatures 2 world with new graphics (Alternative URL) - A German-language tutorial.

D-creatures Cob-tutorials - a series covering food, drink, fruit, vendors and a simple toy.

Object Making Basics - from the CDN

Official tools

Creatures 2 Sprite Workshop Information, Download
A tool for creating S16 sprite files - essential for making new objects for distribution as COBs.

Creatures 2 COB Compiler Information, Download
Make your own COBs with this complier - 319K download.

Creatures 2 Attachment Editor Information, Download
The Attachment Editor allows graphical viewing and editing of Creatures attachment data.

Creatures 2 Room Editor Information, Download
The Creatures 2 Room Editor is a powerful tool that allows you to construct your own maps for Creatures 2.

Creatures 2 CAOS Tool Information, Download
The C2 CAOS tool is a professional quality product - all of the Creatures 2 agents were built by CLabs' Agent Engineers using it!

Creatures 2 Genetics Kit Information, Download
The Creatures 2 Genetics Kit is the most advanced application available for Creatures 2 today.


Updated by Malkin on 3/1/2013 - update with the current reservation list.
Updated by Malkin on 5/21/2014 - What is a COS?.
Updated by Malkin on 5/23/2014 - How to make a Creatures 2 world with new graphics.
Updated by Malkin on 6/12/2014 - official tools.
Updated by Malkin on 9/30/2014 - D-creatures cob tutorials.
Updated by Malkin on 4/10/2015 - CDN tute.
Updated by Malkin on 9/9/2015 - update to Gameware Europe.
Updated by Laura on 1/26/2018 - corrected link to C2 Gen Kit b/c it was pointing to C2 CAOS Tool.

jcnorn | 6/15/2015  log in to like post

Oooh, ok! Thank you! The direct download doesn't seem to be working, but the page you directed to, that download seemed to work :D
KittyTikara | 6/15/2015  log in to like post

The Gameware site is currently dead. So the information page can be found on this page here and the direct download can be found here. Don't worry about the site to much. It went dead last year around this time last year, and a few people have already emailed the company about the site being dead. It will probably be back in a month or three.
jcnorn | 6/15/2015  log in to like post

I just tried to download the sprite workshop and got an error, saying it doesn't exist anymore?
GimmeCat | 6/15/2015  log in to like post

I've uploaded a copy of the comprehensive C2CAOSGuide.pdf here to save it from vanishing completely from the Internet. I couldn't cob without it!
DisasterMaster | 5/23/2014  log in to like post  1

There is also a tutorial to build a C1 World from Monika - but also in german. Perhaps you translate the tutorials with Google.
DisasterMaster | 5/23/2014  log in to like post  1

How do you make a C2 World with own graphics. It is germen Language,- sorry!

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