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CCSF 2014 Contest Entries   Website   KittyTikara | 12/11/2014  log in to like post

The entries for CCSF 2014's contests.

This is all the contest entries for this year. While there might be very few of them, I would like to thank everyone who entered! Vote for the best metaroom decoration entry here! The Creatures Evolution contest winner will be chosen by me, and the rest didn't have enough entries to be voted on.

Metaroom Decoration entries:
"A Peaceful Little Corner" by Mea
mea entry

"Festive Seaweed Tavern" by c1anddsaddict
c1addict entry entry

Creatures Evolution entries
Mea's entry:
In the smoke filled shadow of an unusually active volcano, a group of once normal plant norns were forced to evolve if they wished to survive. With the smoke & ash of the volcano blocking most of the sunlight, these norns have mutated to thrive on the plentiful heat provided by the volcano instead of the sunlight now denied them. They have also slowly evolved to tolerate & in some cases thrive on the dangerous chemicals spewed out by the volcano, chemicals that would normally kill most other creatures. In the destruction caused by the volcano's frequent eruptions, detritus is a plentiful & common extra food source for them. To more easily escape the lava flows & eruptions, their legs have lengthened & hardened into something very similar to the legs of the boney grendels. The longer length of the legs allows them to run faster, while the hardened almost shell like skin or bark protects them from the sharp edges & heat of the broken lava rocks as they travel.

Allekha's entry:
The worker ettins of C2 usually end up living in the swamp (if you manage to keep them out of the volcano). But given that the Shee invented them to help out their experiments, that's probably not their natural habitat. I imagine that over time, they would become better-adapted to their newfound environment. Maybe the Lone Shee would find them much later and take a few eggs home with him.
-That swamp looks pretty dark and damp. They'd probably grow a liking for moist environments and a dislike for dry and bright ones.
-The little village up there would be a good place to shelter. They should get used to going up and down elevators a lot, or at least going up when tired/scared and down when looking for food/entertainment (assuming that's not too complicated for their little ettin brains, which it might well be).
-There's lots of little bugs down there - it'd be a good source of nourishment to start eating them.
-Not much in the way of entertainment - they would probably gain most of their fun by playing with the animals rather than toys.
-Some generations of accidentally eating deathcap would give them an aversion to weeds - or an immunity to glycotoxin.
-Perhaps they would make like a sloth and start growing moss on their fur? It'd be such a fetching shade of green.
-They're still ettins, of course, and love poking at machinery and carrying around gadgets :)

Best Agent Idea entry
The organ monitor & exporter.
It is a simple tool that keeps track of the health of a creature's various organs & when the health of an organ drops below the threshold set by the hand, it will export that creature. It would be very useful for wolfling runs & keeping the population changing so that new eggs have a chance to hatch. It would also be useful for removing creatures who cant breed because their reproductive organs have died.

Creatchi Fur Pattern entry
Kezune's Spotted Creatchis

Grendel Beauty Pageant entry
"Obese Bomb - Beauty Queen" by Kezune


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