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Website Repairs To Do List   Website   Rascii | 11/9/2014  log in to like post  2

Please feel free to add anything to the list by editing the document or commenting on it. When editing, please include your name with items.



Fixed on 11/5/2014:
- News (posting, editing deleting)
- Comment deleting
- Forum topic (posting, editing)
- Creatchi caring (giving items to creatchis)
- Comment editing
- Creatchi mart item buying/selling
- Creatchi item gifting
- Bibble editing
- Creatchi socializing
- Creatchi statistics
- Creatchi info editing
- Creatchi search/filtering

Fixed on 11/7/2014:
- Icon uploading

Fixed on 11/8/2014:
- Image gallery posting

Fixed on 11/9/2014:
- Forum reply edit previewing
- Resource article posting
- Resource article editing
- Creatchi available eggs second page link
- Message inbox previews
- Script reservation requesting

Fixed on 11/10/2014:
- News image uploading

Fixed on 11/25/2014:
- Forum topic moving (mods+)
- COB posting

Fixed on 11/30/2014:
- Adoption posting
- Metaroom posting
- Breed posting
- Link posting
- Ask Laura asking/replying
- Poll posting/voting
- COB editing (including file reuploading)
- Adoption editing
- Metaroom editing
- Breed editing
- Image gallery editing/moving
- Link editing
- Advice editing
- All areas: previewing a post/edit

Fixed on 12/29/2014:
- Forum thread bookmarking

Fixed on 1/9/2015:
- Hack Shack question submitting

Fixed on 2/23/2015:
- Forum search (selecting a specific forum)

Fixed on 3/21/2015:
- Post unliking

Fixed on 4/12/2015:
- Image gallery preview images



- Metaroom preview images (Nutter)
- Metaroom deleting (?) (Laura)
- Breeds searching (Calliope812)

- Image gallery preview images, including on post/edit confirmation (Nutter, mudpup101, Grendel Man)

- Ask Laura deleting (?) (Laura)
- Creatchi search (mudpup101)
- Penalty for letting a creatchi die of neglect does not work (Grendel Man)
- Update the colour scheme for the CCSF section's news posts so that they're readable. (They are dark green backgrounds with dark grey text.) (Malkin)

- Banned user reasons (ylukyun)
- Can't add/remove users from Favourites (Laura)
- Comment flagging/reporting - no confirmation option, comment doesn't get flagged (kezune)
- Accented characters in posts cause posts to be blanked on saving. (Malkin)
- Preview images for gallery submissions appear broken on the approve page (Laura)


Updated by Rascii on 11/9/2014 - testing.
Updated by Grendel_Man on 11/11/2014 - Found notification settings can't be saved.
Updated by kezune on 11/15/2014 - comment flagging.
Updated by Laura on 11/30/2014 - Malkin's observations.
Updated by Rascii on 11/30/2014 - 2.
Updated by Malkin on 3/3/2015 - adding accented characters.
Updated by Malkin on 4/12/2015 - move image gallery preview images from 'to do' to 'done'!.
Updated by Malkin on 5/26/2015 - add update the colour scheme for the CCSF section.
Updated by Laura on 5/28/2015 - Misc: approve page preview images broken.

cococat54321 | 5/3/2023  log in to like post

The downloads section doesn't appear to be working. When I click on it nothing comes up under any of the categories.
Laura | 3/3/2015  log in to like post  1

Malkin, please feel free to edit this article and add that observation yourself. That's what Rascii would like us (the staff) to do. :)
Malkin | 3/3/2015  log in to like post

Writing with accented characters (such as french accented 'e') causes posts to be blanked.
Papriko | 12/27/2014  log in to like post

I already wrote a PM about this, but the quotation marks at the end of this bibble just don't wanna work. I tried editing it like 3 times and according to those grey moderator edit lines, even someone else already tried to fix it, yet the double quote " keeps turning back into &qu
SplicerTheDicer | 12/21/2014  log in to like post

I'm having the exact same problem trying to post an adoption. An error saying I'm not using a zip file when I'm clearly using a zip file.
the1whoscreams | 12/21/2014  log in to like post  1

I don't think breed posting is working properly. I made a set of three breeds,made an entire text wall describing them,only to have it say there's no ZIP file when there's obviously a ZIP file. I checked,and everything is in place.
Rascii | 12/16/2014  log in to like post  4

I would just like to remind everyone that not every issue with the website is a bug. Many issues are caused by user error. Thank you.
Malkin | 12/16/2014  log in to like post

The Caroling Wisemen seem to have glitched out, there's no longer a download attached to the entry.
Rascii | 12/15/2014  log in to like post  1

Thanks Ylukyun. Fixed now.
ylukyun | 12/15/2014  log in to like post

I got a ball from commenting, but it said I'd received a rubber ducky.

Edit: The next time it said I'd received a carrot, but it was another ball.

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