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Creatures suitable for a 10 y.o boy?   


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I do not know much about Creatures and haven't engage in it back in the days. But my 10 y.o. son got super interested and invested in the subject. He has found old website and started browsing and looking at creatures. I must say I am a little surprised as he never paid any thought to Pokemon. But once he has his mind on something it is near impossible to take him off track. So here is my question: is the game and community around suitable for a 10 y.o? Can I have him get his own account? Also where can I get the game? I have an old laptop that should be fine to run it but I want to get the game legally.

Thank you for your help.

Patient Pirate



  7/2/2020  3

Yes, 10 is the perfect age to start playing Creatures. He may not fully appreciate the complexities of the game for a few more years, but he can still have a good time with it. It's also a great way for beginners to get into coding if that is an interest of his at all.

We do our best to moderate active sections of the community. There are a few areas that are aimed at more mature individuals, but they're clearly labeled as such. Having said that, there's no telling what he'll stumble across perusing older websites. Third party addons for the game are essentially a free-for-all, and there are a few addons (even ones available on this site) that might raise questions in someone his age (like the crack pipe and AIDS Norns). Let him get an account, but do keep an eye on his usage.

The games are all available legally and at reasonable prices here: I'd recommend starting him off with Creatures Exodus and if he wants to get the other games, go for it. At his age, he might find Creatures Village a little babyish, or he may enjoy the more relaxed gameplay style and minigames. The Albian Years tends to be more challenging and doesn't run well on all systems, but it is fun and beautiful to look at.

Let us know if you have any more questions. :)



  7/2/2020  1

Many of us started playing Creatures when we were about your son's age. I can testify as a long (very long) time member of the Community that this is by FAR one of the safest communities online. Between moderating and the intrinsic age-appropriate nature of the games this is a group of very well-mannered and thoughtful individuals (but that's assuming your son would even care to participate in the online Community which he may or may not desire).

And as @ylukyun said, these games have introduced many of us to the world of coding and even led to members going on to have successful careers in engineering, coding, web-development, genetics, and various other sciences and arts.

The Lantern



I started at about 8! Yes, the game is absolutely suitable, and this forum is child friendly, so it's no problem if he wants to ask his own questions.


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I would say the games are suitable for a 10-year-old: it is a life simulation, so the creatures die and breed, but none of this is depicted graphically. (eg: in death they lay down and close their eyes and the body fades away, breeding is just a long smooching noise with no associated animation)

I would also recommend Creatures Exodus (Creatures 3 + Docking Station) - I think the overall experience is a little smoother, the earlier games are lovely in their own right but they have some flaws that a kid might find frustrating to work with.

My first Creatures experience was actually getting Creatures 2 around 8-10, being very excited to play it, and then running away from my computer in tears because my norn was too stupid to avoid drowning itself in one of the big oceans. The C3/DS norns are a bit more self-sufficient and there's less big environmental hazards like that by default.

Lollipop Lord


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Definitely! I played Creatures 2 even before I turned 10. :P
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Started when I was at most four, maybe less. Very child-friendly! You could even consider getting Creatures Village, which is a more kiddy version of the games, though like ylukyun said, it might be TOO young for a ten year old.

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This was the game my father got for me when I was little because he didn't want me watching him while he played Doom, and I still too young for Quake.



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I also played the games before age 10, and would agree that C3/DS is more child friendly than say C1 or C2-- the creatures are easier to care for and these games run better on newer systems. If up for the challenge though, C1 and C2 are very vibrant and exciting in their own ways. I personally really like the look of C1/C2 over C3/DS. [nwink]

My first game was C1, and I was not even 10 years old-- I had no idea what was going on when looking back, but I did still make some progress and had a good time. [nsmile]
C1 and C2 force you to learn a bit more about the game and the inner-workings of Creatures through trial and error. It should be noted that C1 generally runs better than C2, as well.

I would say C3/DS more easily offers a wider array of options for play-style given how self-sufficient the Creatures are. For instance, there is less of a danger of your norns being too dumb to realize that they need to eat food to not be hungry and such. So, you can more reliably leave them to their own devices and focus on other things.

If anything ever ends up being confusing or seemingly not working properly, you can always post here and someone will be around to help! We can also direct you to some "highly recommended/essential" downloads and patches for a better game experience, if need be. While the games are no longer maintained by the original developers, community developers are always coming up with fixes and new ways to play the game.

If you do end up getting the game(s), I hope your son enjoys them. [ngrin]

~Issy [ngeek]

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