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A Definition of Norn Torture?   Games   Malkin | 5/6/2013  log in to like post  5

An article by AntiNorn about what Norn torture is.

AntiNorn is best known for his demonic handling of innocent Norns, he beats them, he tortures them, he tells them war stories and sings to them. General torture. This feature is written by the community prince of darkness about torture and Norns asking the question: What is torture?

A Definition of Norn Torture? (Written By AntiNorn)

After reading through my last batch of hate mail, I began to wonder if anyone out there can truly say what actions we, as breeders, can define as "torture". Is it simply slapping them on the butt a few times? Depriving them of food? Forcing them to eat dangerous plants? Quite a few of you breeders out there want to believe your Norns are alive and capable of real feelings, some of you actually do believe this. I hear from you everyday. Many of you will do whatever it takes to make your Norns, or the Norns you download on the web, as happy as possible. You will remove every "bad" thing from Albia, filling the world with toys and food that make Norns smile as soon as they get close to them. You will set up clubs and organisations to "stop" the evil people out there who dare to hurt the sweet, innocent Norns. You will do anything you can to keep Norns on other people's computers from suffering. You hate it when you hear about someone abusing a Norn, you'd never do that, would you?


If you truly believe that Norns are alive, and have feelings(or like to think that they do because it's fun), how can you truly define what Norn torture is?

Scenario 1:

Billy wakes up every morning in his familiar house. He loves his house, he's lived there all his life. He sees his mother every morning, kisses her and walks outside to greet his friends. Friends whom he's known as long as he can remember. They're always together, playing, going to school, going to movies. Billy loves his life, sure there have been rough times, but he could always count on his friends and family to be there for him.

Suddenly, Billy is ripped out of his world. He's not aware of it, but his poor little body is duplicated and placed in stasis for a god-like race of beings to pick him out of a list of others like him, like a shopping bin in a cheap dime store.

Somewhere, in another place that Billy has no knowledge of, he wakes up. He feels a bit strange at first, but isn't too worried, everything around him looks the same. His house seems empty, his mother and father nowhere to be found. Walking outside of the house he doesn't see his friends anywhere. None of his favourite toys are in the yard. Beginning to worry, he rushes off to the places where he and his friends liked to go. He can't find any of them. He sees a few people he's never met before playing with a shiny new toy that looks like fun, but as he approaches the strangers, they begin shouting at him, throwing rocks.

Billy runs away, frightened and lonely.

Scenario 2:

Mandy and Robert always wanted to have children. They couldn't wait for the challenges of parenthood. They tried for years with no success, until one day Robert, who happened to be a brilliant chemical engineer, discovered a way for their dream to come true. He built a private lab in his home. For weeks he worked day and night, devising a concoction for his wife and himself. Finally, he emerges with 2 syringes. Injecting his wife, then himself, they try again with renewed hope.

9 months later their dreams come true. They are the parents of twins. A boy and a girl.

Everything is blissful for a few years, but quickly the proud parents realise that they don't enjoy the whole parental experience. Feeding them is a tiresome chore, sometimes the children simply won't eat anything if they don't like how it looks. Finding time to play with them is a hassle, and going out to buy new toys to keep them busy is a nightmare. Sometimes the children are sad and crabby despite all their toys, the crying grates on the nerves of the once happy parents. Mandy begs Robert to think of a way to make their life peaceful again. Robert locks himself in his lab again for week. When he emerges, he shows his wife what he has done. In the lab he has created 3 chemical mixtures, each in it's own huge tub. Enough to last a lifetime. He explains that the first chemical will take away the need for them to ever have to feed the children again. The second chemical will take away all the children's boredom, they'll never have to go shopping for expensive toys again. The third chemical will make the children happy all the time, no more crying, no more sad faces. Just smiles and giggles.

He injects both the children, who quickly begin to settle down. Mandy and Robert pick them up, placing them in special chairs that the children will never have to leave, except for baths. For a year the children are given their shots every day. Mandy and Robert love their lives again, spending time watching their smiling children, tickling them to hear them giggle. They never have to worry about sad faces or bored tantrums.

On their tenth wedding anniversary, Robert gives his wife a huge box wrapped in paper. She opens it to find a strange looking machine that floats up out of the box. Robert explains that it is an automatic doctor. They will never have to worry about when to give the children an extra shot, they'll never have to prepare the chemicals themselves again. The automatic doctor will monitor the children 24 hours a day, injecting them with chemicals when they need it.

"Oh Robert! it's such a lovely gift! Now we can always enjoy our children." Mandy turns to her children in their chairs, the automatic doctor hovering above them, sticking needles in their arms. "Don't you love your wonderful parents?"

The children sit still and smile, drool collecting on their chins.

Scenario 3:

Ricky grew up just like any other small-town kid. He watched tv, played baseball, went to school. On his eleventh birthday he got lots of toy cars from his parents and friends. He was elated. These were the same sort of toy cars all his friends had. Now he had his own set and could play with them the way he wanted to. No more hearing about how his buddies were lucky enough to have some.

Ricky quickly found out that he didn't play with his cars like his friends. He liked to set up ramps and pits so he could jump the cars. He would crash them together in pretend races. His friends would set the cars up in rows, slowly drive them through imaginary cities, dusting them off and keeping them shiny and clean. Ricky thought nothing of this. They were his cars and he could have fun with them anyway he wanted. He wasn't hurting anyone.

One fateful afternoon, he was jumping his cars off a ramp into a big mud pile in his backyard. He had been playing for hours, enjoying the quiet afternoon. Behind him he heard a few murmurs then a loud collective gasp. Some of his friends had dropped by and had been watching him for a few minutes. They were outraged that Ricky wasn't playing with his cars like they did! They couldn't believe that someone would intentionally get their cars dirty. They saw how some of the cars had scratches and dents. They all realised what Ricky had been doing. Ricky sat on the ground, unable to comprehend why people were screaming at him. Calling him hurtful names. The other boys went to the mud pile and began rescuing the cars, throwing handfuls of mud at Ricky until he finally ran into his house in tears, not able to understand what was happening.

The next morning, Ricky woke up and dressed for school. He got his mother to drive him since he was scared of what would happen on the bus. Once in class, he tried to ignore the hateful stares of the other children. It seems that the boys who saw him told everyone what he had been doing. Ricky felt like the whole entire world hated him.

Later in the day, Ricky went to his locker to put some books away. When he opened it hundreds of notes fell to the floor. He opened one. It was a promise from someone that they would make him pay for what he did. Another said that he should run away and never come back or he would get hurt. The next one said that he should just kill himself. Ricky read all of them, note after note promising him death and torture for what he had done to his cars.

Ricky fled from school, running all the way home. He ran up to his room and hid in his closet, cowering in the corner, hoping this was all a bad dream. He eventually fell asleep, still crouched in the corner of his closet. He awoke some time in the middle of the night to hear noises outside his closet door. Thinking it was his parents looking for him, he opened the door and stepped out. He felt something close over his head, blocking out all light. He felt hands grabbing his wrist, forcing them behind him as he was forced to the floor. He felt something strike his head. Stars flashed in his vision as another blow was struck...

Ricky woke up again, his head throbbing. Trying to reach his hand over to feel for a wound, he realised that he couldn't move at all. He had been chained to a brick wall. He cried out for help, but the answer he got was a chorus of giggles. he could make out a large group of kids from school standing in front of him. All of them looking at him with pure hatred in their eyes. One of the boys approached him, holding a long metal stick with leather gloves. Ricky could see the end was glowing white, as if it had been held over a flame for a long time. "This is what you get for being different from us", was all Ricky heard before a searing heat was burned into his stomach. The screaming began just before the renewed laughter of many voices..

I don't think we need another scenario, do we?

Those of you who can't figure out how to relate any of this the Creatures 1, 2 or 3 should give me a call. I'll send you a dollar so you can go out and buy a clue.

I'd like to write more, but I've got to read some new email from more fellow Norn Torture.. Oops! I mean Norn Lovers.

An article originally posted on HomeCreatures.

blueseraph | 4/16/2014  log in to like post

Wow, this is my first ever time hearing of "norn torture." Kind of a strange concept.

First, hate mail and so on, completely uncalled for. This is a game. Norns aren't real. There is no actual abuse taking place. No creatures are actually being harmed.

But I can't say that I think "norn torture" is a good thing, either. It doesn't actually hurt any norns, seeing as how norns don't exist and all. I find it hard to believe it has no negative effect on the person doing it, if the intention behind doing it is to take some kind of pleasure or satisfaction from the depiction of fear/suffering they, the player, have inflicted, albeit on imaginary creatures. I think that kind of behavior has a corrosive effect on a human being. It can be rationalized away from the perspective of the norns- they aren't real, this or that could be considered cruel from the norn's point of view, whatever.

But in my mind, it can't be rationalized by what it does and what it says about the actual, living person who is doing it and deriving entertainment from it. The intentions behind using"infusions" and such are clearly not the same. The entertainment value in using them is not in causing the depiction of pain. Wrecking toy cars- which bear no resemblance to living creatures and which present no facade of pain, fear, or suffering no matter how far you throw them or how dirty you get them- is a far cry from something that is meant to depict a living, semi-intelligent being. We don't worry about little boys "crashing" toy cars, we would be considerably worried if they started detailing imaginary descriptions of their imaginary drivers slowly burning to death in excruciating pain while screaming in terror.

From the article author's point of view, what would be the difference? The drivers aren't real, they're imaginary. There's no real harm being done. No one's actually dying. And yet common sense tells us something's not quite right here. Healthy children don't take pleasure from thoughts of living and presumably sentient beings dying horrible deaths. Toy cars do not represent living beings. They do not show fear or death or pain, even if a child imagines them being "totaled," even if they get dirt or dings. A child is not imagining horrific tragedy when he crashes a car (or she, in fairness), A person slapping a norn to death or force feeding them poison or smiling over screen shots of it cringing in fear? Where is the entertainment coming from? How is this not a negative or unhealthy thing for the human being involved?

Just my 2 cents. That and 4 dollars will get you a latte. ;)
C-Rex | 4/16/2014  log in to like post  1

I feel sorry for the guy. I read a few pieces of hate mail he received on an archived copy of Tortured Norns, and the content in the mail was far worse than anything he inflicted upon any Norn.
Freylaverse | 4/16/2014  log in to like post  1

This was very interesting. I suppose, in some way, we are all guilty of some form of norn torture, depending on how you look at it...
Doringo | 4/16/2014  log in to like post  1

Hmm, interesting. It kinda inverts the whole scenario when you read this, how the norn breeders use "infusions" to make their norns always happy and exporting them and uploading them online, it puts the breeders into the "torturer" position.

Scenario 3 is definately based off of antinorn's experiences I can see, he plays creatures in a different way than others and you get the whole outroar and hate mail.
ylukyun | 5/7/2013  log in to like post

Good read. #2 belongs in a sci-fi anthology. #3 makes the best point to someone who acknowledges Norns aren't sentient beings. It is hilariously over the top however.
Hawk | 5/6/2013  log in to like post  1

This actually brings up fantastic points. Earlier, I got into reading a Norn torture blog and was somewhat disgusted, but after reading this it feels... rationalized. I've got to commend AN for the method he used to write this; it plays with your mind so perfectly.
Trell | 5/6/2013  log in to like post  1

Yeah, poor guy got shoe-horned into some "bad guy" persona. Shame.
christine | 5/6/2013  log in to like post  4

personally, i have to say i was a big fan of AN back in the day. he was always articulate and a really nice person once you got to know him. i think the debate on cruelty in the creatures games is still a valid one, and interests me to this day.

i don't know that i've ever been satisfied with the answers i've come up with, or felt 100% comfortable sharing my own opinions in the cc. but good for AN, he said a lot of things that made a lot of people uncomfortable, and sometimes that can be a very good thing.
Draggy | 5/6/2013  log in to like post

Oh yeah, I suppose. Sorry! I thought this article was going to be from the manual about what not to do with your creature. I don't know why. I'm kind of having an off-beat day. Apologies again!
Malkin | 5/6/2013  log in to like post

Does it need a more explicit warning, though? It's already labelled as being about norn torture.

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