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Interview with Dominique Whitman   Games   Malkin | 5/6/2013  log in to like post

An interview with Dominique Whitman by HomeCreatures.

Dominique Whitman
Name: Dominique Whitman
Personal Quote: Unknown.
Following in the footsteps of Dobbs and LisaDeA, Dom's got a tough match to follow! Mind you, what better way to start than a HC Interview? Ahem. Without further ado let's find out more on the new CL webber!

Following in the footsteps of Dobbs and LisaDeA, Dom's got a tough match to follow! Mind you, what better way to start than a HC Interview? Ahem. Without further ado let's find out more on the new CL webber!
What did you do before CLabs?
I graduated from university in 1999 and set up my own web design business. It was great being my own boss to start with but I soon got bored of my own company and that of my PC!

How did you get involved with them?
I was sent to CLabs for an interview by an agency. It was the first job that I'd had an interview for which sounded fun and enjoyable - and so far I haven't been let down.

Had you heard of or played Creatures or other A-Life game before you joined, thoughts?
To frustration of many work colleagues, I'm not particularly interested in games, so no, sorry I hadn't!

What was your first day at Clabs like?
I spent my first day with CLabs at ECTS at Olympia. It was a very busy and tiring day meeting lots of people and taking in the new industry which I had just entered. I think I got home about 10pm that night. Phew!

Can you describe a typical day in your life?
Not really, sorry. I start the day by checking that all the websites look okay and sorting them out if they don't. That is followed by checking my email and answering any customer queries. After that, your guess is as good as mine - every day is different.

Where do you see yourself in three years time, and where do you see Clabs?
If CLabs keeps developing the way it is at the moment, I think we will be doing really well in 3 years time. I don't want to tempt fate though! As for myself, I hope I'll still be enjoying my work here and riding the wave.

Using one sentence describe the team you work with.
Male dominated and brilliant!

Is there a member of the team who has a habit that really annoys you, That you would like to get of your chest?
I'm afraid not. But if there was, do you really think I'd tell you???

What is your life ambition and why?
To be happy and content. I think the reasoning is obvious.

Using one sentence can you describe yourself?
I could never describe myself in one sentence!

Do you have any interesting Norn stories
There's loads. My Docking Station world was overrun with bees that were upsetting my Norns. We managed to create a bee-killing Norn! It would just swipe at them in the air and destroy the nests as well. Unfortunately she was rather brutal and killed a few of her fellow Norns but that's the price you have to pay, I guess.

If there was anywhere in the Creatures universe (Albia & Ark) you could Go where would it be, and why?
I've only had the chance to play Docking Station so far. The Norn Terrarium's okay but aren't there any unspoilt, tropical islands out there?

If you had to be a breed of Norn, Grendel or an Ettin which would you be and why?
I like to be one of the weirdly coloured Chichi Norns in DS. Not a bog standard purple one, but pink with orange hair or something. V. cool!

Thoughts on Beasts and Sea Monkeys?
I'm afraid I haven't seen much of Beasts. Sea Monkeys looks fun. It appeals to my cutesy side.

Do you play Docker? :)
Yes. I'm addicted!

That's impossible I'm afraid.

And your final say to the community....?
I hope you continue to enjoy our products. There's some great stuff to come.....

Thanks for the interview, Dom!

An interview by HomeCreatures.


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