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Official Creatchi Care Guide   Website   Rascii | 4/16/2013  log in to like post  16

The Official Creatchi Care Guide!

1. Hatching a Creatchi

You may choose to either hatch a new Creatchi from the six eggs available on the Creatchi page, or you may choose to adopt the offspring of two Creatchis who have already bred. A new egg will be considered first generation, and adopted offspring will have varying generations, depending on the generations of their parents.

Please note that newborn Creatchis are very vulnerable and need your help, so don't forget to check on them often. Also, a second generation Creatchi cannot be adopted until you have successfully raised a first generation Creatchi to senile age.

a. Navigating to your Creatchi
After you adopt a Creatchi and it hatches, a smilie - :D, :), :|, :\, or :( - will appear next to "Welcome, Username" or the yellow updates star at the top-right of every page of Creatures Caves. The smilie shows your creatchi's current mood, and clicking on it will take you to your creatchi's personal page, where you can feed and care for them.

b. Changing Creatchi Info
To name your Creatchi and give it a description, status or to change it's Do Not Disturb sign, simply click on the edit button at the top right of your Creatchi (the pencil icon).

2. Caring for your Creatchi

There are five main drives that must be fulfilled in order to keep your Creatchi alive and happy: (a) fun, (b) hunger, (c) social (d) energy and (e) health. You can use the items in your inventory in order to meet these needs, as detailed below. (Note: you may view your inventory by clicking on your Creatchi's name.)

a. Fun can be fulfilled by giving your Creatchi a ball or teddy bear item. You start out with three of each, and then you may find new items by performing certain actions around the website. (Note: different items have different results.)

b. Hunger may be fulfilled by feeding your Creatchi apples or cheese, and follows the same system as toys. (Note: different items have different results.)

c. Social can only be maintained by helping your Creatchi make new friends with other Creatchis. You may click the "meet" link on another Creatchi to send a request to its owner to socialize. Once that request has been approved, both Creatchis' social bars will increase. Next time you socialize with that Creatchi, a request is not needed since they are already acquaintances.

Relationship statuses can be viewed by clicking the "friends" number on each Creatchi. Different relationship statuses lead to different results when socializing. However, Creatchis must maintain interactions in order to keep their relationship status high. Additionally, Creatchis cannot socialize with the same Creatchi two times in a row.

In order to put up your Creatchi's "do not disturb" sign, you may simply click the edit button at the top right. By putting up the sign you are signaling to other Creatchi owners that you don't want your Creatchi to be socialized with (this can be useful for when you're trying to breed your Creatchi). Please note that the "do not disturb" sign is automatically removed after two days. It is not meant as a permanent option, although you may continue to turn it on every two days if you like.

d. When your Creatchis become sleepy, you can put on the sleep mask item to make them fall asleep. Creatchis wake up automatically after they're done resting. Additionally, they can randomly fall asleep without a sleep mask, though this doesn't increase their energy bar. Sleep masks are unlimited and only available when the Creatchi is sleepy.

e. Health can only be fulfilled by giving your Creatchi medicine. Once your Creatchi is at full health, as long as you take care of it regularly, the health bar will not decrease. However, if your Creatchi gets neglected, it may become sick and you'll have to give it medicine to make it feel better. Medicine is extremely rare and can only be discovered via performing certain actions on Creatures Caves. Good luck!

3. Caring for Others' Creatchis
You may help care for others' creatchis in two ways: (a) Gifting, (b) Creatchi Care.

a. Gifting
You may gift items in your inventory to other Creatchi owners. When you're logged in and viewing another user's Creatchi, you'll see your own item inventory at the top of the page (if you haven't given a gift in the past 5 minutes). Simply click on the item you want to send to the other user, and you'll receive a confirmation message that the item was successfully sent. The other user will also receive a private message in their inbox letting them know that you sent the item.

b. Creatchi Care
If a Creatchi is starving to death, the community may try to help save it. When you see a little red cross button below a dying Creatchi, you can click on it to help it. Once the Creatchi receives 10 helps, his or her hunger level will go up +1. Users may only help a Creatchi one time per help cycle.

4. Breeding

Once your Creatchi reaches the ages of adolescent and adult, it may be bred with another Creatchi. However, certain requirements must be fulfilled in order for two Creatchis to be eligible to breed. If the "breed" link hasn't appeared on another Creatchi yet, try to figure out what the problem could be.

Once the "breed" link appears on another Creatchi, you may send a request to that Creatchi's owner. After the request has been approved, the two Creatchis will be listed as 'spouses' and there is a chance that the female will become pregnant. After a certain amount of time passes, she will give birth to an egg which may be adopted by another Creatures Caves member. The appearance of offspring is based on the parents' genes.

5. Death

Unfortunately, as in both real life and Creatures games, Creatchis do not live forever. They may die from neglect by their owner, or from old age after becoming senile. If your Creatchi dies, it will be moved to the Creatchi graveyard where you and your friends may mourn its loss. A new Creatchi may be hatched or adopted, however, so you won't be lonely for long!


Updated by Malkin on 5/5/2013 - gifting.
Updated by Malkin on 5/19/2013 - Creatchi Care.
Updated by Rascii on 7/4/2013 - added the energy drive.
Updated by Malkin on 8/8/2013 - navigating to your creatchi + 5 minute gifting.
Updated by Rascii on 11/8/2013 - Added naming instructions.
Updated by Jessica on 2/5/2014 - Do not disturb two day limit added.
Updated by DarbyDoo on 9/17/2014 - added a smiley that was missing.

ylukyun | 9/4/2023  log in to like post  1

You need to get their friendship level up to 9 to breed a second time, then a new breed link will appear.
drewitzwitch | 8/30/2023  log in to like post

The breeding request mentions that creatchis can breed twice in their lifetime . . . how do we make that second time happen, since they are already "married?"
poljik2 | 3/13/2023  log in to like post  3

Being able to pet your Creatchi would be nice, I think :)
ylukyun | 1/21/2021  log in to like post  1

If you keep coming online periodically you'll amass them, or you can sell non-food items.
GhastlyMirror | 1/21/2021  log in to like post

I ran out of food because I ran out of currency how to I earn coins?
DarkFay | 11/4/2020  log in to like post

There are no meet links. On none of those other Creatchis. My sad little one is soo alone. But without a link I can't send him to play. :-(

Oh sorry, I didn't see I had already requests from all the other Creatchis. This was perhaps the reason. I'm always a little bit slow. So.. sorry!

FieryBirdyThing | 1/26/2020  log in to like post

Ah, OK. That sounds a lot better than I thought. Thank you very much.
ylukyun | 1/25/2020  log in to like post  3

Once a day. You can sometimes get away with every other day.
FieryBirdyThing | 1/25/2020  log in to like post

This sounds like an interesting feature. However, I'm a bit concerned about the part that says 'don't forget to check on them often'. How often do Creatchis need to be checked on? I'd like to try this out, but if I need to log in every few hours or so in the day, then I'm not sure if I'd be able to.
Kirel | 8/13/2019  log in to like post

Ok, thanks!

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