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Care of C1 Grendels   Games   Malkin | 3/26/2013  log in to like post  1

Malkin's guide to grendel care in Creatures 1.

Despite the literature coming with the game, describing the grendels as "green skinned red eyed monsters", who "love to steal food and beat up the Norns. It is advised to stay away from them as much as possible since they carry diseases that can seriously damage your Norns' health.", grendels in C1 do not carry disease any more than norns do - however, as they do not show up on many of the kits by default, their sicknesses will more often than not go undetected.

Grendels have a very similar DDNA structure to that of norns - the chief differences are that they do not have genes related to reproduction, and that they suffer from larger amounts of anger, boredom, and possibly hunger than norns do. As with all creatures, kindness and training can make a world of difference to your grendels.

Female grendels can be coaxed from the grendel mother by using the Grendel Machine Pre-Sexer COB by Kinnison, or by using the Genetics Kit, or simply importing a female grendel.

The default scripts that Cyberlife included with the game mean that whenever a grendel touches a norn, even if it intended to tickle or kiss a norn, it hits instead. The Grendel Friendly cob by Kinnison allows grendels the freedom of choice in whether to tickle or hit, and allows grendels to breed, if you have grendels with an added reproduction system.

If you do wish to have more than one grendel in your world, the Multiple Grendel Button can be used to cycle through selecting your grendel population, and checking their needs and if they're healthy or not. It is important to check up on your grendels' health regularly as they do not show up in the Observation Kit, and can thus be gravely ill or pregnant without you even knowing about it.

The area where a grendel hatches does not have a great deal of food, (a couple of honey pots and a few wedges of cheese) and may have pesky Cave Flies. Adding COBs like the Juicy Apples or even a simple Cheese Vendor can greatly improve the quality of life for any wild grendels, and can help them eke out a life beneath the spreading branches of the Grendel Tree. Even if you still dislike grendels, making sure they have a replenishing food source close to home can keep them from wandering too close to your norns in search of food.

There are various grendel sprite projects out there to give the grendel a full range of images for its life stages - the most modern is by Jessica, whose Complete Updated Creatures 1 Grendel can be downloaded here. Her sprites and body data fixes help grendels, and female grendels in particular, move about in a more fluid manner.

I liked adding toys which reduced anger as well as boredom - many of SteerPike's musical instruments do this, as does Steve Dismukes' Punching Bag, but there are many others - check out GirlySatan's COB Index at her Creatures Webpage to find more, each listed with its effects.

I hope that this helps you enjoy raising your cute, lizard-like Grendels!


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