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CCSF 2012 Details and News   

United States  

 visit Jessica's website: Discover Albia

As August begins to wind down, our CCSF season is just beginning! I took some time to figure out many of the details, though anything is subject to change. Most importantly, submissions are not limited to any of the descriptions! I have alternate plans to work in different types of releases, so please don't feel obligated to follow along with any of the world descriptions. They're here to stimulate and inspire developers, and those looking for some new ideas. By all means, think outside of the box!

CCSF 2012 DATES: November 1-14, 2012
CCSF 2012 THEME: New Worlds

The following are descriptions of new worlds that may be used during the CCSF. Everyone is encouraged to gather new ideas from the following, but as stated above, submissions are certainly not limited to the following.

(There are twenty descriptions, but I'm expecting only about half to be utilized. If need be, more days may be tacked onto the CCSF, but only if the number of releases makes it feasible. I've got contingency plans! And if these don't spark enough inspiration, think a little further: Could something be living beneath the surface of these worlds? Or perhaps a desolate planet is being orbited by an inhabited spacecraft?)

Temperature: Very Hot | Weather: Dry | Danger: Radiation

Hot magma flows over the blackened landscape like rivers, where it is generated in multiple active volcanoes. Surprisingly, the flora and fauna have adapted to these conditions: Most gain their nutrients directly from the magma, or spring up after the hot liquid has dried out and cooled down. Radiation makes some portions of the world too dangerous for standard exploration, but scans indicate that other living beings may live close to the volcanoes, and perhaps even inside. The ecosystem is primarily composed of life forms exhibing red, orange, and black color schemes.

Temperature: Hot | Weather: Very Dry | Danger: Thirst

This entire world is composed of yellow sand, as far as the eye can see. A probe indicated that several oddly colored sands exist in different areas, though the reasoning is unknown. Water is extremely scarce, and vegetation is nearly nonexistent. The heat of the sand has made land travel nearly impossible, except for a life form or two which has adapted to the conditions. Fauna were observed flying through the air: They moved very slowly, as if to conserve energy. Further investigation was cut short due to time, but this yellow world seems to have something beneath the surface.

Temperature: Moderate | Weather: Moderate | Danger: None

A relaxing aura enveloped this world from its inception, where its islands create the perfect tropical paradise. Over a dozen islands were observed during a reconnaissance mission, and each seemed slightly different than the next. Nearly every life form has adapted to an amphibious life, with most able to swim to other islands, and a select few able to travel through the relaxing air. The flora is not as colorful as may be expected, though it does have an amazing range of green and blue hues. Sandy beaches adorn every island, where the waves play a constant melody.

Temperature: Hot | Weather: Wet | Danger: Predators

From space, this world is slathered in green and appears to be a gaseous planet. However, closer inspection has revealed a world growing with the thickest vegetation and the most varied array of flora among waterfalls and streams. Every color is represented beneath the canopy, though it was discovered that hostile and territorial residents made close inspection impossible. It was undetermined whether the probe was attacked by a Norn, Grendel, Ettin, or other species. The air remains hot and sticky all the time, though the world's residents are unaffected by these conditions.

Temperature: Moderate | Weather: Moderate| Danger: None

The mission to explore this world was largely incomplete, due to our inability to scan deep beneath its oceanic surface. Land is nowhere to be found, but the clear water is teeming with life. Nearly a dozen fish species swam together just below the top layer of water. Underwater audio scans indicated several large masses, presumably cities or bases, deep below the surface. It is theorized that many life forms have not seen the light of day from the deep recesses of the water. It was peculiar that no large life forms were detected. Future deep sea exploration is recommended.

Temperature: Moderate | Weather: Moderate | Danger: Poison

A vastly colorful world was discovered from long range images, and a closer inspection of the world's surface revealed something truly spectacular. Everywhere, growing at every height, are different species of flowers blooming in every imaginable color. Plant life dominates the ecological system: It was discovered that many flora possess specialized defenses ranging from invisibility and agility, to toxic spikes and poisonous gasses. The creatures of this world have adapted to the dominance of the flowers. Intelligence indicates that some "flowers" may actually be animal species.

Temperature: Moderate | Weather: Moderate | Danger: None

To describe this world in a matter of a few words is impossible, and would never do it justice. Its inhabitants are masters of architecture, with intricate, gigantic structures forming pseudo-cities. Many buildings look like pieces of art, and are treated that way: No lifeforms were detected inside many of the structures. Reconnaissance indicated how even the youngest critters have some skill in crafting or building, which may come from highly advanced learning, or refined instincts. Every architectural style can be seen, which may indicate space exploration or communication.

Temperature: Hot | Weather: Moderate | Danger: Contaminants

Safeties were overridden to investigate this world, which was clearly destroyed long ago. The cause of destruction is unknown, and many possibilities exist. Scans showed multiple small encampments where lifeforms grouped together. Air samples showed an unsustainable atmosphere, though life has clearly survived. Contaminated water and radioactive elements suggest a sort of nuclear disaster, though there are other possible causes. This world is largely undocumented, due to its many dangers, but further study of its surviving inhabitants is warranted.

Temperature: Moderate | Weather: Dry | Danger: Pollution

A highly advanced and dominant species has taken control of this world, and for a considerable period of time. Commodities are produced quickly and efficiently, though the economy of the world is not yet understood. Inter space travel and trade appears to be the way of life for many residents, for the world is highly polluted and largely uninhabited. Lesser lifeforms appear to have learned how to live off of the pollutants and excess industrial energy. Intelligence shows that the dominant race is scarce on the world's surface, and may reside in orbit on a structure or moon.

Temperature: Very Cold | Weather: Moderate | Danger: Blizzards

Blasts of cold air characterize the surface of this planet, which is composed primarily of snow and ice. Visibility is exceptionally low, and one probe was lost in a particularly violent snowstorm. It began transmitting many years later, from a location under the unforgiving surface. Data suggests that an organized, intelligent society and ecological system may exist beneath the surface. Recent surface scans have shown heat rising from small openings, as well as possible entrances to the world beneath this world. There is also possible evidence of a group of hardy surface residents.

Temperature: Very Hot | Weather: Very Dry | Danger: Fire

In-depth examination of this unusual world was barred due to extreme heat conditions. This entire world is made of constantly changing fire: Some areas experience cooler red flames, while there are particularly concentrated blue flames in some areas of the landscape. Scans indicate that the weather may be fire driven. Despite the extremely hot conditions, several species were noted on the surface. Nutrition may actually derive from heat and fire, while anything living on the surface appears to be immune to burns, though fire was noted to flow through some critters.

Temperature: Cold | Weather: Moderate | Danger: None

The color palette of this world is made almost entirely of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. Flora sport uniquely autumn patterns year round, yet never lose their leaves. The weather patterns often bring in dense clouds and cool temperatures, which has made many residents evolve longer coats and ways to keep warm. Some of the more intelligent creatures appear to have taken up farming, and visual scans showed signs of harvesting in various regions. This is a world of plenty, where time seems to stand still and that unique autumn quality permeates every area of life.

Temperature: Hot | Weather: Very Wet | Danger: Quicksand

Tall trees with immense roots litter the landscape of this swampy world, where dry land is the richest of possessions. Flora and fauna have developed over the years to create an ecological system almost entirely dependent on the trees. The swampy land below is very unstable, with large patches of quicksand and deep mud to blame for many deaths. Skeletons poking out of the top layer of mud were observed by probes. Natural bridges made of vines and overlapping branches make travel easy for the treetop residents. Strangely, flying creatures were not reported.

Temperature: Moderate | Weather: Dry | Danger: Predators

A plethora of never-before-seen trees inhabits this world, which is primarily composed of a neverending forest. With such a dense layer of branches and leaves, sunlight rarely reaches the ground. In this dark region, many fauna have developed night vision for use at all hours. Plants are a rare find beneath the enormous trees, but those that do exist do not rely on photosynthesis. Some were noted to generate their own light. Predators abound on the ground level: One probe was destroyed by a large creature with giant teeth and claws. Exploratory caution is recommended.

Temperature: Moderate | Weather: Very Wet | Danger: Water

Long range radar labeled this world as an aquatic one, but closer investigations revealed a world cloaked in constant rainstorms. Water is the main source of energy for nearly every species of flora and fauna detected on the world's surface. The ground is made of an unusual substance that channels water deep beneath the ground, so that liquid pools never form. Intelligence estimates that the rain quickly is recycled back into the air to fuel the storms. Inhabitants have not built shelters to escape the rain: Intelligence estimates that they require constant water to survive.

Temperature: Moderate | Weather: Dry | Danger: None

Attack alarms were initiated when exploration began in the atmosphere of this world. Evasive maneuvers were unnecessary: Fireworks were the cause of the alarms. This world is always in a perpetual state of celebration, for every possible reason. The inhabitants are rather advanced, with amusement park features present in many areas. Electricity has also been harnessed. Some species have learned to live off of the leftover celebration materials, which vary tremendously in size, shape, and color. Inhabitants are most likely exceptionally friendly, happy, and resourceful.

Temperature: Variable | Weather: Variable | Danger: Disappearances

No single description could share the strange ways of this world. What appeared in one location one day is completely different the next day: The world is constantly changing, with teleportation devices and oddities of all sorts. Multiple probes were lost under mysterious circumstances while exploring some of the inhabitants. None have returned, though transmissions still come through from time to time. The world appears to include everything imaginable, from the cutest little beings to the things nightmares are made of. Nothing about this fascinating world is concrete.

Temperature: Cold | Weather: Dry | Danger: Falls

Mountain peaks from this world nearly stretch into space, and intelligence shows a band of orbiting matter that may be the result of these peaks. There is a possibility that the mountains are actually in a state of growth. Travel across this rocky landscape is extremely difficult, with tall cliffs and narrow paths dotting the mountainsides. Residents have adapted to this environment with specialized hands and feet, while others have taken to flight. Species of flora are also present, teetering on the mountain edges and providing delicious meals to only the bravest creatures.

Temperature: Variable | Weather: Variable | Danger: Malfunctions

Long range communication was established with the residents of this world, where technological innovations have been the most important part of life. Every type of gadget was observed, from simple electronic toys to completely mechanized plant life. Technological experimentation is often engaged in, but observations proved how common malfunctions can be. Space travel was not confirmed, but the intelligent inhabitants are assumed to be familiar with its properties. Life is very structured around technological advancements, and many critters no longer rely on nature.

Temperature: Moderate | Weather: Dry | Danger: Electrocution

This mostly gaseous world does not possess a true surface, but instead is made of various forms of clouds. Due to the permeability, all species have extremely low masses in order to live atop the clouds. Their composition is unknown, for no water was detected. Beautiful, clear skies reign supreme over this world, where everything has a very clean feel. Inhabitants appear to travel from different clouds only when necessary, either through flight or enormous jumps. Pastel-like colors characterize all elements of this world, where even the clouds have slightly different hues.

Discover Albia



 visit sam999's website: Speculative Evolution

I love this idea!

Already I've been inspired.

The CELEBRATION WORLD for example might have been built up by self-replicating robots build by a now long-extinct species, so long ago that it has evolved new species of critter to feed upon dropped popcorn and cotton candy.

Rides cover the landscape reaching nearly to orbit, creatures by the thousands play among the endless toys, borg norns lurk in the depths feeding off leeched electricity from the equipment and lost toys won from ring-toss games and apart from perhaps a few fossilized skeletons unlike anything known on albia in the ticket windows no sign of whatever species built it is anywhere.

The AUTUMN WORLD could be kind of like a planet-wide small-town county fair. Loads of simple toys, odd critters, and of corse, pumpkins and fall-colored trees by the hundreds.

The DREAM WORLD would be the most deadly of them all. Half-sunk into the Warp, on it, simply put Reality Is Out to Lunch. Steeping a centimeter forward might lead to moving a few kilometers backward into a pond of chocolate pudding and ettin bile, or across the galaxy off the world. Creatures ranging from borlands and grendels combined by the randomness into huge masses of body horror to albian carrot beetles made of tiny, golden clockworks to statues which when not observed will move around and put whoopee cushions under the landing pads of your starship.

Going there can lead to attack from anything from a normal grendel, dozens of doozers fused together by their tails into sort of a rat-king monstrosity to the Slender Man of creepypasta fame, complaining about how this isn't the right world, he belongs on creepypasta blogs not in the CC.

What do you think?


United States  

 visit Jessica's website: Discover Albia

Awesome, Sam999! I'm purposefully leaving the descriptions somewhat vague so that they can be interpreted slightly differently. I really love your ideas, though! Perhaps we'll see some releases based on your ideas: They sound very interesting, and would definitely liven up any world!

Discover Albia


United States  

 visit GrayDragonEmily's website: Emily's Observations

The volcanic, apocalyptic, fire, industrial, and technological worlds sound awesome to me.

Patient Pirate




These sound great. I like sam999's interpretation of the Celebration World. It reminds me a little of Creatures Playground.

I'm really not sure where my main release would fit. Without giving anything away, I'll say that it's colorful.

Sanely Insane

United States  

 visit Yomegami's website: The Realm

Given what my main release is most likely going to be, I'd love for the Aquatic World to be one of the themes.

That said, I'm also interested in the Volcanic, Jungle, Rain, and Cloud worlds. The Clould World brings to mind a world from one of my other works, where the clouds are an ocean with ships and all that.

~ The Realm ~
D.L. Yomegami's Creatures Blog


United States  

 visit Jessica's website: Discover Albia

Glad these are getting good responses! Ylukyun, no need to worry about fitting in any releases: Leave that job to me! I'll be working on the schedule based on what is submitted.

Grendel Man: Once submissions open up, I'll be asking submitters to note whether their releases will fit in with any of the world descriptions. Some might not have anything, others might be normally filled up, and others might have a lot of releases. No worries, though: I'll be making sure that each day has a fair number of releases, so we're not faced with 10 things to try one day, and only one or two the next day.

The rest of the descriptions should be up by the end of tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest!

Discover Albia



 visit sam999's website: Speculative Evolution

Also, if anyone wants it, another idea.

Creature of the Day

In essence each day would have a Norn, Grendel, Ettin or Geat GMed to fit the theme of the day with the backstory of having been recovered from the planet of the day.

For example, World Five might have a blue-tinted aquagrendel able to use the swimmingagent. Number Eight might have a toxic-adapted ettin.

You get the idea....


United States  

 visit Jessica's website: Discover Albia

Great idea, Sam999! That's definitely going on the list of ideas for submissions that aren't in the agent/COB/breed/meta room category. I should have a pretty good idea of which types of worlds will best fit in on release days by mid-September: I'll post more about this idea in a couple of weeks, after submissions have opened and all of the world descriptions have been added. Thanks for posting that! Kind of like the adoption sampler from last year, only with a different feel that fits in with this year's theme. I like it!

Feel free to continue posting and sharing ideas here! There have been some wonderful ideas already, and I think we'll be able to have a great CCSF this year! Can't wait to see the submissions... Details for submitting releases will be out soon!

Discover Albia



 visit sam999's website: Speculative Evolution

Glad to hear you liked my idea.

Also, an idea for the dream world.

Trees that emit fog. When the fog touches creatures it randomly injects or removes tiny amounts of random chemicals from them, harmlessly due to the small amounts. Perhaps some odd shapes can be seen moving in the fog if it gets particularly thick and sometimes it randomly spawns stuff. However a whole grove of trees can "stack" their effects leading to major changes. Norns might vanish after walking into it never to be seen again. Odd critters might spawn. An ettin who wandered in might get injected with life chemical giving it a few more hours of lifespan.

Sort of a Creatures take on the trope of the lost woods.


United States  

 visit Jessica's website: Discover Albia

Thanks for another great suggestions, Sam999! Hopefully it will spark some inspiration for anyone looking for an idea.

All world descriptions have been posted! Browse through them: Hopefully they will spark some creative releases for the CCSF 2012! I will be posting more news soon, mostly in regards to submissions. Everything is welcome: Even a poem or story about one of these world descriptions would be amazing!

Discover Albia


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