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LoverIan's Journal | Survivor: Space   
Caves Dweller

United States  

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Hello~ A long time ago I stumbled onto Creatures Caves. Most of the time I visited, I noticed something called Survivor, that for the most part seemed either finished, starting up, or inactive, however, it seemed magical. I've played a bunch of times, a bunch of worlds, agents, and breeds, and its been a whole lot of fun. Along with that, I've loved the time I get to spend as an active part of the community, as I participated with a poem in CCSF (2009 I think), and I've been meaning to be more active. So, I think its about time I Sign Up for this great event~!

- Rascii



8/19/7013 6:15 AM
"Waaaaaaah! I slept in an entire day???"

Curse my Yettin blood, I sensed the cold of space through the walls of the ship, and assumed it was hibernation time! If I hadn't smelled my tea making device finish a new batch, I would've kept sleeping...
Well, it seems there are others on the ship. Its good news to me, since it means I won't be lonely!

I went to the terminal at my door and set my hand down. I don't know about others, but I felt a light pinch as it authenticated me. It might have been my fur getting caught in something.

Username: Ian
Pasword: ***********
Moniker: 009-etti-60G5-N75K-E246
Species: Ettin
Sex: M
Mother: NMF
Father: NMF

I was worried, but everything seems to be working!
It seems I'm just a plain worried individual, as soon I became worried of what was on the other side of my door. The introductory video scared me a bit, I mean normally things go much better than this, right? It was only made more worry filled as I heard something on the other side of my door. My worries of the outside, or more ship side world became intensified!

I open it up, and what do I find?
It seemed to be a scuttling machine. I assume its one of those that roams, searching for life forms to detoxify. It sprayed me with a gentle mist, which would have been nice if not for my fur....
I had to dig through my suitcase for a comb to de-mattify my fur!

I'm noticing strange pods in one of the hallways. I'll report more on them later, but for now I need to finish my Quirky Cookie Tea!




8/19/7013 1:32PM

I've taken a moderate stroll about the facilities, and I have to admit that I am tempted to begin taking samples for analysis.
When I say analysis I mean to say analysis of if it is a good tea ingredient. Currently the jar of orange viscous fluid I found leaking from the ventilation ducts in many parts of the ship is being processed and packaged into a single tea bag.

I also find it is the proper time to detail about my tea making device...
Years ago, I made the decision to create the device. Mainly because I was tired of having to collect tea leaves and begin the complex process of making them suitable to make tea with. This caused me to do a weeks long process of designing the device.
I have little memories of those weeks, but I must confess at one point a yo-yo and a pineapple were involved. In the end, I found myself with a gadget I knew not how to replicate, and by chance learned it works with almost anything and everything. On a segue, it must be said that stinger tea is not to be recommended.

My theory about the orange liquid is that it is some sort of medication that was meant to be administered to us through the air. There must have been some sort of glitch, probably the temperature of it to vaporize was thought of as lower than actual, so its in a liquid, semi-solid form.

This theory became modified when I saw the liquid in other places as it seemed to be blood. I heard a low growl, and in fear, I turned.
Of course, I turned while undoing the business end of my suitcase. I felt kind of bad, because anything that gets hit, ends up pin-cushioned by the sharp implements I keep in the front compartment.
The beast seemed to be whimpering as it was slammed against the wall. It slowed, and finally stopped after thirty seconds. I began repacking the front compartment, and noticed the beast was leaking the orange fluid...
I'm not sure what it means, but the vents and this beast's blood HAVE to be connected!




8/20/7013 7:21 AM

I'm currently ruminating on a few things, like how exactly does the clock at the top of my journal even work. This is primarily due to the fact I am in space.
As an Ettin, my fascination of gadgets caused me to become a bit experienced in them, but along with that, I had a mutation that caused me to perceive all data receptacles, like books, as gadgets.

The result is me wanting to write about the physics of space, and how clocks and calendars are primarily only ever useful while planet side. However this would result in a tirade nobody wants to see or read.

Onto more pressing matters, I've made tea from samples I've collected all over the ship, but I'm nearly obsessed with taking a shuttle down to the planet below. Current readings worry me, and I have yet to make contact with other contestants other than the messenger client used for the contestants.
The Infamous Orange Goo, which I think needs a name has hallucinogenic qualities and properties, which can cause a sort of fever, changed perspective of surroundings, distortion of all senses, change of vocals, the usual hysteria/paranoia exhibited by one who is heavily intoxicated, and I assume these are only the beginning effects. As my theory with the use of vents to medicate players goes, there could be properties yet to be unlocked by turning it into a gas.
This is a primary reason why I refuse to actually make the Orange Goo Tea, as boiling it could vaporize some of it, or the aroma could have a focused effect. I will be leaving two tea bags in my room for safe keeping, as the planet below works strangely, and at the same time is quite warm, which could cause vaporization, or other effects.
I plan on leaving a message in the community chat client about where I will leave a bag of the orange goo tea if anyone wants to test it.

Once I have gathered myself and prepared, I will voyage to the planet below.




8/21/7013 01:13AM

It took a while, but I was able to gather my things. I had heard something about the beasts roaming the corridors, and something wrong with the shuttles. I entered the bay, and began to try to fit into one of the suits.
It is awkward, if only for my layers and layers of insulating fur. I was lucky enough to find a helmet that has specially made horn holsters so I wouldn't risk breaking it in event of a crash.

I entered my shuttle, and began to inspect the interior to make sure I was alone, and safe. I sighed one of relief, as I began to familiarize myself with Shuttle 9. I assume I'll be using it often, in hopes that I can return to the space station.
In a matter of time I pressed the launch button, and watched as the shuttle moved, dis-attaching from the docking port that kept it in place. In seconds, I was at the back of the launch strip, the huge bay doors in front of me.

As the bay doors opened, and the belt began to work. It was a strange contraption, but was necessary for launching shuttles. I heard a loud snap as my shuttle unhooked from the belt, and was shot into the depths of space. Joking on the depths bit.
It already was set for the planet, and was working itself to use the pull of the planet to land me in safely.

On the short journey I wrote a mere composed entry of my thoughts for the community chat client on the beasts. If I can back onto the station, I promise I'll investigate the depths of the ship to confirm my theory!
Along with that, a view of the planet, and a GPS of other shuttles that had landed was available. I tried to familiarize myself with it, but had trouble figuring who was where.

Firstly, it only told you where which shuttles were, and their numbers. That meant you had no idea who had piloted it, or who was on-board.
Secondly, only a few others had even bothered to say what number shuttle they rode down to planet-side. This meant that I knew a few of who had been in what, and where they'd be, but no idea entirely for the rest.
Thirdly, and I guess Lastly, due to the nature of the planet's rotation, landing anywhere near another shuttle was a true matter of luck. Further on that, is that due to the general nature of beings who do not remain in the same place all their life, I had no idea where other contestants were....

This made the rest of the trip careful planning, as I had been alone all this time on the ship, and was yearning for some conversation outside the community chat client.

On a good note, my landing wasn't a crash, and was more a soft settling I guess. Now I just need to get out of this shuttle!

8/21/7013 3:57AM

I have good news to start with, I pried the door open!
It honestly took me a bit, and was scary for me. This was mainly due to the door not opening properly.

The atmosphere seems fine despite the heat. When I say despite the heat, it is way too warm for me.
This is only a bad note as it seems my current suit is malfunctioning, and its environmental control features aren't working, at least the temperature maintenance isn't. This means I will be sweating much worse inside the suit!
For those reasons I have removed it and left it inside.


I have managed to explore a bit. It seems I am in a plains like area, and have crashed landed near Pod 6.

Upon my investigation it seems Pod 6 has been vacated and I can only hope to find my fellow contestant later.



  8/23/2013  1

8/22/7013 11AM

I explored around the area for a bit. I ended up getting lost for a bit, and tried to explore a bit further off to find my fellow contestant.
However, I came back a few hours later at most and they had lifted back up into space!

It seems my time on this planet has been cut short, as when I returned to my Shuttle 9, there seemed to be only handful left on plant side....
Along with that, I checked the info on the screen again, and it seems I misread the info kiosk's details earlier! It seems the atmosphere is unknown. This scared me, as I'd been out of my suit for a day!

This trip truly had been cut short, as I need to get back to the space station for a quick trip to the infirmary!

Before I lift off, I should make a log of what I have been able to find:
A few berries, if they can be called that. They truly seem to be shrunken, and they smell like they would be bitter.
A tuber sort of plant. It was mostly exposed so I assumed it should be safe to just dig a bit. It shook as I dug to expose it more so I could remove it!

That truly is it for now!

3 PM

I was able to return to the ship. It seems to truly be in vogue to return right now!
I returned my new belongings to my room, hoping can find a way to start growing them on the ship instead of prepping and packaging them as tea!

Onto more important business, I ventured to the infirmary, looking for something I could use to run quick diagnostics.
These were the results in the transcript....

Subject has been identified as Ian.
Species is Ettin, of the Yettin variety.


Subject seems to be adjusting to a change in climate.
Subject has a slightly raised heart rate.
Subject's body is covered in a fur that currently is too thick for proper internal diagnostics to be run.
Subject's fur is matted in many places, lower part of legs dirtied, and in spots, seeds of plants have been caught in the fur and will need to be cut out.
Subject's feet have light scratches and abrasions on the foot commonly found on those running on dirt and dry grass.

Subject is advised to stay still while changes are made to ease future diagnostics.
Subjects that do not stay still often experience a mild burning sensation, along with light cuts, and after a while light to mild itching.

Changes are finished, resuming diagnostics.

Subject's skin seems to have a rash from sweat and dust.
Subject's internals appear to have no major changes.
Subject's lungs seem to have a minor amount of currently unexamined gas, but the amount is unlikely to be fatal or detrimental to the Subject's long term health.
Subject appears to be of normal to above average health.


All in all I seem fine, but I'm not sure if I would have been after long....




8/23/7013 4PM

Today was mostly uneventful. I wandered the corridors searching for something to aid me in my search. I've been eliminating the options, as it seems the beasts escape from the vents now and then.

I currently have these as listed options:

A. There is a farm somewhere for the beasts
A1. These beasts are being farmed for their blood

B. Something invaded the ship
B1, The byproduct of this, potentially an ark is its native life forms are on the ship
B2. This one is unlikely, but possible. This is due to the corridors twisting and turning and eventually leading to specific key areas no matter what you do.

C. The H.A.N.D. is creating these things to test us.
C1. These could be part of a future challenge, but there was a leak.
C2. Could be part of Option A.

I'm not sure, I'd have to report on my findings. Sadly it seems like I continue to be alone. My tea production is doing well, but I am not sure there are others willing to drink it.
I worry that as this competition goes, we begin to truly feel this game is that of a Zero Sum Game.

Allow me to explain a Zero Sum Game.
That in which a game only one may win and each must fight to win. Sadly, we all knew there would only be one winner going in. I knew that too, but I do not think any of us expect what the future is to hold.
Examples of Zero Sum Games are often ones where it is a Battle Royale, where only one may be victor and all others die. Along with that, one could use Student Rankings for classes. Any seriously competitive student finds themselves in a situation eventually where they must sabotage a friend.
In this, I notice there is already flocking, and grouping to take out others. I fear that I have been left out, meaning I am one who will be targeted. I do not intend to become a lone wolf, but it is entirely unavoidable as it may seem.




8/25/7013 11AM

Yesterday was uneventful. At least I believe it is.
The Tea Making Machine could have had a minor malfunction, causing the properties of the Orange Goo, and other Tea Brews in the works to combine. I assume this resulted in hallucinations, and memory loss.

If I had managed to leave my room and get my Journal Tablet I certainly would have.
I plan on doing gentle diagnostics soon. I will not state them, as I assume they will be a bit boring again.


I honestly am beginning to feel the Medical Bay is like a Grooming Palace to me.
I only say this as my biology is a great tool for tricking machines.
In order to get any work done, the machine has to make an orderly shape out of my fur, combing it, teasing it, in general I am looking at the Diagnostics Equipment more and more like a Hairdresser with each moment.
I managed to use the controls to communicate with the program. I'm quite impressed it could be persuaded in any form to do a dye job.

Though, if you can convince a machine that purple coloring on the right and left shoulder sides in the shape of capital I's will help do better scans, I wonder what else you can do....

For now I'm looking about the ship, trying to find something to boil my tea with. Along with that, I hopefully can find a garment with some straps, and bottling for the tea.
Perhaps one of my fellow contestants can assist me...




8/26/7013 6AM

It seems nobody has contacted me on supplies they have. This means I will have to rummage about.
However, I more feel like taking the day off!




8/27/7013 11PM

Today was less eventful I would like to think. It seems the contest is to look through the security feeds and find our favorite still of exploration.
I'll have to go through my recorded footage and find my favorite moment on the planet. There were a lot of fun ones recently, but I think I'll know soon which I loved most.

On a side note, I got my dye job redone, this time it is much better in quality and doesn't even itch! The dye still washes away, but it is much more slowly now.

I just wish somebody would invite me to come out and have some fun....




8/30/7013 4:46 PM

I haven't posted in a while. I've mostly been dealing with issues. It feels like everyone has developed cliques, and I think I was late to this.
I don't think I've ever been good at grouping, as I usually end up feeling like I'm driving a wedge between others unintentionally.

Along with that, I've gone through the video feeds and it more makes me feel unhappy looking at myself. I try to get a good still, but I can't just be happy with how I look.
Sometimes it is a curl in my fur, sometimes it is the angle, and sometimes I just hate to look at myself.
I've mostly been sleeping in my room, trying to cheer myself up with new tea, and thinking how I should invetigate and clarify my theories, but I don't think it will all be that helpful.




8/31/7013 3:30PM

I was lucky enough not to be voted off! I was nearly sure I was a goner even after I voted on friday!
However, I'm sad to see Malkin and ettinmaniac go! I've heard good things about her, and her journals certainly were well written.

Since I haven't thrown in the towel, and am no longer side tracked, I must re-focus myself on the task at hand!
Getting to the bottom of this mysterious place, and reaching the Pilot Deck~!

I'll contact the other contestants as soon as I can, but first, it seems those who have a fan base received a care package!
One such fan, GrayDragonEmily included a letter. This was really exciting, as it meant I had fanmail! I can only hope I'm not the only one getting fanmail and such! This was her letter:


LoverIan, I hope you will succeed.


My fans mostly just had a classic Shee Earl Grey bag (or three) of tea, which was really considerate! They also included a small tin of Shee Hummus, and my very first creation, the Percentile Roller.
Oh happy day, this just brings back memories. Oh how I love that memory. This is a Type A Percentile Roller Gadget, I made only a few types, but it is a dice you toss or roll. It then says out loud what you rollled! So I'll toss it like this, aaaand~

Percentile Roller


A 46!

After I made it, I began using it like a Magic Divination Polygon, setting parameters based on the options, trying to split them evenly. Sometimes it is what made me decide to do a certain thing.

I don't think I'll be venturing around much, it seems that the ship mirror's the planet's own weather, which is Fog. However, we're lucky it isn't as hot up here as it is down below, where the fog would me more like the air in a Sauna!




9/1/7013 6PM

Today, I attempted something evil.
I have attempted to persuade the Diagnostics machine to do something at my behest. It seems to have work, unless I have hallucinated.
This is managing to get the Diagnostics Machine to roll itself backwards. It seems to have moved an inch or two, which is progress.
Ultimately, I plan on having it being portable, able to move along the halls.

I believe if I can fix it up, I can make sure to move it. I don't think anyone else knows how to really work this machine, and it could take up to a week, which would be problematic if I am to be voted off!
My theory is the Pilot's quarters are behind a wall, that we won't be able to get through to it via the normal corridors. This is why I am attempting to reprogram the Diagnostics Machine to think that it is looking at a Creature. Then, I will enter into it to do several needed amputations, that was the surgery machine will begin to 'amputate' the requested areas.
The result will be a hole in the corridor for us to travel through to find the rest of the sattellite's complex!

I venture due to the map, that there should be an entire complex unknown to us. This is due to the fact that before entering, I believe I remember seeing a mp of 'you new home for the game', that detailed several floors!

On another note I have used clippings from my fur and the Diagnostic Machine's Hair Transfer Procedure to create a stylized wig!




9/2/7013 1:55PM

I am going to hold a meeting for all survivor contestants in the mess hall. I will report back on what happens later.


It has come to my attention Nimh is in distress, but became alright. A part of me fears if my meeting was a wise idea.


It seems few if any were physically able to attend my Meeting. I felt it was an important matter to go over, but I forgot mentions of my theory on the ventillation duct beasts.




9/3/7013 3:13PM

I realize I have also neglected to mention the attempt at only having 1 contestant voted off per week.
This would involve one contestant selected at random to vote for themselves. They would monitor votes throughout the week, and then would report back weds/thurs, to detail what the votes are.
Then we would determine who is at highest, and attempt a 2 way tie for second place, to ensure only 1 person is voted off, extending our 'game' so that we may ensure we Survive.

I say Survive, as we have no proof other contestants voted off this game, are still alive.
Ettinmaniac kept to themselves, and inside their room. Nobody has entered their room recently.
How are we to be sure there was no struggle, and that their corpse is not lying in that room?

There was a disconcerting opening to this game that I believe could run fatal for us all.
I believe there may be a mastermind somewhere here, or among us all, that has taken over the Star Ship Survivor. I reason that this mastermind has reprogrammed or hijacked H.A.N.D. due to the kidnappings of contestants, and the general chaos we see ensuing.

This is why I reason being voted off may not be just teleportation to home.
It is why we must stall the game and attempt to overthrow it and reach safety.




((Hello, LoverIan here. I would like to warn you all this journal entry could get sliiightly graphic, along with that it is link/music heavy. I recommend that you open each link. I'll try to mark them as SONG and SFX. SFX are usually short and can be overlapped with SONGs. With SONGs, I recommend you close the tap playing the song, if there is a [STOP] in mu text.
Thank you, and please enjoy this entry!))

9/3/7013 6:40PM

SONG - The first song uwu
I should have felt it. My instincts normally work right. I normally can just feel it. I normally can har it, this doesn't happen to me.

I should have heard her.
But the truth is I didn't. It happened in an instant.
She dropped down onto me.
I felt like a tin can being crushed in a trash compactor, alone. My jaw banged, and then bounced back as it hit the table in front of me. My legs bent, and burned as the weight of the grendel slammed into me.

I thought that was it,

at least that was until I tried to move my right arm. It felt wrong.
Something was in my arm. It wasn't supposed to be there.
This was when I remembered that we all came with weapons.
One of them was a large knife.
I could feel something else, it was warm, and it was spreading over the right side of my body. I was pinned, and I felt a jerking motion, a pulling, as my back was arched.
A scaled hand grabbed my left horn, and pulled to bend my head back, as I looked up into her eyes.

There was a sharp twist, and I felt my right side gie, as the blade was pulled out. She kept eye contact as I tried to look away, I couldn't move, and everything felt like it was being drowned out, even her mutterings.
I didn't want it to be real, I wanted it to be a nightmare, that I'd dozed off in the Mess Hall.

Only when a drop of my own blood dripped down, into my right eye, I knew it wasn't.
I wanted to scream, and she knew I did. She slammed my head and my body forward, into the ground, banged against the leg of the table. The knife, soaked in my blood stabbed into the ground to the right of my head.

I began to scream, but my throat began to burn, and I was cut off. Her hands were squeezing my neck, as he pressed herself downwards.
My mind raced, as I started to see my blood, my breath slowing and stopping, and I could feel it against my face. It was so warm, the smell was so strong.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
I don't want this.
I don't want to play anymore.

My eyes started to close, and I felt light.

I woke what I can only assume was minutes later.
If it wasn't for the contents being spilled in front of me while I was unconscious, and the smell, I think I would have bled to death there.
I tried pulling myself up, getting up to a kneel against the table.

If my stomach hadn't been empty, what I saw before me would have ensured it become empty.
She's used my blood to write words, arrows pointing to me.
"An Example"
"My First Masterpiece"
"The False Prophet"
"My Retribution"
Those were only a few things she had written.

I couldn't move my right arm, it was limp. I could only use my left, as I slowly staggered, barely clutching my Journal Tablet as I walked forward.
I was slowly approaching the exit, trying not to fall over.

[Internal Error, Passage Missing From Entry]

I was lucky enough I had completed more work and loosened up the Diagnostics Machine.
It seemed able to sense an Ettin had just collapsed at the entrance to the Medical Bay, and requested the Gurney Bot move what could soon be a corpse further into the room.

The log showed I had several nerve endings cut and destroyed, along with severe blood loss.
Due to my medical profile requesting that amputation not be done, the operation was selected.
A blood replacement, nerve link revivals, intensive stitching, pain meds, and a few other procedures were required.

I've been typing this to the best of my memory from the Med Bay Bed currently assigned to me. Thanks to the supplies we do have, it is estimated I will make a full recovery by mid way next week.
I will be walking by tomorrow, but I will still be incapacitated, and weak.

Please, do not blam- [BROKEN SEGMENT]s I assume she i[BROKEN SEGMENT]ng with was practically bathed in the v[BROKEN SEGMENT]ucts. She is likely scared, even if she is a threat to many, if not all of us.
Take caution, and if possible, bring me a sandwhich from the Mess Hall. I was feeling peckish before the incident, and was hoping for a small snack. I'd prefer just a simple one, Shee Cheese, 1 Shee Pear slice, 2 Gobbler Meat Slices, and 4 Carrot Leaves, maybe with some Peanut Lemon Dressing? And if we have any Instant Tuba Stew left, that would be amazing.
I know I probably won't be able to finish much due to my condition, but I'm a glutton.




9/4/7013 6:55PM

I haven't accomplished much. I was able to get the controls to some of the more mobile machinery, and do a bit of work on the Diagnostics Machine.
It would be nice if the Surgery Machine actually did amputations, If it could I wouldn't have to fix the Diagnostics Machine.

In the good news my pain isn't that bad, I've slept most of the day, and I found a snack next to my bed someone had left.




9/5/7013 5:33PM

I've been able to walk about a bit. This is good news, because it means I was able to crouch for a bit and work on the gummed up wheels of the Diagnostics Machine.
In general it seems to have trouble moving on it's own from a single spot, and even then, can only move a foot every so many hours.

Not many of the wires are even damaged, it mostly seems to be things like the wheels themselves, along with what accelerates.
Deacceleration is not a problem for it, at all, and is able to stop instantly, often with a jerk.
I've noticed in the AI, it doesn't recognize a problem with its movement. This causes the machine to actually believe it is moving at higher speeds than it actually is moving.
That isn't really a problem, but it seems to have a navigation system, and features built in so it can perceive its surroundings. This means it can tell it is still stuck in the same place, even though it should be on the other end of the ship, but it cannot tell why, and thus assumes that the perception system is flawed or damaged, or even lagging.

When I combine it, it makes sense why it jerks forward as it stops so abruptly, and violently. The Diagnostics Machine believes it is blind partly, and that it might run into a wall, so it attempts to make a sudden stop at a much higher speed.

Most of the equipment here doesn't have many issues, and in fact, it seems to only be the Diagnostics Machine that has any major problems....
On another note, it seems someone, I think a separate grendel from the one that attacked me, visited. This is mainly because I'm smelling a strong grendel scent in some parts of the room.




9/6/7013 11:20 AM

I managed to wake up again, and began working on the wall.
It took a few hours to move the Diagnostics Machine, and the halls seem to have been cleared.

I'll have to do remote work due to the chance that this could result in an explosion.




9/7/7013 2:11AM

The Demolition is complete!

It seems the corridor leads into a small abandoned nest of the beasts.
On another plus side, there is a list system down the hallway! The new hallway I've opened up seems to be a *****illy, and smelly, but I'm sure it leads to greatness!

There is bad news, which is that the battery is dead...
I've wheeled the machine back to the Med Lab, and I'll have to search the building for another.

On a personal note, I've really enjoyed what I could get touched up on my body, redoing the dye job of the Purple I's, washing my fur, and a quick grooming.
I'm getting better slowly, and I feel bad that Daisy was voted off, but at least she is (hopefully) doing better now. Maybe she is no longer insane?
Then again, I do still have my 'voted off = dead' theory going about....

Speaking of being voted off, I should do a percentile roll to see if I'll make it!
50+ I do, 49 or less, I don't....

Percentile Roller


Oh. A 22....

Let's hope my percentile die is lying!




9/8/7013 2:12 PM

I've taken a trip down to the floor below the one I've spent the last 3 weeks on.
I found a few Staff Quarters, along with a few Rec Rooms, but nothing significant. It seems to be the usual stuff, but I'm now beginning to think that the floor I've been on was only one of many....

I was lucky to find that the Contest this week is a map of the Survivor Star Ship, as this lets me map out the complex while fulfilling a contest!

On another note, the beasts that seem to show up around this place more and more....
I am nearly certain that one of us is some sort of mastermind, of course they would fit under the 'evil' variety. Or maybe the 'mad' one....
I believe The Mastermind hacked the system, and ended up fooling H.A.N.D. into not only obeying them, but aiding them.
I believe that the beasts were part of their plan, but it went awry, as the beasts roam the halls. I have discussed the concept of the contestants being medicated forcefully by the vent system, which failed.
Honestly, I think that there must be some sort of place on the ship where the beasts are hooked into machines, and slowly drained of their blood. I do not think it is fatal, and is more a mix of living technology, and a blood bank.
Their psycho-active blood is harvested for its properties, and slowly introduced into the system. The only problem is that this fluid does not work the way The Mastermind thought it would in the Ventillation system, so they must now rely on other methods....

I do not think The Mastermind has been eliminated, and is still among us.




9/9/7013 11:19 PM

I have been too busy recently to write anything.
The unexplored regions of this ship are, interesting.
I may need more time to research.




9/10/2013 3:57

I have begun work on my draft of the Survivor Star Ship's form.
I have seen other depictions, and the differences,....
Are interesting to say the least!

In other news my right arm has most of its feeling back, and I seem to be regaining most of the nerve connections.

My time not spent tinkering has given me the moments needed to reflect on an error I made earlier:
I did not remember to install the password in the Diagnostics Machine.

This is only problematic if I am voted off. This would mean anyone, including The Mastermind, could use the machine.
If anyone were to find a fitting battery, or fuel source, they could even weaponize the machine.

My door bears scratch marks, that I fear were made when I am not in my room, or when I slumber.
These scratch marks are identical to those made by someone who has.... failed to force an entry.

I do not immediately assume it is the work of The Mastermind, I meant it could be anyone!
It could be me, trying to frame someone else.
It could be an accomplice of The Mastermind.
It could be a worried, fellow player of Survivor, trying to have a private conversation, while on the run.
It could even be a wandering beast from the Air Vents....

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