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POLL: How did you find creatures?   1 | 2



1 - My father somehow acquired the games, though I'm not sure if for me or out of coincidence, or where from he got them. Creatures 3, and Playground that is. I really ought to find the boxes again if they still exist.

2 - Plain and simple, Austria.

3 - I was 5 or 6 years old at the time, and had little idea of what I was actually doing.

Not sure if it helps, but a friend in elementary school had Creatures Village. He was one year older than me. I assume his step-father got him the game, given it was installed on his computer.




1. I once find an copy of C1 (around 1997), in a Zellers (this chain don't exist anymore) near my house. It looked like nothing I have view before, so «I» buy it, to play. To this day, I still have the game (and the sequels) but also the original Egg Floppy disc (with the first generation staying intact into it), but also on a USB key.

2. I'm from Québec, Canada.

3. When I discovered the serie I have been (or around) 10 years old. I don't understand all of the things, at first look, but I (and my cousins) we have learned quickly. Good memories, indeed.

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(Meant to reply to this earlier, whoops.)

1. To be honest, a streamer I watch happened to mention it in passing. I found it to be a fascinating concept so I looked into Creatures right away.

2. I'm from the US, specifically Illinois.

3. I was a couple weeks younger than I am now when I learned about Creatures. I don't know if that says something about the Creatures game itself or just something about me.

I can't even begin to imagine what Creatures was like in its heyday. I can't even imagine it having one, to be honest, considering the rather desolate state of the fan base. That's a shame too. I could have easily have gone my whole life never knowing about this game and this community.

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Sorry if my reply is a little late!

1. My mother found the CA game in the discount bin at Ross and decided to pick it up. She also found the second and third game but didn't but the second. We couldn't find it again for years afterwards.

2. My whole family is from Guam, we aren't native but my father and I were born there, but we moved to the states when I was 2. I currently live in Oregon, and that's where we found creatures.

3.So young I can barely remember. It was before we moved so... probably around 5 or so? I started playing C3 when I was that age too, without an instruction manual. What an adventure! I wish I could relive it.


United States  


1. How did you come across the creatures games?
I didn't actually find the main series games right away. I found the Creatures PS1. It wasn't until years later when looking up information about the cute little game I liked so much as a kid that i found out there were PC titles.
2. Where are you from?/Where were you when you discovered creatures?
I'm from Indiana. I found the PS1 game one Friday when my grandparents took my brother and I to Blockbuster to rent games. It was for sale and was the only copy there if I remember right. The cover drew me in with the cute lil critter on it and then reading the back of it about the features and I begged for it. I still have that copy too.
3.How old were you?
I honestly can't remember how old I was but since the copyright date on the game is 2001 I'm going to say I was 10 because I remember it being before Winter and I hadn't had my birthday yet. I was about 14 when I found out about the PC titles and told my grandfather about it. Then I finally really got into playing the games... whenever it was I joined the forums. *checks* When I was 26. Though between all that time I would occasionally doodle norns and things. Bengal Norns were my favorite.

Between my love of cookies, tea, and the observation of genetics in nature I'm practically a Shee.[ngrin]
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1. How did you come across the creatures games?

I actually discovered it first when an old friend(rest in peace)was gifted Creatures 1 for the Playstation. Later, I found out that the PC games existed and that's how I also found the community.

2. Where are you from?/Where were you when you discovered creatures?

I'm from Florida, US. I was at my friend's house, his parents bought him the game and I remember we both thought it looked really stupid. But we ended up enjoying it, and while he lost interest, he let me keep the game and I ended up playing the heck out of it.

3.How old were you?

I was either 11 or 12 for sure, definitely before I had internet! I was around 15 or 16 when I found the PC games and the community. This account is really old and boy, how I've changed so much since!

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1. Tv tropes, oddly enough
2. Where I’ve always lived, the USA.
3. Couple years ago, but I need to seem mysterious so I won’t tell you my real age, lol.

Grendels aren't so bad, but I love Ettins! They're adorable! The complexity of creatures is quite amazing.



1. My dad bought it for us two kids, as he occasionally would buy us games. Creatures was actually among the first ones. We didn't pick it out he just brought it home one day.
From what I recall he'd thought it'd be a platformer or something [nlaugh] He played it a little bit first and named the first norns, but he didn't play it himself anymore after the first few times. Or maybe he only played it that once, I don't remember.

(I really don't remember the timeline with these, but at some later point we also got Creatures 3, and later still, Creatures 2 (I'm not entirely sure, but I think that I wanted that game and we checked all the stores in case it would be there, and then it was?). During C3 we had dial-up internet though and my mother found some norns up for adoption from some site...I recall one of them was called "Billy Bob" and the description on the site said "I know, it's a horrible name" or something like that, and my mom commented "no it's not, how is that horrible?". Also she found a couple of colorful norns and it was really exciting playing with those because the most notable color mutations I'd ever get was norns with a very slight red or white tint, and they were extremely rare. At some point we got Creatures Adventures as well, we never had the expansion to it. I got Docking Station at some point too but that was when we actually had stable internet that I could use on my own, so that was quite a bit later from when we got the first game. I never had the mall breeds, or the life kits.)

2. Finland. I was at home. It wasn't long after we'd first gotten the computer (we'd had one when I was like 3 but then we didn't have any for several years after). We didn't yet have internet at that point, I don't think, or at least we didn't use it much until a few years later because it was dial-up/expensive.

3. 8 or so, I think.


United States  


1. first read about it on an OLD webpage about virtual pets (this one!) but didn't actually play it until i downloaded DS several years later. i was VERY bored and i'm always looking for virtual pet games

2. born and raised in ohio, baybeeeeee

3. i was 10 or so when i got DS. first heard about it when i was ssssix, i think?




I originally found it in a video game & computer stuff store (I can't remember the name) in Queensland, Australia in 1999. Before that my family didn't own a computer. C2 was the first game I bought since my original nintendo died in '97 (by then then no longer sold replacements & my parents didn't think it was important enough to upgrade - we were allowed to get a computer "for school" coz they were just starting to become more important in education around that time, prior to that pretty much only the schools and libraries had computers & it was common for people not to have them in their houses, around here anyway I dunno about elsewhere in the world at that time).


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1. My parents got me the original game because they thought it looked like a cute and fluffy game that a kindergartener would enjoy. They were right, but also extremely wrong. Had an absolute meltdown a few days before starting primary school when one of my norns died.

Here's how it happened. I was pottering along throughout Albia, checking in on all my norns, when I noticed the (Deceased) next to the name of a norn I'd named after my youngest cousin. I didn't know what that word meant (and had clearly missed the DEATH notification on the bottom of the screen) so I turned and asked my Dad 'what does deceased mean?'

Paying absolutely no attention and giving no second thought to context, he said 'oh, it means dead' and turned back to watching the footy. Meanwhile, tiny little Rachel is sitting there absolutely blue-screening. Eventually I shut the game and walked in a daze through the kitchen to sit down in the dining room next to my Mum, who was sorting through all of my school supplies. She showed me all the various bits and pieces, but by the time she got to the textas, I crumpled and started bawling. There was a LOT of confusion for a moment as she tried to figure out what was wrong with the textas. But I did eventually manage to choke out 'my norn died :('.

2. Melbourne, Australia!

3. I was four or five, I think. So I've been playing for twenty odd years. Scary.

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  2/26/2019  1

Wow, five is definitely remarkable. I was seven-ish and managed to raise most of my norns to old age, but I was also quite distraught when my oldest and first norn died after I got distracted looking at a new baby hatch (she'd been subsisting on Glucose injections for a while). I remember my mom consoling me while also rolling her eyes!

Edit: another time I was keeping her up at night because I couldn't get a tired norn to sleep, lol.



  5/4/2019  1

1. I think the first time I found out about Creatures was when my mom showed me Fishing Cactus' blog (I think). At the time I was really into Spore, so we were looking for games that were similar. After that I just saw it being mentioned in a few places, but I didn't really become interested until I found the TV tropes article about it.

2. US

3. I forget exactly how old I was, but I think I was in elementary school.


United States  


Hey! Nice to meet you!

I came across Creatures first in a magazine. My mother got me these weird magazines like 3, 2, 1 Contact, Ranger Rick, and Consumer Reports for kids.

A kid wrote an article in there about the game, and the next thing I know I got it from my Aunt. Might have been for my birthday, or Christmas. Not sure when.

My creatures came in a big brick shaped box. I think it was a 10 x 10 x 20 box. Just a guess. It came with two CD roms in their own jewel cases, and a color manual. I remember giving one of the CD ROMs to my friend without checking to see what was on the disk. I’ve always regretted that decision, cause he no longer has it.

If I got it shortly after the release of the game, it would have been mostly my birthday 1997 or 1998. I remember I am here to help my parents windows 95 computer, While they had their brand new windows 98 computer. I must have been 10 or 11 at the time.

I have been living in North Eastern Wisconsin all my life.

I usually have a good memory, and creatures was a more happy time in my life. That old Acer 486 came with Windows 3.1 and we upgraded to Windows 95. There was even a time in which I wasn’t able to play creatures, because Microsoft paint was removed from my system. I tried to re-install it, it just wouldn’t work without paint.

I did eventually get Windows ME, and creatures worked fine on there. Around that time that I got Creatures 2, C3, and CA.

Around 2006 I got Windows XP, and was not able to get them to work anymore. I kept the original discs and got the Albian Years and Creatures Exodus. Sadly in March 2008 I had a fire, losing everything.

When I moved to my new place, I had got Creatures Exodus and Albian years for my new Windows Vista Laptop. Sadly Creatures 1 did not work anymore. Only through BitTorrent, was I able to get a patched version that allowed me to run it on Vista.

I ran Creatures that way until I got GoG version.

It’s a me! Dvader0086 from the’a Discord!

United States  


How did you come across the creatures games?

I'm not sure whose copy it was, or when they got it. But the disc version of Creatures 3 has been in the games I used to play for a long time. I also vaguely remember my cousin playing it while coming over to my house. I was fascinated with the game, and while I didn't quite understand the game at first, as time went on my understanding grew. I loved the norns, and played almost every day as a kid.

I also distantly remember downloading Docking Station. I couldn't figure it out so I asked my mom for help, and when she explained to me the server had been offline for awhile I was so sad. I didn't know about the offline button at the time.

I stuck with C3 for awhile

It wasn't until I was 12 that I found out about the still existent creatures community. I was amazed to finally get to play DS, AND realize it could dock with C3. There was so many more nouns and metarooms to explore thanks to the amazing community.

I was also inspired to finally buy C1 and C2. Although I remember I had issues with one of them not working.

Sadly I stopped playing for bit when I got a new pc, and it kinda drifted to the back of my mind for a bit.

2. Where are you from?/Where were you when you discovered creatures?

USA. I believe my dad owned the game as he often played games on his pc. Although I never remember him playing it, or him making comments on my love of the game. I might ask him about that haha.

Most of the older games I played I got from him.

3.How old were you?

Good question. Probably 6? 7?
I started using Docking station when I was 12.


United States  

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1. How did you come across the creatures games?
My parents found C1 in, I think, Office Depot in 1997 or so and decided it looked like something I'd enjoy. They were correct!

2. Where are you from?/Where were you when you discovered creatures?
USA. Come to think of it, I don't think the Office Depot by my mom's house existed back then.

3.How old were you?
Eight, I think? Maybe seven? I feel like it was in second grade that I shifted from being obsessed with Lego to being obsessed with Creatures.

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1. I recall my uncle introduced me to the first game during a family visit. At the time, I was hooked on Tamagotchis and other such virtual pets, so he showed me Creatures on his PC. I fell in love with the game immediately.

2. UK. Not an exciting answer, really.

3. I do not recall the exact year I was introduced to the game, but based on the rough timeframe, I must've been about 10 or 11.

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1. How did you come across the creatures games? My friend show me the game in 2003. I played Creatures 3 and Creatures 1And she made a copy for me. I played docking station in 2005 or 2006 when it was still on line.
2. Where are you from?/Where were you when you discovered creatures? I live in Eastern US when I first found out Creatures games. Still live in that area still.
3.How old were you? I was 13 year old when I found out. And I am in my mid 20s -30s now and still play creatures games :)


United States  


1. How did you come across the creatures games?
not sure but i think i just came across C1 in a store some time around 1997, i think it was in Biglots(a store that mostly sells the extra or unsold stock from other stores as far as i can tell) but it might of been Staples(office supply/computer store).
shortly later got C2 and started finding things online.
i'm a bit hazy on dates.
i think i recall a few years later seeing a Creatures 3 display at ether Staples or Circuit City though.

2. Where are you from?/Where were you when you discovered creatures?
Western New York state (hey, the United States is a big place. each state is the size of some countries and in some respects might as well be their own country so might as well be a bit more specific)

3.How old were you?
i think i was around 6, 7, or 8, not sure on the date


South Africa  


1. I had a copy of Catz 3 and there was an advert for creatures on it. It must have been around 2002/2003. My dad took me to Incredible Connection (electronics store) and miraculously the had a cd with all 3 the creatures games on it. I still have it, but it won't install on windows 10 anymore, since it can't install its ancient version of directX.

2/ I'm from South Africa. I think we had creatures on the shelves because of its popularity in Europe and it was probably seen as educational.

3. Around 8 or 9 I think.


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