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The Music Room (Click to enlarge)
The Music Room   C1   Laura | 12/5/2013  comment  log in to like post

A replacement/update of The Vast Passageway, the Music Room adds the following:

* Trumpet by Joe Fowler

* Saxophone, Congas and Bong by SteerPike

* Catnip Ball and Shitake Mushroom Log by Slink
Cloud 9 (Click to enlarge)
Cloud 9   C1   Laura | 12/5/2013  comment  log in to like post

authorAli Maggs
Situated in the clouds, high above the bee hives, your Norns can travel up the tube and enjoy a serene new area! A perfect place for them to relax, eat lots of food and play with other Norns. Also included are some brand new objects, including: roses, a new carrot patch, a coffee pot and a Shee Seed Launcher; plant some pretty Beelacanth flowers to attract wildlife to this heavenly haven!
C2toDS Beta 3 (Click to enlarge)
C2toDS Beta 3   DS   Moe | 12/5/2013  44 comments  44  log in to like post  21

authorLiam, Moe
This is the third beta of C2toDS, a total conversion project of Creatures 2 to the Docking Station engine. This beta release is provided as-is. Now includes the 'C2toDS at Night' update! Use at your own risk and be sure to follow the instructions provided in the accompanying Readme.

Atlantean Renovation (Click to enlarge)
Atlantean Renovation   C1   Malkin | 12/3/2013  1 comment  1  log in to like post  1

authorMuppetboy, Ali Maggs
This was created from a combination of Alastair Maggs' Atlantis COB, and two COBs by Muppetboy. One extends the room, where you find the Deathcap Mushroom, into an aquatic cave. The other joins Muppetboy's cave to Atlantis. The result is a vast room, stretching from beneath the Grendel tree and across the bottom of the sea to the island.
Deep Abyss (Click to enlarge)
Deep Abyss   C3DS   Jessica | 11/14/2013  6 comments  6  log in to like post  21

authorGrendel Man, Mea
What's lurking at the bottom of the ocean? Find out when you and your Creatures explore the Deep Abyss!

Grendel Man says: "This spot at the bottom of the ocean is dark and cold, but thanks to the thermal vents that populate it is still quite habitable for aquatic Creatures. This release of the metaroom has no critters, plants, or toys, but is still quite functional. With some touching up, swimming and non-swimming creatures alike will find the Deep Abyss to be a fine home... provided they don't mind the overall creepiness, that is."

Created by Grendel Man and Mea for the CCSF 2013
Sea Monkey Marina (Click to enlarge)
Sea Monkey Marina   DS   Jessica | 11/11/2013  5 comments  5  log in to like post  9

Bring a bit of the Sea-Monkeys game to Creatures with the awesome Sea Monkey Marina!

Clohse says: "Here your aquatic Creatures will find lots of space to swim around. There is lots of food, several native wildlife species, and empathic vendor and a big toy castle for all the Norns to party in!

The Marina is still a work-in-progress. I have several other addons planned that I would like to make, as life permits. Please send me descriptions of any problems you may experience with this agent and I will try to correct it when I release a "New and Improved" version!"

Created by Clohse for the CCSF 2013
Freedom Project (Click to enlarge)
Freedom Project   DS   Jessica | 11/9/2013  21 comments  21  log in to like post  20

Enjoy a massive amount of freedom with this fully customizable metaroom! Make sure to read the Readme file included with the Freedom Project for instructions and important information.

Ghosthande says: "The Freedom Project centers on the concept of freeform building in Creatures, something that has previously been experimented with in projects like Block World or Magic Words, and which I wanted to take my own stab at. The Freedom Project is my attempt to create a fully customizable metaroom.

The Masonry Tool allows a player to place walls, walkways, and roofs and then "lock" them into place with the click of a button, forming actual solid platforms and barriers that Creatures cannot see or pass through. Or, leave the metaroom completely open to give your Creatures "free range" to roam as they please; the Freedom metaroom is 6000 pixels wide, three-quarters of the width of C1 or C2 Albia, so they have plenty of space. You will need to provide food sources from elsewhere, however; the Freedom Project doesn't come with any plants or critters, as it was designed to work alongside other tools like the Garden Box."

Created by Ghosthande for the CCSF 2013
Creatures Pocket Edition (Click to enlarge)
Creatures Pocket Edition   C3DS   Norn_master | 9/7/2013  33 comments  33  log in to like post  11

Creatures Pocket Edition is designed to be able to put creatures on a external USB, external hard drive, and an external SD or Micro SD card. Making all 6 creatures games something you can put in your pocket and take with you. Please note: You still need to load in on a Windows PC. GoG has not implemented Linux or Mac support. No tablets or Phones.

Creatures USB 1.0 - 1.2 was considered Alpha. Creatures USB 1.3 to 1.4 was beta. Creatures Pocket Edition 1.5 is an official release. Marked the occasion by changing the loader from Black to Violet. Yay! :D

Update: Updating to Creatures Pocket Edition 1.6 Anniversary Edition, confirming Windows 8, and 10 support. I honestly had to do very little. Also Changing the color of the Launcher to Gold to mark the 20th Anniversary of Creatures 1. Also added an additional surprise to the Bonus folder found in Videos.

Personal note: Hopefully your dreams of taking creatures in your pocket have come true. I would say that throughout alpha, beta, and until release has been a huge success. It's been really fun working on this, and I hope very valuable to you. It has certainly been a gem for me. Not only to contribute to one of my favorite games as a kid, but also make something really essential for the veterans and new people alike.

This pet project I have worked with it on and off for over 3 years. From tinkering with it, to it's first Alpha release in 2012, and now an official release in 2015, to the 20th anniversary edition in 2016.

Please Note: I have tested this on Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Mirror 1 (Google)

Mirror 2 (mediafire)

Edit : 10/4/22 Links are current. Added a mirror upon request from Lepadoid. Ignore any other links below.
Veridia (Click to enlarge)
Veridia   DS   Laura | 8/25/2013  13 comments  13  log in to like post  12

authorSoliloquy, Liam
Perfect for flying creatures and Wolfling Runs, Veridia is a gorgeous meadow, filled with flowers and miles of walkways nestled among the trees for your creatures' delight! Populate the room with your own plants and animals, build an ecology or just fill the room any which way you want!
Animal Arena (Click to enlarge)
Animal Arena   C2   DisasterMaster | 8/25/2013  comment  log in to like post  1

This world is based on Albia. The world is kept in reddish brown tones and many small and great animals live in this world, in the air, in the water and on land. There is a monster too. The climatic conditions are similar to Albia, although a little bit cooler, and more organic and synthetic nutrients are available.
Christmas in Albia (Click to enlarge)
Christmas in Albia   C2   DisasterMaster | 8/25/2013  comment  log in to like post  1

This world is based on 'Albia at Night'. Some bridges and elevators were added, and other things were removed, such as the Ugly Mushrooms and the Genesplicer. Celebrate a beautiful Christmas with your Norns. There is a big Christmas tree for your Norns in the desert with many presents and gifts. The snowflakes are falling from the sky and the angels are rejoicing. Ettins and Grendels can celebrate Christmas too, as there is also a Christmas tree in the marsh with presents and gifts.
Flying Wonderland (Click to enlarge)
Flying Wonderland   C2   DisasterMaster | 8/25/2013  comment  log in to like post  1

Flying Wonderland is a bright, warm world, divided into eighteen new rooms. It has no radioactivity and was made for flying creatures, with modified graphics from the original Creatures 2 Albia. The world consists mainly of a cloudless sky and in the middle there is a gigantic mountain on which a tree stands. In this tree you can hatch your flying Norns. A winged Ettin and a winged Grendel race were also made for this world; the Winged Worker Ettins and the Winged Bulbous Grendels.
Vulkanausbruch... (Click to enlarge)
Vulkanausbruch...   C2   DisasterMaster | 8/25/2013  4 comments  4  log in to like post  1

In Vulkanausbruch auf Albia (or 'Vulcanic Eruption in Albia') the Grendels have made the volcano erupt so that some places in Albia got radioactively contaminated. Moreover, temperatures have risen considerably and can amount up to 60 degrees Celsius. This world has been dyed a reddish hue, lava lumps lie around everywhere and even the sun in the sky seems to explode. The Vulcana Norns are suitable for this world, as they have a genome that makes them immune against radioactivity and heat. Otherwise caution is recommended; this world can be dangerous for your creatures! Created by NornenMeister.
Loch Albia (Click to enlarge)
Loch Albia   C2   ylukyun | 4/27/2013  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

authorDon and Mk112
Loch Albia is a one level underwater world made specially for Mernorns. They no longer need to live in the tiny pools, instead they have the whole world to roam. Loch Albia was created in such a way that Doozers can survive underwater and all Norns can swim, with the incubator room as the only area for air breathers. Minimal COBs are included in the world, so be sure to stock up!
Alba (Click to enlarge)
Alba   C2   ylukyun | 4/27/2013  comment  log in to like post  2

Alba is a version of C2 Albia that has several modifications, including new bridges and an incubator in the Grendel room. It also has many removed scripts, and new Grendel and Ettin genomes.

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