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CAOS APPS  via Malkin on 1/2/2014 | comment
The CAOS APPS webpage includes ATTR and BHVR calculators that you can use online - you can check off boxes to calculate ATTR and BHVR or you can enter in an ATTR value or BHVR value to see what attributes or behaviours it has.   [visit this site]
Daily Creature Feature  via Laura on 12/17/2013 | 1 comment
The Daily Creature Feature, Kezune's new, live stream of Creatures Exodus, is a must for any fan to tune into. Get involved by submitting your own creatures to the stream! For more details, visit the DCF page.  [visit this site]
Exodus Creation Manual  via kezune on 12/8/2013 | 1 comment | 1 like
Requires PDF reader to view.

This is the Creatures Exodus Creation Manual. It tells you everything you need to know to play the game.

For those of us who bought digital copies and never got a manual, those of us who bought physical copies and lost the manuals or for anybody who's curious about what the book has to say about the game.  [visit this site]
Geek Ettin's Lab  via eprillios on 11/2/2013 | 1 comment
Yet another Creatures blog and website, by Eprillios. Focusses on tinkering with the game, and experiences in the game and the community. The website will also be the home of Eprillios's writings.  [visit this site]
Creatures 3 Home  via Jessica on 10/16/2013 | comment | 1 like
A mirrored site of the official Creatures 3 site, created by CyberLife, which went down many years ago. Includes sections about Creatures, ecology, the ship, and the history. A must-see resource for any fan of C3!  [visit this site]
The Shee Shuttle  via Jessica on 10/15/2013 | 1 comment | 2 likes
An archived C2 site by SparkleBlue. There are not too many working links, but there is a short tutorial on color pigmentation and several stories behind some breeds.  [visit this site]
Norn Fleet Academy  via Jessica on 10/15/2013 | comment
An archived C1, C2, and C3/DS site. Most of the downloads do not work, but there are some nostalgic sections to make note of. An older version of the site with mostly working downloads and images can be found here.

** Make sure to highlight the text to find all of the links! Navigation is found both on the left and in the middle of the page. **  [visit this site]
MysticFalcon's Worldz  via Jessica on 10/14/2013 | comment
An archived C3/DS site with agent and breed lists. Also includes the original idea for the NornSpa metaroom. Most of the links are not functional, but the agent list contains some lesser known agent names and authors.  [visit this site]
Bugs Lair  via Jessica on 10/14/2013 | comment
An archived version of Bugs Lair, the original place for the Draconian Norns, Bugs Temple, and the Seaweed Tavern. Most images and links are broken, but the stories behind these downloads can be found under the link for "Lifecycles and Exploration." Another, nearly identical, archived version is located here when the site was hosted on Albia 2000.

** The Draconian Norns and associated agents may be downloaded at TreeSprite's Creatures Grove, Bugs Temple may be downloaded at TreeSprite's Creatures Grove, and the Seaweed Tavern may be downloaded at TreeSprite's Forum. **  [visit this site]
Creatures Incorporated  via Jessica on 10/14/2013 | 3 comments | 1 like
An archived Creatures site for C1, C2, C3, and CA. Also includes other features, such as stories and Norn names. Note that the majority of the archived downloads do not work, but provide a good listing of what was available back in the day!  [visit this site]
Markham's Norn Land  via Jessica on 10/12/2013 | comment
Markham Carroll's C1, C2, and C3 web site with adoptions and COBs. Features some notable agents like the Supernamer and WolfMate and the C1 Dwarf Norns.  [visit this site]
Juli's Norn Pad  via Jessica on 10/12/2013 | 1 comment
Julianne Hathaway's Creatures website, with content for C1, C2, and C3. Includes adoptions, COBs, and other downloads for all three games, in addition to several resource articles.

Of notable mention is the fact that the Mask Norns, created by Jewels, are hosted here. Other breeds by Jewels are also hosted on this site, such as the CA Pink Alba Norns, Multi Malay Norns, and Halloween Norns.

** The archived version has a rather busy background: Make sure to highlight the text to find all of the links! Navigation is also found both on the left and in the middle of the page. **  [visit this site]  via ham5ter on 9/17/2013 | comment
Ham5ter's Creatures-related blog.  [visit this site]
The Creatures Connection  via Hazel on 9/8/2013 | comment
A new blog. It's currently under construction, but I'm already posting.  [visit this site]
Creatures Online at ProSieben  via Malkin on 8/26/2013 | comment | 1 like
The Creatures Online page at ProSieben Games, its European distributor.  [visit this site]

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