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Addicted to CAOS  via Lurhstaap on 3/20/2016 | comment | 1 like
Addicted to CAOS is Lurhstaap's Creatures blog. It's brand new as of this link being posted to but its content will likely be pretty eclectic, depending on whatever Lurh is doing at the time of posting. Everything from actual gameplay stuff (that is, 'today this Norn did that' kind of thing) to agonizing over various genetic and Creatures-related art projects, learning CAOS, and generally rambling about Creatures. All three games will probably be covered in the course of time, but at the time of the blog's launch, C3DS is getting the most playtime and so will also probably get the most blog time.  [visit this site]
Albian Engineering  via Doringo on 3/20/2016 | comment
My blog about various things to do with Creatures but mostly relating to the development of agents and metarooms.  [visit this site]
BoBCoB Source  via ylukyun on 10/29/2015 | 1 comment | 3 likes
This webpage contains the source code for BoBCoB and related utilities, as released by developer Gordnorn.  [visit this site]
MacAddict Review of Creatures  via Malkin on 9/12/2015 | comment
Kathy Tafel's review of Creatures 1 for MacAddict magazine, published in October 1997.  [visit this site]
Creatures Playground Review  via Malkin on 8/24/2015 | 1 comment | 1 like
A review of Creatures Playground in The Guardian newspaper.  [visit this site]
The Shee's Lost Knowledge  via Malkin on 7/6/2015 | comment
Reconstructing the lost documentation and knowledge surrounding Creatures 1 and Creatures 2, with years of programming and hacking experience - manipulating, exploring, enhancing, extending and documenting the games.  [visit this site]
W.O.R.L.D.S.  via KittyTikara on 5/2/2015 | comment
An old, archive C3/DS site with a small screenshot gallery, tips, beginning developer information, and some download pages that no longer work.  [visit this site]
Fishing Cactus Studios Forums  via Malkin on 10/6/2014 | comment
The forum for Fishing Cactus's projects including Creatures Online and Algo-Bot.  [visit this site]
The Dcreatures Castle  via Malkin on 9/30/2014 | comment
A site dedicated to Creatures 2 and Creatures 3. Has a C2 COB tutorial series.  [visit this site]
Shiny Bengal Update Blog  via Luzze on 7/14/2014 | comment
A blog about the recreation of the Shiny Bengals.  [visit this site]
Jagent on Sourceforge  via Malkin on 6/21/2014 | comment
Jagent on SourceforgeJagent is a Java suite by RProgrammer for creating, compiling, parsing, and otherwise manipulating all sorts of Creatures files related to agents.

Jagent wholly supports C16 files, S16 files, BLK files, PRAY source (.txt templates), PRAY (.agent), and CAOS 2 PRAY (a method of embedding the PRAY source in COS files).  [visit this site]
Toa-Nuva's Spieletipps  via DisasterMaster on 5/30/2014 | 2 comments
A very good site for all the Creatures games. You can also find tutorials (in German) there.  [visit this site]
The Norn Inn  via Malkin on 5/24/2014 | comment
The Norn Inn is a place where travellers can rest their weary heads (and the rest of them of course :o) and soak up the atmosphere of a relaxing place high up in the Albia Alps.   [visit this site]
CAOS APPS  via Malkin on 1/2/2014 | comment
The CAOS APPS webpage includes ATTR and BHVR calculators that you can use online - you can check off boxes to calculate ATTR and BHVR or you can enter in an ATTR value or BHVR value to see what attributes or behaviours it has.   [visit this site]
Daily Creature Feature  via Laura on 12/17/2013 | comment
Daily Creature FeatureThe Daily Creature Feature, Kezune's new, live stream of Creatures Exodus, is a must for any fan to tune into. Get involved by submitting your own creatures to the stream! For more details, visit the DCF page.  [visit this site]

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