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Sol 3   

United States  

 visit KC11's website: DragonClawWritings (Tumblr)

This is another C2 story.


Anyway, if you are wondering why I named it Sol 3, then let me tell you...

There is a type of norns called the Visitors from Sol 3. They are supposed to be humans (bad body data, but they still look good ingame)

This is a little story I developed. It is about an Albia called Sol 3, which is populated by VS3 norns.

But the rest, it shall be learned in the tale itself:

Chapter 1

Sol 3 was like any other albia, except for the fact it was populated by humans.

The VS3 norns were basicly norns with human sprites. They were the dominate breed of Albia.

So, naturally, the natural norns had to go.

The VS3 norns hunted, slashed, and killed the norns in many brutal, unspeakable ways.

Yet two norns survived, a male and a female. The two norns hid in the ettin home, and bred. They became immune to hevey metals and many other posinings and illnesses. Their body shapes and looks changed. They started to have a liking for eating critters. Eventally, they became the C2 equivalent of C3 draconain norns.

One day, two VS3 norns by the names of Henry and Lily went to a world filled with norns. The norns were starving to death. They took one norn, a female Kai norn, and brought the little norn back with them. There, they moved to a sucluded place and raise the little norn, named Jema, in secreat.

What will happen in this world? Well, wait till the next issue!

Do not upset the ugly worm, lest it be a dragon in disguise. (>oo)>








*Spins onto the ground*
Whoa. Story overload! your stories are amazingly creative, but you seem to make one series then leave it there to dry off. Try to filter all that creative-ish-ness into one (or two) stories at a time. I want to see theise stories Get better and better!;)
Keep up the good work.

Nine times have I been told im crazy and ten times I have accepted it.



How come nobdy even LOOKED at my topic?
I know it starts out simple but, Ok, I admit it.



 visit KC11's website: DragonClawWritings (Tumblr)

Sorry about the story overload. It is just a "disorder" I have, called "Authoritis". Bear with me. I will post more.

(By thee way, why hasen't anyone posted in my "Norn School" story yet?)

Do not upset the ugly worm, lest it be a dragon in disguise. (>oo)>




Becuse your "Authoritis" which I am now going to call "Short-etention-span-beacuase-is-influanced-by-multiple-things-at-once-itus" caused you to make tons of stories at once.:\

Nine times have I been told im crazy and ten times I have accepted it.


 visit KC11's website: DragonClawWritings (Tumblr)



Do not upset the ugly worm, lest it be a dragon in disguise. (>oo)>




No-no, keep going.:D

Nine times have I been told im crazy and ten times I have accepted it.


 visit KC11's website: DragonClawWritings (Tumblr)

One day, Jema was happily playing outside. Her home was the bottle just on the other side of the falls. She picked up a purple fruit and ate it. She suddenly felt wozzy, and tottered around.

She saw a green, fuzzy shape on the ground. She picked it up and had the sudden strange urge to kiss it. Little did she know that this was all because she was drunk, as the fruit she ate contained alchohal.

She kissed the green shape, and the fuzzyness cleared to reveal a large frog. She yelled in repulse and dropped the slimy thing on the ground.

But it seemed to be changing. A green smoke enveloped it. The smoke cleared to reveal a male norn with green skin and slit eyes.


"You have released me from my prison, young norn." said the creature.

"Norn?" she asked herself, then looked left and right.

"What norn?" she asked.

The creature sighed. "Ah yes, I forgot. You do not know...."

"Know what?" asked Jema

"I have watched you many times, in my small frog form, as you came to the pond many times with your 'parents'" He sighed. "I have come to tell you that you are a norn."

"What?" asked Jema. From what her parents had told her about norns, they were like dragons- mythical, ledgendary, and interesting. To think that she was a norn was to say that she was a dragon!

"You can't be serious!" said Jema

"I am." said the norn. "In case you do not know, I am a norn myself."

At this, Jema gasped. But she didn't look like that, all green and scaly!

"You must be mistaken! I do not look anything like you!"

"Wrong. Of course, you ARE a kai norn, which is a different breed of norn than me, a frog norn. But we do have quite a few similarities. Look..."

And he produced a mirror from thin air, for frog norns in this world have a certain magical ability.

The mirror was large enough for both of them to look into at once. And at once, Jema saw...

They had the same shaped ears, paws, and general body features. The only difference between them was that the frog norn was green, stooped when he walked, and had yellow eyes with slits for puiples. Jema stood straight when walking, had purple skin, and round pupiles.

"Norns still exsit, Jema. However, you are the last 'normal' norn in this world!"

"I don't understand."

The frog norn sighed, then said "As I said, norns exsit. However, they have been forced to live in the most undesierable conditions. So they evolved, and now they look... less than nornish. As for frog norns like me, we are not exactly normal either. For one, I will never be able to go to far past this pool, lest I turn back into a frog and possibley dry up and die. But you, Jema, you are of the caring race of the Kai norns. You are the one who must bring the norns back, so both races will live in peace again."

Jema sat down, taking this all in, wondering what to do next. This was all a really cool adventure!

"Where do the norns live?" she finally asked.

The frog norn got up and asked "Are you ready for a long journy?"


"Then I will tell you. You can find them in the Volcano."

Do not upset the ugly worm, lest it be a dragon in disguise. (>oo)>


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