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What's a crazy dream you've had, or just one you've had in general? I'll start with the one I had last night.

So, there was this book. I don't even know what the book was about or what it was called, but when I tried to read it, I got transported to some weird world that kind of resembled an overgrown forest version of C1 Albia. I was also a Norn. Or something. Everything was in hues of yellow. So, in the dream, I lived the life of a Norn. I found a mate, got pregnant, laid an egg, the egg hatched, and we all lived happy lives for a while.

Then, I got sent back to the human world for a while, and eventually, I went back to Albia by picking up the book, which was about three quarters of the way finished, and reading it. I then proceeded to get pregnant again, and then I almost died laying the egg. So, then the forest we were living in withered and died, and we had to move. After the move, my mate and I reminisced about the days when we lived in that other forest, and then I was sent back to the human world once more, with the book completely finished. Then, the dream ended.

So, what kinds of dreams have you guys had?

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I had a dream where I sent a monkey to the moon on a rocket surfboard, but for some reason; Earth as we knew it had three moons (in order from closest to earth to farthest): Ike, which was brown and muddy, The Moon as we knew it which doesn't need explaining and a third moon which was a pale blue color and was furthest from earth (and had higher gravity than earth for unexplainable reasons)


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Oh I have a ton of these, I write down all my more interesting dreams and I have several notebooks and text files full of them...

Just a few examples of more recent ones

- one about old people who were growing pies on trees in their yards, but there was some new law that they couldn't grow their pie trees anymore and they were protesting about it.

- One where Eartha Kitt was trying to steal some priceless statue from a museum and I had to help her steal it, but I secretly took a part of the statue that was like, a jewel-encrusted spoon, and was worth millions of dollars by itself, and I was trying to find a place to hide it in my house.

- And one where I was playing a game that was kind of like Creatures but with real animals and realistic graphics (so also kinda like Zoo Tycoon, but the gameplay was somehow more like Creatures), but I ended up being terrible at it and most of my animals in the game died, either starving or getting killed by hunters (which I was supposed to protect them from somehow)

- I have a bunch of dreams where I turn into animals too, there was one where I was running through tunnels/caves underground and I turned into a gopher or something, then later a wolf or fish-wolf thing, and I was being chased by various monsters and enemies from video games, and at the end some other wolves joined me and we had a war in an ice cave (sometimes in the water) with some monster people who kinda looked like orcs from Lord of the Rings, but somehow we tricked them into leaving the cave and we blocked the cave off somehow, and we lived happily ever after in the cave.


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My first weird dream is a fever dream I had in the 5th grade, where after I had it, I got sooooooo sick I had stayed home for most of the week after fall break.

I fell asleep, and my bed and I suddenly were in the ocean. I was just adrift in a endless watery space. I didn't try doing anything, and I felt oddly calm. I saw, like, singular marine life like one jellyfish, one shark.

When I saw the one whale, it was just me without my bed in the ocean. As it swam towards me, I was even more creepily calm than I was before. Then I woke up in a cold sweat with a fever of like 105.1

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