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Basilisk Norns   C3DS   Dragoler | 7/1/2018  3 comments  3  log in to like post  5

typeGenetics + Sprites
The Wrong Banshee has finally decided to sequence the genome of her faithful assistant 'Drascel', and is releasing the blueprints for any Shee or Banshee to enjoy!

Though they appear fearsome, the "Basilisks" as she calls them (she really doesn't know anything about Basilisks, other than the fact they're big reptiles and... like to bask? I mean, it's in the name right? Bask-ilisks?) are actually quite docile and have exceptionally thick hides. They hardly bat an eye at the assaults of Grendels or other aggressive breeds, and in fact cannot feel pain at all. It is perhaps ironic then, that when exposed to positive interaction these Creatures react with fear and will often run away from their "attackers" as though their very lives were threatened... by a mere kisspop on the cheek!

Other idiosyncrasies of the breed stem from their origin - the splicing together of an Ettin, an uglee and a tea leaf. Genetically they are most similar to Ettins with a lack of a fight-or-flight drive, an inability to feel heat and a particular love for gadgets. This coupled with their uglee genes make them very adapted to the desert.

Other traits from the uglee include an exceptionally long lifespan, a penchant for animal eggs and cold-blooded anatomy. Being cold blooded, Basilisks have a slowed metabolism and are very sensitive to the temperature of their surroundings. For best care, it's advised to place a heatlamp (agent included, coding by Pilla) somewhere close by and set it to a toasty 8 or 9 along with the familiar scent of the Ettin desert.

The tea leaf is an oddity, but this is where the Basilisks get their scent from! It has also imbued a couple of odd quirks into them such as tiny roots at the bottom of their feet, and chloroplasts under their scales. Their ability to photosynthesize is rather minimal, but it does allow for a small boost if there's enough water around.

Breeding of these Creatures is difficult, but possible. Basilisks will only start to become interested in each other in the later stages of their lives, and even then might not know quite what to do. Crossbreeding is also possible, but comes with a lot of risks. If crossbreeding is attempted, it's best to use TWBs as they are genetically the closest to these Creatures.

Now without further ado, please enjoy!
Eryx Grendel   C1   MuppetBoy | 6/14/2018  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorStudz, Muppetboy
A conversion of Studz's breed for Creatures 2.

They are a short squat lizard-like grendel breed.
Albian Grays from Hell   C1   MuppetBoy | 6/14/2018  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
Based on another breed which is a version of the original Creatures 2 breed, but with grey fur.

This version is very tiny, and remains so.
Fairy Norns   C1   MuppetBoy | 6/14/2018  comment  log in to like post  1

typeGenetics + Sprites
Semi-invisible norns, only their heads and hands are visible.

They will stay small forever, and they are immortal.
Tomte Norns   C1   MuppetBoy | 6/14/2018  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
Tiny, santa's little helpers based on santa norns.

They are cute little guys that never grow.
Denali Ettins   C1   MuppetBoy | 6/7/2018  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorLazlo, MuppetBoy
Originally created as a norn breed for Creatures 2,
later converted for the original Creatures by MuppetBoy as an ettin breed
Plague Ettins   C1   MuppetBoy | 6/7/2018  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorSnapdragon, NornenMeister, Muppetboy
Snapdragon originally made this breed for Creatures 3
NornenMeister converted it for Creatures 2
Muppetboy did the second conversion to Creatures

Anteater Shee   C1   MuppetBoy | 6/5/2018  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorMuppetBoy, Slink and Bio Storm
A conversion of Bio Storm's breed for C2.

Bio Storm based the breed on a critter from Creatures 2's Life Kit #2

They use Slink's RHE v5 genome
(They are adorable)
Zebra Geordie Norns   C1   MuppetBoy | 5/31/2018  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
Zebra Geordie norns are black and white striped norns from Newcastle.

The male is based on the Zebra norns by Mummy of Mummy's Creatures. The female is based on the Fantasia norns also created by Mummy.

They use the Santa slot

Blond and Brunette Norns   C1   MuppetBoy | 5/31/2018  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
This is version 2 of the Blond and Brunette norns, they are partners for the horse norns.

Brunettes are breed 2 and Blondes are breed 3.
Breed 3 is usually reserved for the female Santa norns

Once installed, you will have blond norns in slot 2 of both genders,
and brunette ones in slot 3 of both genders.
Nottins   C1   MuppetBoy | 5/31/2018  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
Nottins are simply norns that look like ettins.

I'm pretty sure I used Slink's Red Happy Eater genome
Greih   C1   MuppetBoy | 5/31/2018  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
The Greih are a race of norns that look like Shee.

If I remember correctly, they use Slink's Red Happy Eater genome
Ettin Aliens   C3DS   tarnedangel | 4/30/2018  comment  log in to like post  6

typeGenetics + Sprites
The aliens from creatures village now for your C3DS worlds!

They are generic desert ettins gene wise; exept they should live longer
The female is the purplish gray, the green is the male

The zip includes their egg agent and a read me

Thanks to Pilla and Grendel Man for helping me make these guys work!

(if anyone wants to create the baby/child, adolescent/youth and old/ancient sprites, please contact me!)
JayD Canny Norns   C2   GimmeCat | 4/10/2018  comment  log in to like post  3

typeGenetics Only
From JayD's original description: "Lis Morris created this great genome. I just made a few genetic tweaks, to fix its wall bumping fixation. I know Lis, you like them bumping into walls, but we can't all be as evil as you :-) They don't call her the Evil Shee Potato Grower for nothing!"

This upload is a .gen file extracted from the original example norns provided by JayD. Because sometimes you just need the genome, not an entire creature.

If you want the norns themselves, you can find them (for now) on this archived page.
Sadomasochistic Norns   C3DS   TheNewBlack | 4/1/2018  3 comments  3  log in to like post  1

typeGenetics Only
authorTheNewBlack (blue_eyed_alley_catz)
This is for all you fellow norn torturers out there! Here's some norns that actually like getting slapped around. They have a very... interesting reaction to getting hit. Being hit or hitting other norns will make them very friendly. Handy for when you have some stubborn norns you want to breed, just give 'em a slap. Also, they have a nice pretty pelt, and can take a lot more damage than a regular norn.

This is my first genetic breed. Enjoy.

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